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Take raw Canadian talent, raise it in Toronto, polish it on the street, put it on a stage in front of deaf people and what they will feel is Quanche's music. Now picture a young wordsmith who doubles as an eccentric performer influenced and inspired by all creation; past present and future. Quanche.


Zack-Edgar Gomez (Born August 6th 1991) better known by his stage name Quanche, is a Canadian recording artist from Toronto, Ontario. He is of White-Canadian and Dominican decent. At the age of two his parents divorced. After moving around with his then single mother he found himself living on Toronto's infamous Vaughan Road; where he would go on to spend most of his life to date. Quanche was always encouraged by his mother to express himself creatively through music, dance and theater. At 9 years old he was intrigued and found comfort in the world of Hip-Hop; writing rhymes and reciting them for children in the neighborhood. As time passed Quanche found himself getting into trouble with police. He was starting to build a lengthy criminal record and had a few brushes with death. That is when he turned his hobby into a lifestyle; using music as an outlet to escape the otherwise inevitable fate of becoming entangled in his neighborhood's elicit activities.
Quanche independently released three mix-tapes that were met with critical acclaim from Toronto's music scene; Youngest In Charge (2007), The Prelim (2010) and Parish Boy's Progress (2012). These works showcased Quanche's elite lyricism and ability to conceptualize. In 2010, Grammy Award wining producer Boi-1da took notice of Quanche's talent and produced the single Go Harder, which would go on to be Quanche's first song to receive regular rotation on commercial radio.
When hearing the life stories and listening to the depth of Quanche's lyrics it is easy to understand how he has already built a strong street following; Heralded as one of Canada's top lyricists. Opening for artists such as Dead Prez, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Fabolous, Method Man & Redman Quanche has exhibited unbelievable talent as a performer on stage as well as in the studio. Drawing inspiration from Rock & Roll, Folk, Blues, Jazz, Motown, Pop, R&B and more, Quanche's eclectic sound embodies what it is to be young and motivated.


Youngest In Charge (2007)
The Prelim (2010)
Triple Threat (2011) *compilation
Parish Boy's Progress (2012)

"GO HARDER" Prod. Boi-1da (2010) *received radio airplay
"Money 'Till We Die" (2010) *received radio airplay
"Dream (Watchyu Gotta Say)" (2011)
"Keep Going" (2012)
"Y.A.P. (Young And Poppin')" (2013)

Set List

Howl At The Moon
Boiling Point
Keep Going