quality name brand

quality name brand


we sound like the invisible worm that flies in the night in the howling storm; we sound like Public Enemy, Simon and Garfunkel, and Dinosaur Jr.; we sound like your greatest nightmare; we are the world's greatest amplified acoustic rawk band blah blah blah; we used to be called Shed Incorporated.


There's a nasty rumor going around that electric guitars have a monopoly when it comes to rawking out. Well, Quality Name Brand calls bullshit on that! We're rock musicians who have put down their Gibsons and their Rickenbackers and plugged in their acoustic guitars in order to test the limits of the possible. QNB specializes in short, awesome songs with lots of hooks and harmonies. We don't have long guitar solos or spaced out jams - each of our songs is as blunt and to the point as a 911 call. There are a lot of different styles packed into what we do, and there aren't many genres that we don't embrace at one time or another. Yeah, it seems like the acoustic guitar gets a bad rap these days when it comes to rawking out, but we're having a blast clearing its name. If you're sick to death of singer-songwriters confessing and old timers strumming, baby, try Quality Name Brand! (By the way: the live show is the bomb...we're talking serious rawk here...we can hook you up with oral testimonials...)
But what, exactly, do we sound like? Well, we've been compared to artists such as Lucinda Williams, Public Enemy, the White Stripes, Simon and Garfunkel, Jane's Addiction, and Son House. In the past we always performed as a duo, but these days we have a full band with a drummer and a bass player. Of course, we still play as a duo when necessary or preferable. We're flexible.
MORE: Stephen Weis and Caulfield Barbarason formed the all acoustic Shed Incorporated together in Portland, Oregon in 1998, after their New York rock bands broke up (these being Every 13 Days and Kindergarten, respectively). They performed at a showcase in the 1999 NXNW music festival in Portland (the ancestor of the Willamette Week's MusicfestNW), and went on to release three albums of original material: Other (2000), Happy God (2002), and the live-in-the-studio Piss Test(2003). Shed Incorporated developed a loyal following in the Pacific Northwest, playing constantly in Oregon and Washington for five years. However, in 2004, Stephen and Caulfield changed the name of the band to Quality Name Brand in order to reflect the new directions their music was taking, and began work on a self-titled studio album due to be released in July of 2006. Another album is planned for release by the end of the year.


Other (2000) lp
Happy God (2002) lp
Piss Test (2003) lp
Quality Name Brand (2006) lp

Set List

Here's an example of a typical set list:

Begin Again
My Ear Is A Microphone
Wet Grass
Meaning of Elvis
Fuck The IMF
Let's Pray
Store's About To Close
Group Sore
K*ll*ng The Pr*s*d*nt
Quality Name Brand
Back To The Beat/ Police State '98

Our sets are usually thirty-five minutes to an hour long. on occasion we have played for three or more hours and could probably play for five or six - we lost count of our original songs after the first 130. we don't play covers.