Quad Almighty & The Powers That Be
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Quad Almighty & The Powers That Be

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"Hip-Hop is Alive!"

New York, New York- Over the past decade, while major record labels
have seen sales consistently decline, Quad Almighty- formerly of the
Milwaukee, Wisconsin based hip hop group H.A.Z.- has been quietly
setting the underground music scene ablaze.
With the highly anticipated spring 08' release of, The Royal
Parchment: The Indoktrination of Dynastik Rationalizm in view; The
Quad Almighty E.P, his first E.P. as a solo artist, presents a hip hop
amalgamation of socially relevant subject matter and razor sharp
satire, told through the lyrics of one of the Midwest's' most talented
young emcees.

"On this project I tried to create an accurate snapshot of the serious
and sometimes absurd issues we face today," Quad Almighty said. "There
are tracks that many [hip –hop] head's can definitely relate to and
other songs that are bit more academic; touching on thought provoking
themes that are rarely explored. Not to mention the production is
insane, with beats that can make a seamless transition from the club,
to the car, to your ipod earphones…"

Quad Almighty burst onto the Midwest's hip hop scene in 1998, as a
member of the hip hop group H.A.Z. (Hungry and Zooted). "Hungry for
change but Zooted with contentment," is a slogan the group members
used to describe their social disposition. After establishing a
reputation for their searing social commentaries, unrelenting lyrical
agility, and energetic live performances, H.A.Z. rewarded their loyal
fan base with the 2001 release of their debut E.P. entitled Oral
Elations. H.A.Z. followed Oral Elations with the 2002 self-titled L.P.
Hungry and Zooted; both albums were released by the independent B-Boy
Universal record label. Following the modest success of Hungry and
Zooted, Quad Almighty began to work with various hip hop acts to
increase his national exposure and develop as a solo artist. These
acts include Taste Emcees, Growing Nation, Finsta & Bundy, and Black

The Quad Almighty E.P.'s production is done by Finsta, Brooklyn's own
native son and one half of the hip hop duo Finsta & Bundy. It gives
hip hop aficionados a "taste-test" of The Royal Parchment: The
Indoktrination of Dynastik Rationalizm. The E.P. is extremely listener
friendly and reminds audiences of everything that made them fall in
love with hip-hop music.

For more info go to: www.quadalmighty.com for booking inquiries email:
- HipHoppress.com


The Quad Almighty E.P. 2007
Single- In Case You Didn't Know
Single- Head In the Clouds
The Fat Kat E.P. 2003
What The F#*k? E.P. 2001
Hungry And Zooted L.P. 2000



Quad Almighty is a predestined, revolutionary, underground hip-hop icon. His unique lyrical exhibitions are innovative amalgamations of raw social commentary and proverbial truths expressed in the context of modern urban culture. Reinforced by "The Powers that Be," his live Hip-hop/jazz ensemble, consisting of: a bassist, a pianist, a drummer and a DJ, this prolific emcee takes audiences on a conscious journey to the rebellious heart of hip-hop music. The digital listening experience is mind blowing by itself but, when one experiences the musical influence of The Powers That Be during the live performance, only then can you begin to understand the appeal of such an exciting act. Describing their stage show as "a melodic riot," Quad Almighty & The Powers That Be ushers it's listeners to personal epiphanies and the kind of rhythmic euphoria that can only be produced by live instruments and lyrical excellence.
With musical roots that span the globe, this indie-super group joined forces in 2007 and has been setting the underground music scene ablaze ever since. They have a unique musical conception that can best be described as a Frankenstein-like hybrid of The Count Bassie Orchestra, Bootsy Collins' Rubber band and Boogie Down Productions. By performing at some of New York's premiere hip-hop venues including Knitting Factory, Galapagos Art Space, Bowery Poetry Club, and others as well as ripping up the stage alongside of the underground hip-hop world's elite (Fresh Daily, Faro Z, Dj Evil Dee, Liberation Family, Homeboy Sandman, The Sleep Walkas, etc.), Quad Almighty & The Powers That Be have indeed, become an act to watch for.
Quad Almighty was raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The son of a celebrated drummer/percussionist, he was inundated by music and musical theory from a young age. Quad's initial musical aspiration was to be a percussionist, like his father and he developed a strong passion for musicianship. However, after being exposed to the likes of Redman, Talib Kweli, Big Pun, Busta Rhymes, A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, Dead Prez, Nas, 8Ball & MJG, and Common, to name a few, he realized his love for Hip Hop and lyricism.
His music career officially began in 1998, as one of the founding members of the hip-hop group Hazardous, whom came to be known around the city of Milwaukee as H.A.Z (an acronym for Hungry and Zooted). "Hungry for change but Zooted with contentment" is the slogan the group members used to describe their social disposition. In 2000, H.A.Z. released their debut E.P. entitled, Oral Elations (B-Boy Universal 2000). Shortly after, Quad Almighty collaborated with ADI, the lead vocalist of Milwaukee's local hip-hop/soul powerhouse, A Growing Nation, and released an E.P. entitled What the F#*k? (B-Boy Universal 2001). Both E.P.s won mass appeal throughout the region by way of a grassroots promotional campaign, consisting of local performances and considerable album sales.
In 2002, H.A.Z. released the self-entitled LP, Hungry and Zooted. The album is loaded with work from some of Milwaukee's leading hip-hop producers and is still considered a hip-hop classic in the region.
In spring of 2007, after relocating to Brooklyn, Quad Almighty released his debut solo project entitled, "The Quad Almighty E.P." With musical contributions from emcee/producer Finsta (one half of the Brooklyn based hip-hop duo Finsta Bundy), “The Quad Almighty EP” gives listeners a healthy "appetizer platter" of Quad's lyrical range and an "all you can eat buffet" of his conscious subject matter. Finsta’s production provides an authentic hip-hop feel and the embellishments necessary to make a classic hip-hop album. The Quad Almighty EP includes the single "In Case you Didn't Know," plus other highly anticipated jams such as: "Head in the Clouds," "Revelations," and "Not My Type,” which can be heard on WIME, Show N Prove, Music 4 All, and numerous other online hip-hop radio stations.
Quad Almighty’s first full length L.P entitled, “THE ROYAL PARCHMENT: THE INDOKTRINATION OF DYNASTIK RATIONALIZM,” is scheduled for release in the Fall of 2008. The L.P. is a combination of lively tracks (live and digital), comical punch-lines and conscientious overtones. Thought provoking word-play, paired with a genuine commitment to eviscerating all conventional limitations of musical genres, clearly sets Quad Almighty apart from the rest and is sure to draw the attention of Hip-Hop fans and music lovers worldwide.