Quality Over Quantity

Quality Over Quantity

 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
DuoHip Hop

“We aim to show the world that we have more to offer than what they’ve come to know,” http://wedoitfortheloveofmusic.com/proteg-let-it-pour/


Quality Over Quantity. Three simple words with such a deep meaning. Top Dolla and Protégé seek to show the world what these three words mean to them. With the witty, story telling from the South and the hard, uncut style from the East Coast, these two emcees have created a style that's truly unique and represents "Quality Over Quantity".

Born in Kingston, Jamaica artist Top Dolla has Hip-Hop influence from his upraising in Newark New Jersey and resides his talent in the city of Broward. Having music in his life at a young age Top Dolla carried influences from legends like Notorious B.I.G, Jay-z and much more which reflect on his path chosen in his lyrical talent.

Protégé a Memphis native with Miami influences bringing his experiences in his lyrics and a dream ready to make it into reality. Dedication and focus has been this artist’s key to obtain his fans in the loop with what he delivers in every track. Hip Hop was in his blood since a young child, growing up both mother and father had music flowing in this household. Protégé has competed in cyphers not trying to be a competitive artist but to state his lyrical skills.