Qualia are a young, indie trio based in Brighton. With plenty of gigs under their belt, Qualia make a great live experience for their age. The boys have recently filmed their debut music video for their newest song, G2K and look forward to repeating this for their next song.



It’s “Open-Mic Night”, March 2005, at one of Brighton’s leading rock venues and an unknown local band, Qualia, are declared runners up. Coming second place sounds OK, but when you realize that the guys who came second are half the age of the guys who came first, it puts things into a different perspective!

With an average age of only 12, this was Qualia’s first real public exposure and the guys really played a storm, turning heads with their raw, gutsy sound.

Watching them live, you can’t help but be impressed by their confident stage dynamic. But it’s not just their musicianship – these guys write and play really solid, catchy tunes what will stay in your head, long after the gig is over.

The band got together about two and a half years ago, formed after meeting at the renowned Brighton Rock School. They quickly found a synergy, with influences ranging from rock to indie to funk. Solid rehearsal honed their skills and front man Danny Lowney’s captivating vocal style gave the band a unique sound. These guys might be mere teenagers but they have an honesty and integrity about what they do that would put many more experienced rockers to shame.

The funk is driven by Max Dubois, the fifteen-year-old drummer who stuns with his explosive drumming skills. Fresh-faced Jake Stern, also fifteen, is the bass player, slapping, twanging and supplying the driving groove under Danny’s vocals. Danny is the youngest member, writing the lyrics and also playing the guitar and keyboards.

Qualia's influences vary greatly, ranging from Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian but their latest recording G2K (Get To Know) is every bit their own – a perfect slice of indie-pop-rock aimed straight at the heart.

The video for G2K was shot over a weekend in Brighton and directed with great panache by drummer Max. Filming in Danny’s garden on a cold Sunday evening, the guys were lucky to be able to pull in 25 enthusiastic extras from Danny’s young brother Ted’s birthday party. The neighbours were less than enthusiastic. The music video is available to view in the video section – see above.



Written By: Qualia

I’ve seen you around,
Last week in town,
I’m sorry if I’ve dragged you down,
Don’t know your name but I can ask around.
I’m into the same things as you,
What else do you like to do,
What music do you listen to,
I should get to know you.
I know you now, nevermind your name,
Rather from your myspace fame,
I’ve known you for about a month or so,
As a couple of mates, our friendships starting to grow.

Set List

Any Shape
Gold Fish
Two Faced

more(yet to be named)