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LP- Slick & Quick 2006



Hailing from Phoenix, AZ, Quagmire is ready to rock the nation. The band has been working on writing, and recording for two years, and will soon release their debut “Slick & Quick”. The release will be 11 songs of original materiel that carries something for everyone, followed by a string of live performances across the southwest this year.

Quagmire was founded by Eric and Will after a series of projects lacking serious dedication eventually all dissolved. In 2001 the frustration of writing materiel that would be thrown away because members and sounds were constantly changing became too much, and the pair needed some time off. After two years, however, the itch was back. With a digital kit, a four-track, and a guitar rig in a tiny upstairs bedroom of a condo, Quagmire began.

From there the band found it's final places. Jack and AB from the Gypsy Underground would fill the positions. Gypsy is a world band incorporating many various musical styles from around the world. Further evidence the band is not lacking in talent or creativity.

“It all begins with the word ‘simple’ ” claims Will “we just felt like we didn’t need 10 changes in every song”. And they adhered to that principle with their first recording. The band kept the songs simple in structure and put emphasis on what made rock popular to begin with… the rhythm. The guitars drive the rhythm from gutteral lows to melodic highs, and everything in between. Without sacrificing their intensity or edge the band has managed to create a commercial sound that is just as easily force-fed to the mass population.

If you try to put this band in a category, a Quagmire is what you have. They do not take kindly to labels and do their best to avoid them. Just when you thought they were the next GD, you hear the 80’s inspired ‘Mission’. Then when you think its going to lighten up you’re crushed by ‘Guardian’. From ‘Elixir’ to ‘Displacement’ the rock is solid.

Summer of 2006 the band is planning to visit every major market in the southwest, as often as possible. They have invested in themselves and are going to take their sound directly to the people. Based on the band's pre-orders of "Slick & Quick" there will be a generous acceptance of Quagmire.

The Quag Writer