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Detroit, Michigan, United States | SELF

Detroit, Michigan, United States | SELF
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columbine. is a three-man electronic death wish out of Detroit, Michigan. Seriously. This is absolutely, the best, truest industrial music I have heard. The music is the essence of violence and vitriol, in some sense ironic, in some sense not. Take, for example, the track "For the Children", which some would misconstrue as a song glorifying pedophilia. The song is actually a satire/criticism of the "recent" church-pedophilia scandals that are all too common these days. It's this type of thing that gets a band like columbine. a bad reputation very quickly, simply because people refuse to use their heads a little when listening to music.

The music itself is a perfectly executed grating of static and synths. columbine. has not yet put out any album, citing one of the reasons as a refusal to make the same 4/4 beats that the majority of the rest of the industrial community is putting out these days. Sevin and Daniel Columbine (the band's original two members) refuse to put out an album that is anything less than perfect, and their hard works shows. There is currently 1 track available for download on the band's MySpace, and happens to be my personal favorite, "You Should be Ashamed".

If you're a fan, at all, of ebm, industrial, electronica, or any synth-based music, you absolutely have to give columbine. a try. I think this may be the "great gnashing of teeth" that we've been waiting for. Keep an eye out for Religious Equipment, their (eventual) upcoming release to rock the industrial/gothic community.

Think: Ghosts traveling through sound waves, Satan being elected president of USA, gas masks becoming chic, synthetic hair.

Sounds like: Wumpscut with meaning, or a chat with meandering demons.

Recommended tracks: Ask Yourself and You Should be Ashamed
- Audiogenic

Borne of as a way of coping with personal tragedy, columbine.'s music seethes with frustration, rage, and a large dose of good old-fashioned loathing. With a distinct sound all their own and creative programming, listening to columbine. will leave you with the not-so-faint impression of having witnessed something that was probably better left unknown. It's not often that you come across a band with such a talent for conveying raw emotions – you may not like what you're feeling, but you are definitely going to feel something. Columbine. will leave you feeling dirty, and somewhat ashamed for being part of a world that created it.

They are currently hard at work on their first full-length release, "Religious Equipment", slated for release in 2007. I had a chance to interview Daniel Columbine, one half of this depraved duo. (The other half, Sevin, is currently on the road with Psyclon Nine). I got some answers about what went into creating this beast, upcoming events to watch for, and I discovered that there's apparently a dislike of ice cream in columbine.s' world.............. (see url) - Vampire Freaks

Columbine interview on page 24. (see url) - Razorblade Society


Still working on that hot first release.