Qristina & Quinn Bachand

Qristina & Quinn Bachand

 Victoria, British Columbia, CAN

Hailing from Canada's West Coast, with its signature embrace of experimentation, Qristina & Quinn Bachand have developed their own ‘voice", exploring various musical traditions, fusing styles such as Old-time, Celtic, Folk, and Jazz to create their own distinctive sound, one that is arresting, provocative & thoroughly stimulating.


"Thrilling virtuosity... great freshness and originality" - Mojo Magazine 
"A never ending well of originality from this smoking hot duo" - No Depression
"Little Hinges is an inspiring recording from two equally inspiring musicians who are compelled by self-belief and attitude to find a new voice" -
Trad Connect 

Blood runs thicker than water it is said­ and, in the case of the rich, genetic pooling of Bretagne (France) and Asturias (Spain) via Victoria, Canada, this fact is audibly apparent in the beautiful music of siblings Qristina & Quinn Bachand. With a youthful head start towards acquiring their vocal and instrumental prowess, the release of Relative Minors in ‘08 served notice of the arrival of a fresh-faced, Canadian-based, Celtic powerhouse. Qristina’s combination of shimmering vocals and inspirational fiddling to Quinn’s old-soul mastery of all things stringed, this brother and sister act clearly hit its mark with the music industry, garnering a mantle-packing collection of awards and recognition prior to the release of the next chapter, Family, three years later. Thrusting them to the top of the international Celtic music world, the pair has earned accolades and touring opportunities with the likes of Ashley MacIsaac and Natalie MacMaster, as well as the titles of Top Traditional Group and Top Duo at the Irish Music Awards, three Canadian Folk Music Award nominations, a Western Canadian Music Award nomination and four Vancouver Island Music Award nominations.

Hailing from Canada's West Coast,  with its signature embrace of experimentation,  Qristina & Quinn Bachand have developed their own ‘voice" while exploring various musical traditions, fusing styles such as Old-time, Celtic, Folk, and Jazz to create their own distinctive sound.  The intense musical bond shared by siblings conjures other famous Canadian acts – from Leahy and The Barra MacNeils to The Rankins and the MacIsaacs – acts steeped in the heady combination of youthful vigor and traditional Celtic-tinged folk music. Yet, the Bachands have already eclipsed any attempts to narrow their focus. As both artists pursue their love of music through their schooling – the classically-trained Qristina started at 6, following national and international fiddle scholarships while multi-instrumentalist and newfound singer, Quinn, currently follows his muse through securing the coveted Slaight Family Scholarship to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. His gypsy-jazz based side project, Brishen, has also distinguished Quinn within jazz circles, adding honours such as “Instrumental Album of the Year”, Saga Djangofest Award and a staggering five nominations from the Canadian Folk Music Awards. 

More committed than ever to their music, Qristina & Quinn recently released their third album, "Little Hinges" (2015) - so titled for its sonic resemblance to the adage, "big things swing on little hinges".  The album has already garnered a nomination at the 2015 Western Canadian Music Awards!  As Qristina & Quinn lay waste to conventional expectations with this true hybrid marrying two worlds, blending spirited new sounds to pre-established Celtic traditions - "Little Hinges" yields big results.   Carrying their audience with them, the charismatic duo add an exciting array of instruments and sound effects to their palate, further mining the emotional landscape while digging deep into what they already do well - on fiddle, guitar and banjo, supplemented by Quinn's first-time vocals and artistry on over a dozen instruments.  "Little Hinges" achieves its promise - opening the door and further exploring the Bachands' diverse musical talents and bottomless pool of creativity.  The results are arresting, provocative, stimulating and thoroughly intoxicating.


Relative Minors (2008)

Family (2011)

Little Hinges (2015)

Set List

We have enough material to perform up to 3+ hours.  Most festival sets consist of 45 to 60 minutes.  Concerts consist of two 45 minute sets.  We also enjoy participating in festival workshops, collaborating with other artists.

We perform traditional and original material, either as a duo or with our band (as a trio or quartet).  As a duo we focus primarily on traditional material, while as a band we are able to incorporate material from our latest album which includes electric guitars and percussion. 

We also offer school shows, these are performance based presentations geared toward junior and middle school students and their educators. 

NOTE:  Please note our stage plot plans are contained within the Rider