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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Duo Hip Hop




"Protege, Power, Passio"

The first time we saw this artists, he delivered an electrified audition performance that had all of us in awe. Wow! When we first spoke with this aspiring hip hop artist on the phone, what struck us first was his mature, calm demeanor and his absolute interest in attending MUMFF, to learn was his first stated priority. When Protege unleashed a passionate delivery of his song titled “Hungry”, he held NOTHING back. It was a delivery that was as if his life depended on it. You only get one chance at a first impression, he said, and an impression is what he made for sure. Let’s learn a little more about this ambitious and aspiring musical artist, hoping to not only network and learn, but to also plant his flag on the stage at MUMFF.

MUMFF: What do you want to get from the MUMFF?

PROTEGE: What I’m looking to get from MUMFF is: knowledge and advice that pertains to music and the music business. I’m looking to network with other talented artists, producers, film makers, promoters, etc., and most importantly, I’m looking to build fans and promote my brand efficiently.

MUMFF: Do you have a fan club or official support group (database)?


MUMFF: What is your strategy to generate audience support so that your shows will attract more people?

PROTEGE: I’ve already reached out to a few artists, bloggers and fans that have shown interest in attending the MUMFF to see me perform. I’m also creating personal flyers to have placed in local music spots.

MUMFF: Who makes up the majority of your support base (male/female; rock, alternative; R&B)?

PROTEGE: Male hip hop fans

MUMFF: Who are you sometimes compared with?

PROTEGE: I’ve been compared to Big K.R.I.T., J.Cole, B.O.B., and Andre 3000

MUMFF: Without fans, there is no success. Besides playing live on stage, how do you generate interest in your act and music?

PROTEGE: By relating to the people outside of the music medium. I’ve learned that when you’re able to make a genuine connection with people, they tend to show more support, especially if they already like your music.

MUMFF: How do you motivate a shy crowd?

PROTEGE: I try to relax the people with embarrassing funny stories to show the people I’m human. Once you get people relaxed, they’re more receptive to your performance.

MUMFF: Do you take song request or do covers?


MUMFF: What is the biggest challenge to getting to the next step?

PROTEGE: Funds. It’s hard having the funds necessary to properly promote, record, etc. Also building a great team to help push the groups objective. It’s hard to manage everything with just two artists on a label.

MUMFF: What have you learned about building an audience in your experiences thus far?

PROTEGE: Being yourself is the key. As long as you’re genuine, the people will respond to you. Don’t be afraid to speak to people. Sometimes fans don’t want to approach you because they might think you’re unapproachable. Show them that you’re eager to speak and they’ll reach out to you! - Miami Urban Music and Film Festival

"Protege-Let It Pour"

Protege’s love affair with hip hop began when he was just ten when he and a couple of cousins penned their first rap. By then he already had music flowing through his veins thanks to the folks around him. He had an uncle who was a certified hip hop fiend, a singing grandma and parents who played in their high school band. After the Memphis native relocated to Florida as a pre-teen, he greatly expanded his musical menu. He also got the chance to build his confidence and refine his flow while participating in cyphers as a high schooler.

However it wasn’t until a longtime friend Top Dolla dropped his mixtape that Protege was finally convinced that he could have a career in hip hop. So he went to work, inspired by renowned Tennessee spitters Yo Gotti, the Three Six Mafia and ATL legend Andre 3000 among others. He has steadily gathered a following in Miami from his shows at Cloud 954, The Catalyst and The Villa. Other Floridian cities such as West Palm Beach have also been graced by Protege and now the rapper has his sights beyond the boundaries of his home state.

Two years ago Protege released his first recording ‘Better Breed: The Beginning of a New Era’ which was well received. Now he’s back in the lab working on a follow up to that auspicious debut. It is as yet untitled but you’ll get a good idea of what’s in store when you check out ‘Let it Pour’. Released a few days ago, this uplifting jam is a reminder to keep your head up in the face of the bleak realities you might wake up to every morning. The clip graphically helps tell the tale of struggle and stress both in life and in the music industry. I have been wrong but I’m getting a whiff of Naughty by Nature’s Treach in Protege’s delivery.

“I aim to show the world that Memphis has more to offer than what they’ve come to know,” says Protege. And you’ll agree he’s going about it the right way. - We Do It For The Love Of Music


Still working on that hot first release.



Quality Over Quantity. Three simple words with such a deep meaning. Top Dolla and Protégé seek to show the world what these three words mean to them. With the witty, story telling from the South and the hard, uncut style from the East Coast, these two emcees have created a style that's truly unique and represents "Quality Over Quantity".

Born in Kingston, Jamaica artist Top Dolla has Hip-Hop influence from his upraising in Newark New Jersey and resides his talent in the city of Broward. Having music in his life at a young age Top Dolla carried influences from legends like Notorious B.I.G, Jay-z and much more which reflect on his path chosen in his lyrical talent.

Protégé a Memphis native with Miami influences bringing his experiences in his lyrics and a dream ready to make it into reality. Dedication and focus has been this artist’s key to obtain his fans in the loop with what he delivers in every track. Hip Hop was in his blood since a young child, growing up both mother and father had music flowing in this household. Protégé has competed in cyphers not trying to be a competitive artist but to state his lyrical skills.

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