London, England, GBR

catchy math-pop melodies, strange time signatures and tight stop/start rhythms. We borrow everything from folk to metal to afro-cuban and cram it into three minutes of intrigue.


Quadrilles is a musical triumvirate based in London, UK. Formed in early 2009, they are obsessed with sparkly melodies, curious rhythms, numbers and The Princess Bride.

Unlike other math bands, we don't just sound like Foals but experiment with different grooves and feels to build a sound with its emphasis on counting and tightness.

Our set has an even mix of instrumental and lyric based songs, though any vocals work as another instrument, rather than a focal point for the piece.

Our influences include Faraquet, American Football, The Bullet Conscience, Rob Crow, The Rapture, Battles, The Mae Shi, Maps and Atlases, Starfucker, Shellac, Dakota/Dakota.


Self-recorded first EP distributed freely online and IRL.
Debut single currently being mastered.

Set List

We rack up a usual 35-40 minute set with the following songs:

the large hadron collider one
the bobcat goldthwait one
the jigsaw one
the disco one with the wailing
the chinesey one
the french one with the shakira bit