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New York City, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

New York City, NY | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Hip Hop




"An interview with the band Quantum Split"

How did you guys get together?
SL: We all got together through word of mouth. Richard Chen, the drummer, was found
through Craigslist when we were holding auditions for a new band. Ivan Hardy, we found
through Facebook. Someone recommended him to be part of the band and we stalked his Facebook profile. Adrian sent us an email with a video of him playing with long straight hair and his six pack lol (boys will be boys).
AR: I emailed the band after their old guitarist quit and auditioned for them with a video and a shirtless pic.
IH: We found one another on social media like Facebook and Instagram.
What’s the meaning behind your stage name?
SL: Adrian is soooo much better at answering this than I am but it’s actually an experiment on how atoms react when visualized and not visualized… Moral of the story “Be exactly who you are when people are looking and not looking”
AR: My ancestral Native American Tribe is the Red Arowaks, so it was only right to take on the name “Red.” Our name “Quantum Split” originates from an experiment in the realm of Quantum Physics. The experiment proves that under any type of observation, the atoms that compose us travel in a restricted, linear pattern. Take away the medium of observation and then the atoms travel more freely in a wave like pattern. What this means to us as people is that we often limit ourselves when we are being observed or in front of a camera, and thus limiting our possibilities. The takeaway, be as you are always and your possibilities will be endless.
IH: Jeff Hardy from the WWE was my childhood influence. He represents being extreme and expressing yourself to the fullest capacity. I wanted to embody that when it came to identifying myself as a bass player. So I took the “Hardy” name and have been using it since.
RC: Infinite dimensions of reality.

Who are some of your Influences?
SL: Guitar – Jimi Hendricx, BB King, Roseatta Tharpe… Vocally- Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Janis
AR: Slash from GnR, Hendrix, Prince, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Paco de Lucia
IH: Cliff Burton, Jason Newsted, Robert Trujillo, Rex Brown, Ryan Martinie, Mike Starr, Mike
Inez, Johnny Christ, Louis Johnson, and Les Claypool are my biggest influences as a bass player. My favorite bands are Metallica, Pantera, Megadeth, Alice in Chains, Ozzy Osbourne, The Clash, The Ramones, My Chemical romance, Damian Marley and everything reggae.
How did you hear about PUNK BLACK?
SL: Through a queen friend of mine Gabby from the TXLIPS band…
AR: We’ve been PUNK BLACK our whole lives how could we not?
IH: I found out about Punk Black when you reached out to us.
What do you think of New York’s POC Rock scene?
SL: It’s growing everyday. I am just waiting on the takeover cause it’s going to happen, it’s
AR: New York’s POC is about to explode. We’re making sure of that.
IH: It is a very strong scene. There are many bands out here killing it. RAAA is cool.
What brands of equipment do you prefer to use?
SL: Peavey Amps… Fender Guitars …
AR: Anything that sounds good. Les Paul, Ibanez, ESP and Fender are my tops, guitars, Amp has always been a Marshall
IH: I’ve been using Spector basses since 2012. I love them and they’re my go to basses every night wherever my band is performing. They’re like batman’s utility belt. They’re able to cover so many ranges of frequency and genres unlike any other bass I’ve ever played. I currently own two four string basses and one 5 string bass. A Euro 4LX, Legend Neck-thru, and a Legend 5 classic. I’m very fortunate and honored to be endorsed with them and call myself a Spector artist. Plus the company is from New York so represent lol. My basses also all come equipped with EMG pickups. EMG’S on a Spector is tonal nirvana for me. They have deep lows and nice highs that aren’t too clicky sounding for me like some basses have. And the Midrange punch which is the most important frequency for a bassist is top notch when it comes to EMG pickups. All my basses are strung with Dean Markley strings (45-105) & (45-125). For amps, I’ve been using Ampeg since 2011. I use an SVT 4 pro head with an 8×10 Ampeg cab. That combo along with my Spector is just low end that can level cities. The last part of my signal chain are my pedals. I try not to go too crazy with my setup but I do enjoy coloring my tone a bit here and
there as well as some in your face effects. I use Darkglass Electronics B7K Ultra as my main pedal, MXR Blowtorch, BBE sonic stomp, Sansamp BDDI, MXR Envelope filter, Mel 9 tape replay by Electro Harmonix, and a Korg pitchblack tuner
RC: Don’t have a preference, any decent ones will do
If your 10 yr old self was to start a band, what would it be called?
SL: Magical Makers
AR: Dragonsonicball
RC: Goat
What’s your favorite song to perform?
SL: FOR SALE! It has the best musical composition and the best speech in the front. I never want people to believe that who they are or their dreams are for sale.
AR: A song called For Sale. We go all out on that one.
IH: I love performing all of our songs. I come from a punk, hard rock and metal background while the other members have their own influences respectively. Every song allows us to showcase bits of those influences so it wouldn’t be fair for me to choose one. I love playing them all.
RC: Say what you gotta say
Who are some of your favorite local artists?
SL: RAAA, Bad Citizen, Monsters on the Horizon.
AR: A friend’s band called Bad Citizen, They killin the rock scene.
IH: Another Day’s Armor, Tempest City, and RAAA are all rad.
What advice would you have for new and up and coming local bands?
SL: Keep striving. It’s a crazy road and when you don’t get along with someone in the band know that it may be you being the jerk lol
AR: Don’t quit your jobs yet
IH: Put a team together and never give up. Keep trying to put your names out there while
building a tight musical relationship.
Have you been on tour?
SL: Yup!
AR: Yes a National tour
IH: Last year we had our national tour and it was amazing. Got to visit so many cities and states I never thought I’d visit anytime soon. Montana, Ohio, Seattle, Indiana, Minnesota, and California were some of my favorites.
Whats your favorite tour story?
SL: Seattle getting to see Kurt Cobains house.
AR: What happens on tour stays on tour
IH: I’m a light drinker. I’m actually the stoner of the band so I handle myself better with Mary Jane than I do liquor. I got way too drunk in Kalamazoo, Michigan after a gig. One long Island Iced Tea, Shot of wildTurkey, and then a shot of tequila, I was done for the night hugging the toilet.
Any Upcoming projects?
SL: We are working on it.
IH: Were trying to get as many gigs and get into as many festivals as possible. We just want to keep performing.
RC: New songs
Are you excited for the Fest August 22nd?
AR: Yabba dabba doo excited
IH: “Hell yeah!”
RC: Yes!
s there anything you want your fans(and new fans!) to know?
SL: Are you ready to rock?!?!
AR: Thank you all for your undying support regardless of us not having any music out. The wait will be worth it. Guaranteed.
IH: We can’t wait to come to a city near you and rock out!!! Peace and love. Plus I love
Chocolate Chip Cookie dough ice cream and vanilla.
RC: Be prepared get rocked the fuck out!
Name Key:
SL: Soleil Laurent
AR: Adrian Read
IH: Ivan Hardy
RC: Richard Chen
@quantumsplit - Punk Black

"Why you need to check out the other acts. . ."

Went to check out Tempest City at the Bowery Ballroom last night. Good band and good show, but last night was a case of why you want to give the other acts on the bill a chance. You just never know what you might catch and that is why you need to get there early and see who else is playing. See who might just steal the show.

So last night it was Quantum Split. i knew nothing about them. Nothing. I watched them get organized. they were a younger act. All in their twenties. It looked like a standard deal, the guitarist on the left, bass player on the right. an attractive young lady who I was guessing was their vocalist. . . just plugged in a Strat? Hmmm they got me curious.

And rightfully so, They came on, The singer, with her Strat, talked briefly about staying true to who you are, a little banter, touching a theme she would return to several times. That was cool. But then they jumped into the music and it was heavy. Nice solid rhythm. And then she tore into this solo that was just tasty and with some whammy bar. This was mainly her playing, though her and the other guitarist were going back and forth throughout the night. Some nice playing on both their parts. Bass player too was solid. I liked his Darth Vader intro music when they introduced him.

So some good musicianship, but there is more. This band I learned after the show has not released any music. They have been at it for the past two or three years, but they have not gone into a studio as of yet it seems. They have material and they are rehearsing, but here is the thing. the songs they have are barely songs. They are not finished songs, but yet they make it work, more than work. They were not songs in the way I am use to a song being laid out. They were not structured. What they had were several pieces of a song that they would mix up and it worked nicely.

Routinely, they would start quietly with a riff, or the bass-line and then go into a story over what they were playing. It was kind of a prelude. There were a lot of stories and going back and forth with the audience, which was cool. Then once the tale which was often tied to that theme of doing what was in your heart. then they would jump into the song proper. Again, the songs were simple but worked, and they just had a flow. They were tight and though they improvised, the band as a unit, knew where it was going. so these basic chord progressions, some tasting soloing, mixed with these stories and banter with the crowd, and all done so easily. Reminded me of Van Halen. Especially some the solos, maybe they were not that tasty but nice.

The other thing that was cool musically was the use of synthesized guitar. I am guessing that was what I was listening to. Just some very cool intros and just what I would call overlays, on top of their chord progression, amplifying those progressions, just adding a layer, and a very nice layer. I am assuming it was through the guitars. I do not know, but it worked.

So we have the structure of the tunes. We have this really loose feel, yet the band is tight. We have the quality of the playing, We have these symphonic moments. It just worked. All were on the money – the drummer-Richard Chen, the bass player-Ivan Hardy, the guitarist-Adrian Read, and guitarist / vocalist front and center-Soleil Laurent.

And then you just have the interaction with the crowd. There is a lot of interaction with the crowd. There is an energy. the band is ready to go and so is the crowd. And the crowd is there to see this band. I wish there were more folks like myself who knew nothing, but I don’t think that was the case. Does not really matter. All enjoyed.

There is more. What I saw here was a rock band that stretched a bit. I like that. I would say they were borrowing from gospel, especially gospel as part of a church service. I do not know if that is the case. It is what I look to to explain what was going on. To point to a gospel service explains to some degree that loose but solid music under the banter. Like the chorus or choir, used to emphasize what the preacher is saying during the service. And like such a service, here it is not so much about the songs but the experience, the whole event. So musically they do seem to owe something to gospel. That is my guess.

Near the end of the set though they paused and asked the audience to look to each side and say hello to the people around them. That was so cool. For me that was right out of a Catholic mass. I am not at too many masses, but that was so much like the “sign of the peace”. Just as at this show, the priest will take a moment and ask the congregation to share the peace with those around them. You proceed to turn to your neighbors, your fellow celebrants, and say”Peace be with you. . .” I have never until last night seen it done at a rock n roll show, but I it was neat.

So it was cool. Something different. The theme of being true to oneself, the flow, the lack of structure and yet knowing where they were going. And you can’t do that, you can’t pull that off with out some skill and some probably some rehearsal time. And, lastly the energy was there. They called it love, which again made me think of the religious, but plenty of rockers will talk of love.

And just to qualify, they were not religious. Just a good band who did things their own way. I will check them out again.

For more on the band go to their website, http://quantumsplit.com/. - WILDWESTROCKS

"POWER Surge — Motor City Talent Agency Hosts Launch Party, Prepares for Detroit LIVE Music Festival"

A new talent and events agency is powering up Detroit’s arts and entertainment scene.

Known as POWER Events | Entertainment, the Detroit-based agency hosted a launch party April 20 at CLUBHAUS Detroit to showcase emerging music, modeling, acting and athletic talent in the Motor City.

About 200 guests attended the launch party hosted by POWER co-owners Donna Kassab and Kelly Adolph and watched a fashion show featuring models wearing casual, modern styles with a bohemian flair from UnitedFront. Draped in hues of gold, cream and light blue, models sashayed down the runway to dance and hip-hop tunes spun by Detroit-based DJ Kobra Kinney.

Attendees also munched on appetizers by Detroit Catering Company and JusNCredible Eats and drank Hawthorne Vineyards wine served Brut Detroit and signature cocktails by Top Shelf Bartini.

“We received positive feedback about our plans to bring more events and entertainment to the city,” Kassab said. “I kept hearing, ‘thank you, this is so fun.’ There was a lot of excitement in the room.”

Kassab and Adolph launched POWER in October to provide more talent opportunities in Detroit for arts and entertainment professionals and introduce them to local businesses.

During the launch party, attendees tuned into the earthy, cinematic and celestial tunes of SIAS, a Detroit-based alternative world music band featuring Josias Yglesias (vocals), Scott Posada (guitar) and Haley Grant (piano).

SIAS played several tracks from their 2016 debut EP, “Origin,” including “Oceans of Time,” “Aura” and “Stand Tall.” The band also debuted a new single, “Rewind,” for the crowd.

The crowd also jammed to the rock, soul and hip-hop infused sounds of New York City-based Quantum Split, who made their inaugural performance in Detroit and closed out the launch party.

Quantum Split members Soleil Laurent (vocals and guitar), Adrian Read (lead guitar), Anthony Anderson (drums) and Ivan Hardy (bass) introduced attendees to their current patriotic-themed single “America” and played an energetic rendition of Guns ‘N Roses’ 1988 No. 1 hit “Sweet Child o’ Mine.”

With the launch party officially wrapped up, POWER is getting ready to expand the Motor City’s musical palate with a new one-day outdoor music festival, Detroit LIVE, in downtown Detroit on Aug. 12. Detroit LIVE will highlight the city’s undiscovered music talent for local residents.

“Our goal is to give acts who have built a large following around the city of Detroit through small venues, the full experience of having and performing at their own concert event,” Kassab said. “We’re continuing to build our network of new talent and connect them with new opportunities.”

POWER is currently assembling its lineup for Detroit LIVE. Interested musicians can submit their music and videos for Detroit LIVE at POWER’s website.

For details, send an email to dlive@powereventsentertainment.com - The Stratton Setlist

"Quantum Split exclusive video premiere of 'America' directed by Cortez McKay"

Music-News.com is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of 'America' by Quantum Split directed by Cortez McKay.

It’s been an frightful time in America. No matter how apolitical you felt you were a few years ago, chances are, you’ve been tugged into the fight. It’s been country versus city, nativists against multiculturalists, the wealthy against the poor. Often it’s felt like the government is at war with its own people. Quantum Split, a fiery rock group from New York City, isn’t here to sugarcoat any of that. That isn’t their style. Instead, their debut music video is a vicious kick at a system that only seems to be working for the powerful – and one run by people who aren’t even bothering to disguise their prejudices anymore.

“America”, a ferocious debut single, is the new band’s first handshake with the nation. But here in the New York metro, Quantum Split has built a passionate following in a very short time. Their ascent has been driven by their sound: rough, direct and economical, uncompromising, funky when necessary, invariably soulful, and sometimes downright mesmerizing in its intensity. Soleil Laurent is a powerhouse vocalist and charismatic frontwoman, dexterous guitarist Adrian Read skillfully draws from hard rock, anthemic folk, and punk, drummer Anthony Anderson hits the skins with metal intensity, and bassist Ivan Hardy provides the steel framework that allows the songs to soar. Theirs is a project built to move crowds, and just last month, Quantum Split headlined at Irving Plaza – a remarkable achievement for any independent band, let alone one so new and fresh.

Laurent’s lyrics are always forthright. On “America”, she applies her emotional conviction to our current national crisis. “America” serves notice that ordinary citizens will not be divided by race or creed – and that true patriotism means standing up to injustice. Director Cortez McKay has matched this sentiment with a video that reinforces its urgency – a protest in film, a plea for unity, and a challenge to the status quo.

He also captures Quantum Split in full, kinetic live action. Their chemistry is evident, and their performance is magnetic. But the most striking images in the clip don’t contain the bandmembers at all. Instead, McKay shows marches, mass actions, protesters tussling over a Confederate battle flag, and footage of brutal, armed security personnel taken from surveillance cameras. The video namechecks Sandra Bland, the black woman whose 2015 death in custody is still a cause of great controversy, Sean Bell, who was killed by police on the night before his wedding, and Harriet Beecher Stowe, abolitionist and author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Stormtroopers with masks and helmets paint black bodies white and vice versa. It’s harrowing, and it does indeed reflect our current turmoil. But none of it breaks the spirit of the many proud Americans who stand together and face McKay's camera in defiance. No matter how bad things get, the Quantum Split message is an inspiring one. - MusicNews.com

"Quantum Split brings rock and roll back to its roots"

Music does a lot of things we can’t quite explain. It vibrates through us and touches our souls the way nothing else can.

Physically, we find ourselves dancing, jumping up and down, and having full-blown mosh pits. Emotionally, music takes us on a journey depending on the song. We feel empowered, energized, sad, dominant, and everything else in between. Mentally, we’re taken into worlds beyond the physical, where only we exist, and the concerns of reality lack the power to hold us to the ground. Dammit, music gives us wings to fly.

The most special of artists have a god-given knack for making songs that touch us on all three levels. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. The trick is they do it seamlessly, you don’t even realize your high off of their sonic delivery. The experience is a phenomenon all its own.

Quantum Split is all of the previously mentioned rolled into one. Chances are you haven’t heard of Quantum Split yet—that is, unless you’re a connoisseur of live performances, someone who appreciates the way bands used to grow their following. You know, the old fashion way of hitting the stage venue by venue and earning an organic fan base off of the intimate face-to-face experience.

REVOLT is all about introducing you to soon-to-be household names and, as of right now, there are no music videos or singles floating around. Hell, they don’t even have a Soundcloud. For once, there’s a band out there that's not worried about the social media following and streaming numbers they need to score a record deal. Quantum Split just loves the music. Rock and roll seeps through their pores; they live this shit. What’s even better is that they’re a black and brown band comprised of lead guitarist Adrien Read, bass guitarist Ivan Hardy, drummer Anthony Anderson, and lead singer Soleil Laurent.

Their mission? Simple: take rock and roll back to the roots and crush the stage every chance they get.

After lead singer Soleil put the band together through a series of Instagram messages, emails, Facebook connections, and some serious grilling about the seriousness of the band, Quantum Split came to be. Get to know the up-and-coming band!

Where did everyone’s passion for music come from?

Read: I didn’t like music until I got to high school. Whenever I saw someone with a guitar, I always felt like I wanted to play. There was a program dedicated to guitar in high school. I started out messing with hip-hop and jazz before transitioning into rock and roll.

Laurent: My dad’s side of the family does music. He worked around a lot of music and a lot of artists. I look at my dad like a hero, but Quantum Split is where I found myself. It’s where I wrote about my life and what I see and became really vulnerable. Then it became so much more. I wanted to impact the world and I can do it through music.

Anderson: I started playing drums out of inspiration from my dad who passed away when I was 9 years old. In middle school and high school I was in and out of marching bands. I learned different genres, but it was majorly self-taught.

Hardy: At 14, 15 years old I was trying to find my identity in high school. I stumbled upon acts like SevenFold and Marilyn Manson. I started to establish my rock identity in punk, hard, and metal rock. At 16, I picked up bass. I saw Fallout Boy at Bamboozle and it changed my life. That’s when I definitely picked up music.

How would you describe your music and the way the public perceives you?

Read: Rock started with black people and that’s why this matters. There was an era where people were sleep, but people are waking up now. We’re part of that by showing that rock came from black roots; it was taken and turned around. Rock stands for something that’s bigger than us. It stands for a revolution. People don’t think it sounds pretty or appealing, but it stands for much more than that.

Naturally, you don’t find people like us playing this type of music. Our roots are different so it’s not gonna sound the way the old rock and roll sounds like. We have a mix of experiences based on the fact that we’re black. When we sit down to write, it just comes out. We come from backgrounds where people don’t respect us because of how we look. Even my family asked why I’m not doing Spanish music.

Laurent: We get a lot of love. But we get people who are against us I’ve gotten insane things. Comments like: “Do you niggers really think you’re gonna take rock and roll from rock bands? You’re just niggers." We gotta keep moving forward we know what the message. I’ve had men tell me, "You’re not really playing guitar" because I’m a woman. Because of all that, we know that this is going to be something revolutionary. We know it for a fact and it pushed us even more. We’re going to stand for our people and what we believe.

Through a joint love for music and a passion for ushering fans into an appreciation for the roots of rock and roll; Quantum Split has established a family like bond. They’ve been through the ups and downs of learning each other as bandmates. On top of that, they’ve been able to travel halfway across the world to perform in front of thousands of people. Their latest gig took them to Africa, a truly life changing experience!

At the Kigali Up Festival, sponsored by the Embassy of Kigali, Quantum Split rocked a crowd of 10,000 people and left the stage to fans rushing them for pictures and autographs—the stuff rock stars are made of. Dreams do come tru and you don’t need 100,000 social media followers to do it. Keep your eyes peeled for Quantum Split; in 2017, they are dropping their first music video and an album to go with it. - REVOLT

"Best of the Bronx: Rock band thankful to call Bronx home"

THE BRONX - A rock group of self-taught musicians says it is thankful to call the Bronx their home.
The band Quantum Split has toured around the world from Africa to Brooklyn’s very own Afro-punk festival, but their affinity to the Bronx is dynamic.
The band's drummer Anthony Anderson says he was just like any kid growing up in the Bronx, and he knew that he wanted to be successful.

He shared the dream of success with a guitarist named Adrian Read, a native of the Dominican Republic who grew up in the Bronx.
Influenced by the sounds of hard rock and hip-hop, the two knew they needed more than just instruments to be successful and so they met Soleil Laurent, the band’s vocalist.
The trio hasn't looked back since, and even though Read admits a rock band isn't something you would expect to see in the Bronx, it's something the band channels through their music. - News12 Bronx

"International artistes jet in for KigaliUp Festival"

Ugandan award-winning artiste Eddy Kenzo this Friday arrived at Kigali International Airport ahead of the KigaliUp Festival which is expected to take place this weekend.
The 2015 BET winner for Viewer's Choice Best New International Artist Award said on arrival that he takes Kigali as his "second home."
He is expected to perform his Sitya Loss among other hits on Saturday evening.

To add to the impressive list of names to feature in the KigaliUp 5th Edition is American songbird Soleil Laurent, who also arrived in Kigali today with her band Quantum Split and her father Richard 'Earthman' Laurent, a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist.
Kenya’s boy band Sauti Sol are expected Saturday morning.

KigaliUp Festival is expected to take place both on Saturday and Sunday at Petit Stade, in Remera. - The New Times

"Mute Music Moment of the Day: ‘America’ by Soleil Laurent"

Today’s Mute Music Moment of the Day is brought to you by Soleil Laurent featuring her latest song, “America”. Soleil is currently in the process of working on her forthcoming EP. Keep in touch with Soleil at: www.soleillaurent.com - Mutemag

"Soleil Laurent"

Every now and then you come across someone who is so hyped on life that you can't help but get infected with their enthusiasm. Soleil Laurent is one of those people, equal parts musician and dreamer. She's making music that aims to connect people and embrace vulnerability. She’s always carrying her guitar, enjoying inspiration from life and trying to leave everything a bit better than she found it. She has an air of hopefulness and positivity that's palpable yet unobtrusive. It’s honestly quite refreshing. It's not just Soleil's music that intrigues me, but her poignant message that speaks far beyond her years. For only being 21, her life experience is powerful—both on and off the stage—and her words are ripe for the times in which we live.
Soleil was born with music in her genes. The daughter of early house music artist Richard Jean Laurent (Kraze), she grew up in the midst of a rich musical world and spent time at the Berkleee School of Music solidifying her foundation. She employs her craft with the deliberate intention to unite people, whether that's at a festival in front of thousands or an intimate open mic. Whatever the venue, she’s always committed to delivering the full scope of expression and connection. Like one of her idols, Bob Marley, she writes songs that draw on fundamental human experiences. Songs that speak to our similarities. Songs about loneliness, vulnerability, imperfection—challenges with which we are all familiar. Her purpose in working with such subjects is not to wallow in them; she really wants to express that we're not alone. It’s a message that is earning her increasing attention. She recently had the chance to be the only female performer at the Kigali Up music festival in Rwanda. She confidently rocked the stage in front of thousands of people, one of whom called her “a miracle.” After one of her Brooklyn shows, two girls came up to her in tears because the subject of one of her songs, being comfortable in your own skin, was so powerfully resonant. Longfellow said music is the universal language; Soleil's use of it is exceptional.
The optimism and exuberance that shine through Soleil’s music have an unusual depth. She has been making trips from New York to Haiti since she was 12. Her father was born in Haiti and she feels a strong connection to the place. She was there just three months after the 2010 earthquake that devastated the country. She saw first-hand the extent of the destruction and the profound suffering it has precipitated. The experience touched her deeply and tested her convictions about the human connection that ties each of us to every other. The grim realities she saw in Haiti offer a sharp contrast to her comparatively privileged world in New York. How does one insist on commonality in the face of such stark disparities? Soleil seems to have come away with an ethical insight that I hear reflected in her music: commonality isn’t just about shared experience, it’s about empathy and making choices that are predicated first and foremost on compassion. Helping others is not so much a duty as an inescapable impulse, one that led her to volunteer her time with Life for the World, a non-profit addressing the aftermath of the earthquake. Songwriting and social action are the natural expressions of Soleil’s concern for others.
We live in crazy times. If the headlines are to be believed, we are careering downward to new depths of violence and chaos. It's now, more than ever, that we need people like Soleil Laurent who make this world feel a little less lonely and overwhelming. Through her music, she’s helping tip the scales toward unity, compassion and love. It is a message the world is hungering to hear. - GFTD

"Soleil Laurent"

Soleil Laurent is a lifelong New Yorker.

She was born into an exceptionally musical family on November 4, 1994. From a very early age, she excelled at most if not all creative activities that she took part in. It was always evident from the smile on her face that she loved being involved with anything involving music. No matter what the style, whether it is R&B, pop, dance or rock, she loves to sing, dance, and play her guitar along with all of it. Her father constantly fostered her musical talents, as well as teaching her to be a humble and dedicated artist and human being. She is very actively involved with the Life for the World School and Orphanage in Haiti, home to 220 children, all of whom are grateful for Soleil and the love and assistance she provides for them. In a way, these children have affected the way Soleil sees music as a whole.

She firmly believes that music shouldn’t be divided into genres based on sound. She believes that music should be the artist’s perception of their own life, so each artist’s music should be as unique to them as their personality or sense of style. Her focus is something to be admired, never letting any set back of any magnitude derail her ambitions. She makes a point to have positive relationships with everyone who is involved with her performances, whether they are the stage manager or the guy taking tickets at the door.

Her choreographer Aleya”Monet” Swopes has been essential to the success of her shows, as well as the dancers who make it all possible, Bryan Longchamp, Laquan Miles, and Tiesha Ortiz. She has a strong sense of appreciation for everyone who has been supporting her throughout this amazing journey that she has started out on, especially the aforementioned people, because they share the moment on stage together, as a family. - Natural Essence

"Musician Spotlight: Quantum Split"

A couple weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to attend a listening session of a band whose sound includes elements from Rock to R&B. I walked in not knowing what to expect. I sat and watched as Quantum Split performed three songs from their catalog, one being “One Man.”
The band explained “One Man” to be a track about the push and pull factor of those whom you come into contact with, and went deeper into explaining how important it is to rise up and be the boss of your own life because when you do, there is a level of power that lives within you that allows you to potentially dictate the way things will play out in the future.
The messages in Soleil, Ivan, Anthony and Adrian’s music were already speaking to me so I decided to ask what the name Quantum Split meant to them as a group. Infinite possibilities…Freedom to be one’s self both on and off camera. Quantum Split sang of the power of strength and of the freedom to be yourself, and their captivating energy definitely encourages thought on the topics they speak so passionately about.
Written by Essence Mason - LoveChana

"New Music Mondays: Soleil Laurent"

By Maya Earls

At only 21 years old, Soleil Laurent embodies the phrase of being an old soul trapped in a young body. When she performs with her band Quantum Split, she is like a hair metal guitar soloist of the 1980s, leather pants and all. As a soloist, she is more subdued but her soulful voice and electric guitar hints at her power. Either way, Laurent is a versatile performer. Her biggest downfall may be that her music is hard to find.

Her artist Facebook page has many photos and short videos, but no full songs. Her personal website links to longer videos, but they still don’t show her talent. The best source for her music is currently YouTube, with one video titled, “Opening Performance” and another of her vocal lesson with Jay Williams and Anwar Robinson. Of the two, “vocal lesson” not only shows her talent now, but also shows her potential as an artist. Her personality shines as she sings with the piano. She sings about being a strong woman, living on her own and not letting others push her around. Her R&B sound is different from her rock’n’roll image, but her “vocal lesson” video seemed to be her most authentic self.
I will always support a woman of color with an electric guitar in her hands, but out of the two videos, “vocal lesson” left me wanting more. - The Haitian Times

"Soleil promises memorable KigaliUp performance"

New York based singer, Soleil Laurent, who arrived in Kigali on Tuesday, has promised a memorable performance at this year’s KigaliUp Festival, which also brings together several artistes from the region and beyond.

The American songbird will perform with her band ‘Quantum Split’ and her father Richard ‘Earthman’ Laurent, a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. This is the second time the singer is gracing the festival and was the main act during last year’s edition.

“This year is going to be different from last year and other previous festivals, and the difference I am talking about is simply in growth. We have grown together as a band and we are more connected than ever,” she said during a press briefing at the Ministry of Sports and Culture offices.

“My biggest moment was performing for thousands of people here in Kigali during last year’s festival. I am not afraid of saying that I’m coming back to my home country,” the singer excitedly said when asked about what it means for her to perform for the second time in Rwanda.

The singer is known for her unique live music experience and ultimately the messages that lie within most of her songs. Songs such as I can’tBreathe, America, Boss, and Free are just a few that Soleil has written.

This year, organisers have teamed up with Ni Nyampinga, a local radio programme, to capture the festival and take KigaliUp to Rwandans who aren’t able to attend.

“The show will feature interviews with all the headlining pop stars, top music tracks from the day, and all the energy of the crowd. For people to hear all the music action, and interviews with the stars from KigaliUp, they should tune into the Ni Nyampinga Radio Show on Wednesday August 5 at 6.15pm across Radio Rwanda, RC Musanze, RC Rusizi, Contact FM, Radio Ishingiro, Radio Huguka and Radio 12,” explained Ani Lamont, the programme’s communication manager.

The sixth edition of the festival will take place at Amahoro Stadium grounds on July 30 and 31 and will feature local musicians like Christopher, Oda Paccy, Micho Band, Peace Jolis, Eric Mucyo, Eju Marshall, Danny Vumbi and Sandy Soul from Uganda.

Also expected to perform are American Grammy Award winner Skyler Jett, Kareyce Fotso from Cameroon, Joey Blake from the US and, One People Band from South Africa.


"KigaliUp Festival ends on a high"

The 6th edition of KigaliUp festival was worth its hype. The festival ended on a high as music lovers were treated to mesmerising performances from star musicians at Amahoro National Stadium on Sunday evening.

With each artiste wielding a musical instrument, the American rock band, Quantum split, waxed a great performance - and set the tone of the show with high-energy performance and helped fire up the crowd.

The band comprises four artistes; Soleil Laurent-lead singer/songwriter, Adrian- guitarist, Ivan Hardy- bass player and Anthony Anderson- the drummer.

Laurent, 21, along with her band had an eclectic performance which lasted over 30 minutes. With her good voice and ability to play different guitars, the singer proved to be a versatile performer as she got everyone on their feet.

The talented singer was performing for the second time in Kigali. Laurent is also a student at Berklee College of Music in Boston, and is actively involved with the Life for the World School and Orphanage in Haiti- home to 220 children, and her music resonates with lives of people.

Grammy Award winner Skyler Jett, popular for his humanitarian and environmental causes, was the last performer on stage and was supported by students of Nyundo music school throughout his performance. The singer, who uses his music to advocate for peace, put up an energetic performance.

It was his first performance in Africa in the 50 years he has spent doing music. He performed songs which spread a message of peace, love, unity and tolerance, among others.

Throughout his performance, the former Commodores lead singer would take time and address the crowd on why they should heal the world, vouch for peace and love one another.

Jett performed songs like He’s a Better Way, Glory, Peace is the Answer, This is A Calling, Let’s Heal the world, to name a few.

The singer also surprised the crowd with a song that he composed for Rwanda, a moment that got everyone sing along and dance.

“This is my very first time performing in Africa, but I am so much excited. My kind of music is way different from today’s most music; the uniqueness I am talking about is the message that lies within. I want to influence peoples’ lives, we need peace, we need to heal the world, and this is what characterised my performance,” said Skyler Jett after his performance.

Among the artistes who crowned the music festival, was Cameroonian songbird and guitarist, KareyceFotso, who wowed the crowd with her powerful voice.

Sunday’s show started at 1pm with local artistes, including Danny Vumbi and Christopher, also performing.
Vumbi performed his famous tracks Ni Danger, Baragowe and Ni uwacu, before paving way for the R&B singer Christopher in Habona, Abasitari, Ndabyemeye and Agatima.

Apart from the music, the 6th edition of KigaliUp featured fun spots for kids and families, food and beverages stands and beautiful art displays, which gave the festival goers an array of options to choose from.

The two-day festival started on Saturday with American vocalist and a music professor at Berklee College of Music Joey Blake and South Africa’s One People band, among the main acts. - The New Times

"INTERVIEW: Quantum Split"

Band Members
(SL) Soleil Laurent
(AA) Anthony Anderson
(AR) Adrian Read
(IH) Ivan Hardy
Can you talk to us more about your latest single “America”?
SL: Our single “America” reflects on historical moments in the past and current events, re-envisioned with a positive twist on hope, empowerment, peace and love. With powerful lyrics and sounds to instill a sense of hope for the people of this country.
IH: “America” is a song to give hope to the people. Hope, that one day there will be peace for all people. The video serves to both empower, unite, and bring forth the people that lack representation and rights. It also exposes the deep rooted injustices that our country has displayed to people of various races and cultural backgrounds.
Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?
SL: Many events inspired the single “America.” It’s difficult as an artist to hear that children are being killed frequently or that people are hurting everyday on the news and not let it reflect in your music. This song is a platform to convey a message of empowerment.
Any plans to release a video for the single?
AR: We recently released our first music video for the single “America”. The video portrays strong imagery about past and present struggles that we, the people of various races, gender and culture have had to endure in America. It also embodies hope, unity, our future, the children, and the definitive message that we will not be broken, not now, not ever.
How was the recording and writing process?
SL: The recording and writing process was actually very easy. I had a lot on my heart at the time for the people living in America. I wrote the song in less than 4 minutes. It felt as if this song needed to be heard to create peace here in my home.
AA: I actually love the recording process because of all the work that goes into getting things set up to hearing my drumming back on recording. It leaves me satisfied to know that my work is paying off.
AR:The recording process for America was extensive. We needed to find a way to represent the voice of every American in this one song. We spent hours upon hours making the song bigger than ourselves to make sure that the message was crystal clear.
How has your Berklee studies influenced your music?
SL: Berklee has opened me up to many different influences musically. It opened my mind to different sounds and I became free within my music.
Does the new single mean we can expect new material – how’s that coming along?
AA: Yes, for sure. We have so many songs written and ready to be recorded for our album, plus more material that will make you want to conquer the world.
Any tentative release date or title in mind?
IH: The album is titled SUBLIMINAL MANIPULATION. It tackles many topics such as diversity, overcoming oneself, racism, and breaking down dividing lines, to name a few.
Would these two new singles somehow set the tone for the new music on the material?
SL: The album is full of different emotions and with that being said those two songs open a very sensitive and softer side to the band. We do have songs that reflect anger, frustration, light and more so I wouldn’t say those two songs are the complete sound of the album.
AR:The two new singles each serve a specific purpose, as every other song on our album. “America” shines, triumphs, and perseveres. “Runaway” strips down the layers of emotional trauma a person faces when they are cast away from home; a cry for help. All our songs ask you to reflect on what it really means to be human.
Any plans to hit the road?
AA: We are currently on a National U.S. TOUR performing in cities such as, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Michigan, Minneapolis, California, Washington, Ohio and more. You can find MORE upcoming shows and events on our website www.quantumsplit.com
What else is happening next in Quantum Split’s world?
SL: A lot more performances. (Which I am extremely excited about because I love connecting with people!)
AA: Working on more songs and a lot more touring.
AR: Quantum Split is planting the seeds. And when those seeds grow, the world will know who we are. Till then, we’re hitting every state one by one!
IH: Continuing our continually growing national tour and finishing the album. - VENTS Magazine

"Quantum Split New Video “America”"

It’s been a frigthful time in America. No matter how apolitical you felt you were a few years ago, chances are, you’ve been tugged into the fight. It’s been country versus city, nativists against multiculturalists, the wealthy against the poor. Often it’s felt like the government is at war with its own people. Quantum Split, a fiery rock group from New York City, isn’t here to sugarcoat any of that. That isn’t their style. Instead, their debut music video is a vicious kick at a system that only seems to be working for the powerful – and one run by people who aren’t even bothering to disguise their prejudices anymore.


“America”, a ferocious debut single, is the new band’s first handshake with the nation. But here in the New York metro, Quantum Split has built a passionate following in a very short time. Their ascent has been driven by their sound: rough, direct and economical, uncompromising, funky when necessary, invariably soulful, and sometimes downright mesmerizing in its intensity. Soleil Laurent is a powerhouse vocalist and charismatic frontwoman, dexterous guitarist Adrian Read skillfully draws from hard rock, anthemic folk, and punk, drummer Anthony Anderson hits the skins with metal intensity, and bassist Ivan Hardy provides the steel framework that allows the songs to soar. Theirs is a project built to move crowds, and just last month, Quantum Split headlined at Irving Plaza – a remarkable achievement for any independent band, let alone one so new and fresh. - Skopemag.com

"Quantum Split Prove They’re Here To Rock Hard On New Single America"

NYC based rockers Quantum Split have delivered a potent new single and video titled America, now playing on YouTube.

Quantum Split infuses a fair amount of soul into their refreshing and in-your-face blend of raw rock and roll.

Led by songwriter, lead guitarist and lead vocalist Soleil Laurent, Quantum Split delivers a compelling and juicy mix of hard rockin’ vibes, social commentary, and lyrics with a much deeper meaning than your average rock song.

Get your favorite air instrument ready and prepare to rock out with Quantum Split on their newest single, America.

Connect with the band and discover more on their official website. - MiddleTennesseMusic.com

"Rock and Soul band Quantum Split, Releases An Eye Opening Classic with Their Debut Music Video "America""

3 very artistic men and a woman full of power and presence, from New York City's Lower East Side, are a huge part of the formula for Rock and Soul band, Quantum Split. And what you hear and experience from their sound is like nothing you have seen or heard before. If this writer HAD TO choose where to put this band, just by what has been heard, They would be sharing the stage with the late and great Jimi Hendrix.

Made up of lead singer and guitarist Soleil Laurent, lead guitarist Adrian Read, drummer Anthony Anderson and bass guitarist Ivan Hardy, Quantum Split has perfectly named their creation of sound as "Rock and Soul". Combines live instruments and powerful lyrics about the "real" world today, they rock hard with a lot of soul invested. The debut video for "America" is game changing. Starting of soft and mellow, one who is new to this group may think they are about to hear more of a pop, or soft rock genre band. But as the song adds instruments and vocals, Soleil quickly begins to build us up for an astounding break down and chorus, you know you are about to be introduced to a whole new style of music.

The song and video tells and shows a very simple and yet still often overlooked point of fact. No matter your ethnicity, skin color, gender or religious beliefs. If you are a citizen of this country..."We are American...So what you gonna do?" They take full advantage of a hard rocking feel good bridge.....And the interesting song "America" only gets better through its display of image and art.

The video shows us the strengths and unity of races and religions....and still fits in the struggles, anger, confusion and fear many face in such a divided society. A switching of places at times while illustrating quick almost subliminal messages fed to your eyes and brain. A song and video that makes you enjoy yourself, while still causing you to think, sometimes even question where and how can you make a difference. Because no matter what they look like or where they come from, We are Americans. We are humans. We are all brothers and sister. Your struggle is mine. My strength is yours...and if we united, what could those behind the scenes of confusion and illusion do?

With beautiful energy, entertaining angles and strategically placed shots of fill in footage, Quantum Split and director Cortez McKay create a stunning cinematic presentation of music's vibe, caught on film. Check Out Quantum Split's new Video "America" Today. You will not be disappointed. - Afropunk

"Quantum Split – America"

Quantum Split combine classic rock with an Americana spirit on the proud sound of “America”. Throughout the song, the vocals soar out to the sky, fiery with their delivery and punctuated with incredible guitar riffs. Soulful in quality the song has a bluesy vibe to it that lets it move forward with such passion. By opting for such an all-expansive sound the way that the song unfolds feels unexpected yet rather confronting. Lyrics emphasize rebellion and pride throughout the song, letting the many layer interact in such glorious beautiful ways. Volume is an absolute must for this is sound that should be felt as much as it should be heard.

Nimble percussion introduces the piece, almost jazz-like in quality. From there a guitar screams across before the song settles into a comfortable groove. Throughout the song, the way that the drums come to add power to the piece feels downright delightful. Everything within the song has its own unique take, showing off their skill at creating swirling intricate seas of sound. By opting for such an approach Quantum Split can further highlight the powerful, resonant vocals that adorn the work. For the final stretch of the piece the vocals drop out as Quantum Split lets it all out, with a blistering guitar solo adding to the intensity of the piece before it comes to a full stop. - Beachsloth.com

"Quantum Split – America"

“America” is a new track out from a talented 4 piece band from New York known as Quantum Split. The video has a somewhat late 80′s VHS-like glitch aesthetic which is clearly intentional and a good artistic fit for the music, which is a quality blend of classic rock, glam and soul. The guitar solos are reminiscent of bands like Guns and Roses, but Quantum Split clearly draws from a variety of styles and manages to create their own unique sound. The contagious energy and enthusiasm in “America” along with the charismatic female vocals provide the listener with a positive and mood uplifting experience.

For more info:
http://quantumsplit.com/home/ - Stepkid.com

"Quantum Split – America (Review & Stream)"

Quantum Split is a Rock/Soul Band that has this edginess to them that jumps out your speakers. Their obvious tenacity, combined with their willingness to touch on relatable topics make them a very unique band to listen to. With this new song called ‘America’, the band shows just how fiery they can be when given a chance to talk about something they feel strongly about.

While a good chunk of this song is gentle, it also has some very explosive sides to it that is inspired by heavy-hitting drums and electrifying guitar play. The lead vocalist (Soleil Laurent) compliments both sides of the instrumental, providing this thoughtful yet rebellious sound that truly resonates with me.

Some may perceive Soleil’s message on this song as patriotic, but I see it as more of a middle finger to the illiberal Americans out there. Soleil is unapologetic in her words, challenging whoever that disagrees with her (I don’t want no problems Soleil!!).

I am adding me going to a Quantum Split show to my Google Bucket-list (Yes, Google should definitely have a bucket-list app). - The Ratings Game

"Review: Quantum Split “America”"

The latest single by Quantum Split “America” is a powerful and motiving song. The stunning crisp vocals are supported by the strong and raw production of the song, that sets as the backbone to this patriotic journey.

The song’s themes are all about being an American, the messages portrayed in the music are very relevant today which goes to show that Quantum Split is a band that believes not just in the music they make but the political message the music sends out. Overall, the production of the song is great, it flows well and has a great hook. This one is for the playlists. - Our Culture

"Quantum Split America"

America is the powerful and gripping new track from indie rockers Quantum Split. For those who haven’t heard the band’s music before, their sound is as hard hitting as it is melodic and emotional. The balance they achieve between the two is captivating, and this latest offering is no exception.

The stand out thing about America is really the structure of the track and the way the final project has been crafted so as to draw focus, one by one, to each moment within the song. The introduction suggests a mellow breakaway from distortion, the easy going strum of the guitar contrasts well with the intensity of the solo, yet as the beat comes in the whole thing seems to edge more in the direction of soft rock. However, this title and this underlying concept holds so much possibility and intrigue. As the verses unfold you’re likely to find yourself holding close every line and every word – waiting for the truth of it all, the depth of it, the real meaning behind it.

The track builds up in this sort of way and soon enough the instrumentation comes in full throttle; thick and hard guitar distortion, fast riffs, heavy drums, yet it all falls away in a flash and returns to the mellow, the calm – harmonies, vulnerability, innocence. This set up is hugely unique, and it holds tight to your attention from start to finish. To watch the accompanying video for the track is to get a little more insight as to the truth behind the music, the inspiration, the passion, the seed from which it all grew. In a wonderful way, this up and down, hard and soft nature of the musical set up, this unorthodox structure, reflects perhaps the highs and lows of this story, this feeling expressed throughout of being an American right now and everything that comes with that.

A brilliantly addictive song from a talented and original band. Find and follow Quantum Split on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Visit their Website for more music and info. - Stereo Stickman

"Quantum Split Presents New Single - "AMERICA""

New York City's favorite hard rocking, hard working sons (and daughter), four piece musical tsunami Quantum Split deliver a perfect slice of pump-fisting, in your face ear candy on their debut video release "America". Rising out of the Lower East Side musical mosaic like a true phoenix, Quantum Split blends brilliant sonic crunch, visceral lyrics and a timely message that is instantly memorable and compelling, all at once. Please check out this tumultuous debut video and you'll be sure to agree this quartet has the hooks and the looks to go far. - All Music Trends

"Quantum Split: “America” – intelligent rock is not only plausible, but executable!"

Led by powerhouse songwriter, lead vocalist, guitarist, and Berklee College of Music student, Soleil Laurent, the rock quartet of Quantum Split is completed by Anthony Anderson (Drums), Adrian Read (Guitar) and Ivan Hardy (Bass). The New York based collective have recently released their socially conscious single “America”, backed by a compelling videoclip. Without a doubt Soleil Laurent shines on this single, and right off the bat she reminded me of the legendary, and brilliant-minded singer-songwriter of the 4 Non Blondes, Linda Perry – there is even a very slight physical resemblance, if you will. Both have a visceral and dynamic artistic approach to their craft, with an adequately exuberant charisma to match the music.

Though rock music can often times be found stale from an over-saturated market and radio, Quantum Split brings a refurbished take to the genre. “America” is a hard hitting song that both showcases grand musicianship, and extraordinary vocal work by Soleil Laurent herself.

Laurent is gives the impression that she is a woman ready to take the world head on. Her melodic and soaring vocals leave a haunting echo in the listener’s heart, as she sings persuasive, empowering messages over smashing drums and dirty guitars.

The idea that rock and roll is dead obviously wasn’t known to Quantum Split, and “America” is proof that rock music with high intelligence is not only plausible, but executable. Soleil Laurent is a stand out singer and front runner, offering the perfect blend of classical vocals with rough around the edges angst.

A total antithesis to the fake prom queens, she’s confident, driven and a talented lyricist, which only help to push the pleasantries of her music. Full of attitude and sass, this girl is a huge talent, and shows her full range throughout this song.

There is a vibrancy and honesty to “America”, something heartfelt rather than manufactured. It does not feel like cookie cutter corporate rock, which is really saying something these days. From its first moments, its first lyrics, the record has you in its grasp.

Quantum Split takes charge with a declamatory significance that calls out to you and forces you to listen. There’s a power that pervades this album. But, it’s not showboating – its defiance, a stubbornness of a band that knows exactly what they want, and how they want to achieve it. With this record, they prove that they’ve got the goods to back up that stubbornness too! - TunedLoad!


It's usually not our habit of discussing singles for 'Rootstime', but sometimes we want to make an exception. First of all, because the image was sent to us by Krista from 'Tinderbox Music' from Minneapolis, one of our most trusted and most motivated suppliers of new records, but also because we appreciate the music featured on this album.

We are talking about the first album of the "Quantum Split" rock band from New York City, a quartet founded around singer guitarist and rock chick Soleil Laurent and drummer Anthony Anderson, guitarist Adrian Read and bassist Ivan Hardy as complementary band members .

The two songs of this single that come in vijijmscherp are "America" ​​(see video), a solid guitar vocal song that calls us memories of the ladies rock group 'Heart' and 'Runaway' that sings raw, but musically nevertheless less Hard rocking was recorded.

Little or no fringes, but straight-through-sea rock music, is what Quantum Split offers us to offer on this single, which may be considered the forerunner of a first full record. It's a short picture, so we'll get a short review. But we promise much more information about this quartet if we can keep their debut album in the future - Rootstime.be

"Quantum Split: America"

Quantum Split: America

Split is a driven, charismatic and talented band with a unique take on their blend of alternative and hard rock music. Their recent release, America, is a song with gritty guitar tones, punchy melodies and driven beats, going for a bold, direct and ambitious tone.
Hailing from NYC’s Lower East Side, the cradle of punk and other viciously edgy rock currents, the band set out to create in-your-face riffs and memorable melodies that are loaded with energy, yet also incredibly deep and thought-provoking, using rock and roll as a powerful vehicle of self-expression and emancipation.
Quantum Split recently released this song as their debut video release, and the visual impact of the beautiful cinematography is as powerful and impactful as the actual music itself.

Find out more about the band:
http://quantumsplit.com - Band Camp Diaries

"The Quantum Split Phenomenon"

StarBeat Magazine managed to freeze the Quantum Split and capture key principles behind the band’s rising success.

SB (StarBeat): How do you feel your music will impact the people?

QS: Quantum Split: Band Members Soleil Laurent (Lead Guitar/Vocals), Anthony Anderson (Drummer), Adrian Read (Guitarist), Ivan Hardy (Bass Player).

SL: The music will set a fire in them. EMPOWER THEM. It will light up the passion and the desire they have inside of them to be BADASS! To unapologetically express themselves the way they choose and know that they are PRICELESS.

It will give them the courage to stand up for themselves as well as for others.

AA: Our music explains itself. Based off real life experiences that we all face in everyday life. Once you hear the songs live and when Soleil starts to sing the lyrics it will immerse you. It takes you to a memory you have had in your own life. Our music is relatable and timely!

AR: Our music will instill strength and bring forth the people’s potential. It will allow you to reflect on your own life choices and prepare you for the life that you deserve. Our music will change the world!

IH: It will give people a much needed invigorating perspective when it comes to positivity, strength, self-empowerment, and empowerment for others.

SB: What is your pre-show routine and after show routine?

QS: SL: Before the show I listen to the greats. The woman with the most powerful voices and the men with the best guitar licks. It gets the energy going. Also, I meet with the team so we remain connected on the stage. We hold hands and I give a speech telling the boys “We are Quantum Split and We are on a mission.” We share power within that one moment.

AA: My pre-show routine before a show is that I spend a good 10-15 mins stretching my body. Practicing some rudiments on my drum pad and have that moment to breathe and let go, away from everyone else. It’s always great to have your moment before you go on stage.

AR: Pre-show I am just another person walking the crowd, engaging in friendly conversations and getting to know my audience. After the show, I am still that, only this time I usually don’t have a shirt on.

IH: Usually the last hour I like to just sit in the green room and relax and free my mind. Sometimes I listen to my favorite bands to amp myself up. Afterwards I like to unwind with some recreational activities and hanging out with my friends.

SB: What is your favorite aspect of performing on stage?

QS: SL: Spreading the message. My favorite moment will always be speaking to the crowd and motivating them. I love singing and playing but being able to tap into their hearts and empower them.

AA: My favorite aspect of performing on stage is seeing and feeling the crowd’s reaction. I have a great view on stage usually and I can see the way the crowds react to our music.

AR: Being on stage puts you in a vulnerable position and at the same time grants you power over the listener. When the curtains split, blazing lights come on and light up that stage and I hear those roaring screams, ain’t nothing like it! The feeling of adrenaline, anxiety, fear, and power running through me in unison and channeling my every emotion through the guitar is priceless.

IH: Seeing all the fans and people when they enjoy our music and move around. I feed off that and transfer it on stage.

SB: How has your choice to be an artist contributed to your growth as a person?

QS: SL: Well, being an artist you must have the will to give yourself up to the people. (Not in a negative way) What I mean by that is you must learn to love, understand, connect and nurture the needs of the audience. I believe that’s where the ability to be humble comes from. Also in my personal friendships and relationships it has taught me to unconditionally love no matter what.

AA: As an artist, it has contributed to growth as a person because it helps me to stay grateful, humble, and to work even harder. You can never get comfortable in what you are working for.

You should always go hard.

AR: My choice to be an artist has undoubtedly changed me. I have learned to listen more, I’ve learned to fight more for what I want while also letting go of the things that are not in my control. From being antisocial to standing at the center of stardom, I’d say I’ve made a complete 360 in my purpose and personality.

IH: It has helped me find who I am and what I truly feel is my purpose and place in life. For so long I searched to find my calling. I thought I found it in acting. But it wasn’t until I got my first bass that I learned that music was my true calling.

SB: What Legacy will Quantum Split leave behind in decades to come?

QS: SL: I want to be able to let every young girl know that not only can you be anything you want to be but you can look good doing it! Also, to not give up who you are just to fit into societal stereotypes.

We will be known as the most impactful band the world has ever known.

AA: We will leave behind memories, great music for the world, albums that you can never get tired of listening to. A message of doing what’s right in the world today and forever on, but a tale to be told.

AR: When people speak of Quantum Split, they will not only remember the biggest band of this era, but also the band that changed the music industry. A band that did not follow the rules and made it to the top on their terms. A band that brought Armageddon to the stage and shifted the tides.

IH: Positivity to the world and those who embrace it!

SB: If you met your biggest musical influencer face to face, what would you say?

SL: Most of mine are dead but if I saw Beyoncé I would probably tell her “If you could give me words of advice what would it be? ”

AA: Well, one of my biggest musical influences I have met already, but I would walk up to him and tell him. “We Meet Again.” J

AR: “It’s about time I got to your level.”

IH: “Dude, check out my band!!!”

SB: What is the most important message you want to give people through your music?


AA: The message is this…Be yourself, do whatever it is that makes you happy. Believe in yourself and your dream. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Be the person that will encourage others to do the right thing.

AR: “Say what you gotta say, it’s time to stand up!”- Soleil Laurent

IH: Be yourself. Have fun. Life is a journey of finding oneself. I’m fortunate to have found myself and continue to do so through this.

SB: How do you guys entertain yourselves both individually and as a band?

QS: SL: I recently started playing video games because of the bass player Ivan Hardy. I’m addicted to Black Ops and currently investing in a game system this week. I must kill all zombies! Lol

AA: We entertain each other by being ourselves and making jokes, pranks and all kinds of crap to each other, just to show that we love each other. Our band isn’t just like any band. Yes, we are all different from each but we are people. We are a family.

AR: On my own time you will usually find me working out, studying, trying different recipes since I really enjoy cooking, and more than cooking, eating. As a band, we tend to prank each other all day. We sometimes play board games and have some deep conversations.

IH: Video games for me individually. I love action adventures and RPG games. Usually I have my 3DS on me so I’m always on Monster Hunter or Skyrim when I’m at home. Band wise I bring my 360 on tour so we play Black Ops, Metal slug and whatever other games we like. The band also walks around sightseeing sometimes.

SB: What has been your favorite places that you have visited so far?

QS: SL: I loved LA! Nice weather, happy people, beaches, vegan food everywhere, good sound engineers, artist and more. LA is currently the best stop on this tour so far. On the other hand, I can’t wait to go back to Rwanda, Africa.

They treat people with so much love it’s insane!

AA: Africa has been amazing to me and the rest of my band. From the first time we went there it was an experience. I’ve never been on a plane before nor have I ever been to Africa. Africa is my favorite place that I’ve been to with this band.

AR: Rwanda, Africa. Nothing like the land, the people, the food, the culture and the overall atmosphere.

IH: California, North Carolina, and Arizona. Especially Los Angeles.

SB: Where can we find your music? Any upcoming shows?

QS: We are currently on a national tour! For tour date information and behind the scenes of EVERYTHING QUANTUM SPLIT please visit our official website www.quantumsplit.com.

Quantum Split’s Social Links:

FB: Quantum Split Band
IG: @quantumsplit
TW: @quantumsplit
Website: www.quantumsplit.com - Starbeat

"Quantum Split - America (2017)"

Written by Michael Saulman, posted by blog admin

Quantum Split’s two song EP America might be a brief recording, but contains enough power and musical inventiveness for a full length album. The four piece based out of the New York City area has established themselves as a memorable live act thanks to appearances in venues like Irving Plaza and the Gramercy Theatre, but they have branched out and are currently bringing their unique confluence of musical influences to the nation as a whole. Lead singer and songwriter Soleil Laurent is a star in the making whose voice can move from gentle delicacy into lung-busting passion within an eye blink and her band mates are clearly talented musicians with the ability to follow their songs wherever the Muse may take them. They are as equally at home with cerebral, patient musical passages as they are full on guitar workouts.

“America” begins things with some of the aforementioned patient, cerebral development. The melodies coming through during the opening of the title track are played with a great touch and one must commend Adrian Read, in particular, for his first class job of scene setting. Laurent’s voice, when it comes in, has the quality of a lone voice singing in the wilderness and her passion is unquestionable. Just as unquestionable is her skill set – she has ample power, but her phrasing is smart and makes the most of the lyrical content. The lyrics are conversational in tone, but it’s clear she wants to relate to her audience’s experience of living in Donald Trump’s America and the inspiring slant to her message is a welcome antidote to some poison pill in musical form where she blasts and rages, sound and fury signifying nothing, until we lose all interest. Read’s lead guitar work during the song’s raucous second half deserves mention, but it wouldn’t have near the impact it does if it wasn’t for the spot on rhythm section interplay between drummer Anthony Anderson and bassist Ivan Hardy.

“Runaway” has a more downcast air, but it gives Quantum Split a chance to show off a different side of their musical personality. This is a much more “orchestrated” affair than the title cut and the band do an exemplary job of shifting the musical demeanor while keeping it sounding utterly seamless throughout. Laurent emerges from this song as a surprisingly adept blues singer, but she also continues to prove her rock mettle with another invigorating and gripping rock vocal. Despite alternating musical moods, Read’s lead guitar steps much more to the fore here and he throws in a number of hot licks that never distract from the song, but add to it instead. Quantum Split is just the shot in the arm that big time rock and roll needs in 2017 and their socially and politically conscious message never subvert their musical mission. - Unchained Music

"Quantum Split - Amercia (2017)"

Written by Scott Wigley, posted by blog admin

Quantum Split is a band with something to say and a great vehicle for saying it. Their merger of soul elements, including a few drops of light funk and blues, with hard rock histrionics creates an unique hybrid in the modern music scene today. Straight rock or hard rock has been rendered a little passé by changing fashions, but Quantum Split provides a roadmap for how the genre can continue to enjoy commercial and social relevance. Led by vocalist and songwriter Soleil Laurent, Quantum Split bring massive musical firepower to bear through guitarist Adrian Read and drummer Anthony Anderson, but bassist Ivan Hardy proves an invaluable component of the band’s sound and gives them an impressive bottom end. The songwriting is nuanced, full of white-knuckle passion, and immensely musical, but a superb production job frames it all quite nicely.

The title song of the release, “America”, has direct lyrics speaking to the experience of many in our modern culture without relying on dogma or overtly political statements. It begins at a slow simmer with neatly arranged melodic lines from Read’s guitar that are spiked, ever so slightly, but a light funky bounce. Attentive listeners will hear, however, that the storm is coming. The track eventually erupts and Read’s guitar work blazes at a high temperature with the rhythm section thrashing away behind him. When this band works up a musical head of steam, they roll over listeners with all the muscle of a bulldozer. Laurent’s voice cuts through the sonic din and puts her stamp on the track with vocals dredged up from the bottom of her soul. Some might expect the band to return to the pensive opening music near the song’s end, but Quantum Split keep up the intensity throughout.

“Runaway” is a much more dynamically arranged tune with music that moves back and forth from quietly melancholy passages into a full on rock assault and back again. The alternating moods give it a different sort of richness than what we heard on the opener and Laurent’s voice does a great job filling the song with dramatic turns. The same penchant for strong melody distinguishing the opener is intact here even if it manifests itself in a distinctly darker fashion. The chorus is particularly memorable thanks to some brief pauses and Quantum Split show the same aversion to self-indulgence here that we heard on the title track. The song scarcely clocks in over the four minute mark and it provides more than enough time for each member to make their presence felt. This is a band that makes their heart clear to anyone who cares to listen. Quantum Split is engaged with life, love what they do, and every bit of that is reflected in the music they write and record. - The Modern Beat

"Quantum Split - America (2017)"

Written by Joshua Stryde, posted by blog admin

Quantum Split is based out of the New York City/Boston area and formed around Berklee College of Music student and vocalist Soleil Laurent. Her individualistic lyrics, unique vocal talents, and charismatic presentation will certainly draw in an ample amount of listeners, but her band mates are a significant reason the band has already logged appearances at the 6th Annual Kigaliup Music Festival in Rwanda and at important New York City venues like the Gramercy Theatre and Irving Plaza. Their fusion of rock and soul includes strands of other musical influences – they exhibit a penchant for classic hard rock muscle, funkier passages, and even a smattering of blues primarily manifested through Laurent’s voice and some of the flash in Adrian Read’s guitar work, They bring a rare mix to the table and it helps set them apart from other modern rock acts – the musical daring coupled with unbridled passion and more than a little technical expertise.

The title track of the release, “America”, is a song embracing this moment in our national history. Laurent has anger to burn in the lyrics, for sure, but this song isn’t just some rant against forces seeking to undo or destroy the social progress made in the last half century. There’s an ample amount of intelligence behind the lyrics and Laurent varies her approach enough to give the vocal interpretation added depth. Adrian Read’s lead guitar takes the same varied approach. There’s an abundance of melody and rugged, hard-charging rock guitar certain to bowl over listeners. There’s an understated funky edge to some parts of the song that insinuates itself in the audience’s consciousness and it gives it a lightly percolating feel that sweetens its rough edges.

“Runaway” doesn’t pack quite the same punch as the title song, but has an arguably better build and more atmospherics than the earlier song. The interplay between Laurent’s vocals and Read’s guitar work is very noteworthy, but they benefit enormously from great rhythm section support from bassist Ivan Hardy and drummer Anthony Anderson. Laurent’s emotional vocal has the same power heard on the earlier track but she gets even deeper into the personal and heartfelt with this song than the more impersonal first one. Regardless of their individual slants, the two tracks on this release have incredible flexibility and raw force quite unlike any other new rock act working today. America has enormous ambition and manages to cover a lot of bases over the course of two songs. The band, likewise, avoids even a hint of self indulgence and gets their musical goals over without ever noticeably straining themselves. Quantum Split is an act sure to be around for some time to come and they’ve gotten off to a rousing start with this recording. - Music You Can Use

"Quantum Split - America (2017)"

Written by David Shouse, posted by blog admin

It’s fitting that Quantum Split hails from New York City. The endless music clubs, the rich scene of performance and entertainment, the allure of the nightlife and the fact that tons of artists from the city go on to conquer nationally…it’s the perfect breeding ground for the dark, smoky soul-rock of this soul/rock quartet.

This band has been making a name for themselves through frequent, visceral live performances and America is the band’s debut recording; a 2-track EP brimming with powerful melodies and rugged guitar rock that really stirs a fire in the soul. The title track kicks things off and showcases the band’s strengths in a concise, succinct 4 minute rocker. Opening with subdued guitar melancholy and pulsating drum/bass swing, the band sounds as if they would positively own any club they play, especially in a midnight spot. Their music is uplifting but is charged with a slinking darkness that never lets up. As the dynamo vocals work their way into your head, the music suddenly shifts into a slamming, dirty riff that is of a deadlier persuasion. It’s not common for a soul band to graft Led Zeppelin and Cream styled metallic thunder onto their sexy sounds but Quantum Split have no qualms with doing so. There’s even some squealing, edgy Jimmy Page-esque solos to feast your ears upon. Vocalist/guitarist/band mastermind Soleil Laurent has a booming, heart-pounding range to her voice and she runs roughshod on this track with infectious melodies, intense solo leaned showcases and powerhouse crooning that is unrelenting in its amazing grace. “Runaway” is an equally captivating piece that also teeter the balance; somber, soft and soulful one moment with echoing guitar figures, deep bass melodies and killer pocket drumming and the next it drops an atom bomb of fuzzy riffs, punchy beats and walking bass licks. It’s this refusal to settle into one exact identity that makes Quantum Split such a pleasure to listen to.

America’s only failing is that there simply isn’t more of it. Quantum Split is going to be an awesome “album” band. You can tell that fact just from the two songs on here. Maybe soul and heavy rock were never supposed to marry but try to convince Quantum Split of that. This band shows no weaknesses when tackling any style of material that they desire. America is just a taste of what’s to come and let’s hope this band has a long, rewarding career ahead of them. I think that they do. - Burned Out Borders

"Quantum Split - America (2017)"

Written by Alonzo Evans, posted by blog admin

Led by Berklee College of Music student, musician, and singer Soliel Laurent and joined by Adrian Read on guitar, Ivan Hardy on bass, and Anthony Anderson on drums, Quantum Split is one of those once in a generation bands who emerge from near-obscurity fully formed and guided by a fiery creative vision. Laurent’s unique talents as a singer and interpreter of the band’s material – the lyrics certainly touch on themes of personal freedom and empowerment, but Laurent brings them to vivid, colorful life with her passionate bellow and abundance of chops. Her band mates bring the same combination of inspiration and skill to their role and guitarist Read, in particular, proves to be a compelling foil for Laurent’s singing. Their debut recording, America, may only contain two songs, but it carries the force of a full length release thanks to the gripping presentation they concoct for these two tracks. It makes a deep impact that lingers long after the last note fades.

“America”, the title song, has a current events sort of feel if, no other reason, than discontent with the current political situation is so omnipresent in nearly every medium. Laurent conveys that dissatisfaction and a generation’s resolute response to it with a varied vocal approach that imbues the song’s “narrative” with all the requisite drama. Anthony Anderson and Ivan Hardy provide plenty of punch from the band’s rhythm section, but it’s Adrian Read’s neo soul and funk stylings mingled with rock guitar posturing that really makes this musically distinguished. As hybrids go, it’s an interesting blend that the band credibly brings off from the first. “America”, despite the occasional stridency of its attack, never risks self indulgence and delivers a timely message fortunately possessing resonance transcending current events.

The second track “Runaway” shows off other facets of the band’s talents. Laurent can make some claim, based on this performance alone, that she’s a capable blues singer, but the vocal never slips too far away from the powerhouse rock workout that she gave her vocals on the earlier track. Adrian Read steps up to the plate in a big way on this track, as well, and his playing deftly straddles a line between emotive beauty and outright aggression. The rhythm section delivers once again and gives the song a strong foundation that’s nonetheless light on its feet and keeps things musically fluid. Its strengths are a little more diffuse than those on the title cut, but “Runaway” is still impressive throughout and has some of the same decisiveness setting the first song apart. Quantum Split embody the brash refusal to accept injustice and offer a clear, inspiring path for listeners to channel their discontent through music and make something greater from it. There’s little question after hearing this brief two song collection that their first full length, whenever we are afforded an opportunity to hear that, will be an impressive experience. - Groping Towards Grace

"Quantum Split - America (2017)"

Written by William Elgin, posted by blog admin

The initial release from Qauntum Split, America, is a two song outing bearing the fruit of friendships first formed at the renowned Berklee College of Music. Vocalist/guitarist Soleil Laurent joined forces with fellow classmates Anthony Anderson, Adrian Reed, and Ivan Hardy to form a serious musical outfit that not only vented their considerable musical talents, but provided them an ideal platform for making personal statements important to them. Their debut release benefits immensely from a high quality production job highlighting the band’s multitude of strengths and giving them the sort of presentation first time acts normally only dream of. It is apparent, even after a single listen, this is a band united in their creative vision and possesses a rare sympathetic union of spirit reaching far beyond the benchmarks many new acts need to reach to make maximum possible impact.

The title track alternates between sly, slinky neo-funk moods, carried primarily by tasteful guitar and inventive drumming, and all out blasts of raucous electric guitar. Vocalist Laurent shows impressive versatility with her ability to freely move between these contrasting styles while ceding none of her power or credibility. Quantum Split is clearly a band who understands the value of dynamics. The movement between its more pensive and explosive sections is seamlessly carried off and makes for a dramatic arrangement. The lyrical content reaches a similarly high level without ever becoming too self-important. A song entitled “America” might seem like it promises either inarticulate punk rage or else some self-important musings on the state of the Republic, but “America” here doesn’t over-indulge in either characteristic and, instead, resounds with the sort of intelligence we expect based on the musical arrangement alone. This is a band clearly capable of surprise and the title track hits that mark quite solidly.

The second track “Runaway” continues in much of the same rock/soul vein as the title cut, but there’s a much greater emphasis here on the personal as opposed to larger ideas about country and our place in it. Quantum Split, obviously, varies their sound some, but they follow the same general template for this track that listeners hear on the title cut. It doesn’t end up sounding samey at all. It is, instead, quite clear that the band has a style they’ve already honed to a sharp edge and it cuts deep into listeners on a first pass. America is an impressive first effort for the band and a clear indication they are talents to watch. Rock may not enjoy the same widespread popularity it once did, but don’t tell Quantum Split that. They seize upon the form with a vengeance and deliver a two song set that will dismiss any ideas about a dead art form. This is modern rock music with a compelling presentation and an unbowed spirit. - Growing Old With Rock and Roll

"Quantum Split - America (2017)"

Written by Robert Elgin, posted by blog admin

Blue-eyed, passionate soul merged with intricately arranged, old school rock n’ roll is the order of the day on Quantum Split’s latest EP, America. These New York City prowlers have a sound the scowls like Ol’ Scratch himself, swings like a master jazz musician and grooves akin to the hard retro rock that only a precious few bands can pull off properly anymore. Soulful is an understatement here but that’s exactly what this music is. It knows how to reach into your chest and restart your heart. These two tracks feel alive and thusly ignite the listener’s senses in a flurry of dizzying riffs, vocal acrobatic and tough work from the rhythm section.

Opening things up, the EP title track is a storm of melodic, plucky guitar strum, near acoustic brilliance, lush bass grooves that keep your attention and the centerpiece singing of Soleil Laurent. They lull you in, making you think are A-okay before hitting you with a power-chord riff straight from the dark side. The arranging here is simply masterful; each progression quietly ebbing, slowly building and then giving it full force in thunderous rock n’ roll climaxes. Simply put, you will be hard-pressed to find a band that rocks this hard and pays such intensive attention to the melodic details. “Runaway” is good too but the fact that it has to follow the title cut makes for a tough task. It follows the same pattern of melodic choruses, standout vocal harmonies and brushes of mighty volume that make you surrender to its charms. It’s not quite as well arranged as the first song yet it is highly listenable and quite good in its own right. If anything America is consistent. This band knows their sound inside and out, enabling them to write tunes that all keep within a similar mindset.

There are a lot of bands out there these days. It seems that over time, less and less of them are standing out. That’s a problem that Quantum Split doesn’t have. They sound like themselves and no one else. It will be interesting to see how their songwriting plays out on a longer form release but they are off to a fine start. America is custom made for real rock fans. The kind that you don’t find listening to the radio anymore as they search the farthest reaches of the Internet for the next big deal; Quantum Split are the big deal that they are hoping to find. - Hipsters, Hippies, and Dreamers

"Quantum Split - Amercia (2017)"

Written by Montey Zike, posted by blog admin

Quantum Split refers to themselves as a rock soul band. The description doesn’t quite do them justice. The two songs on their EP release America do far more than attempt bringing off the unlikely marriage of soul and hard rock – they incorporate elements of funk, strong melodies, a smattering of punk attitude, and some of the aesthetic driving artists in the singer/songwriter realm. They excel at invoking atmospherics, as well, without overlaying the song with too many notes or belabored passages lacking spark. The dynamic contrasts they strike between the quiet and more raucous sections never lack punch while never playing out in a predictable way. Lead singer and songwriter Soleil Laurent has the mark of a major star in any era – she gives a dominating vocal performance on both tracks and the band, directed by guitarist Adrian Read’s efforts, are more than up to the task of matching her intensity.

It’s a topical song and those sorts of cuts are always problematic. There has to be a sense of some universal truth holding those efforts together or else they invariably find themselves tethered to a particular time, place, and historical cast of characters. “America”, however, does grab onto something of the universal with the song’s overarching theme of what it means to be a citizen of one of the great national powers in humankind’s history. The chief executive residing in the White House at any given time doesn’t lessen its abiding relevance, Even for those not born in or living in America, it gives fiery expression to the rage and incomprehension many worldwide are experiencing since the nation’s new President assumed control. The musical backing wrings every bit as much gravitas as possible to give a well deserved, hefty backing to the song’s weighty subject matter. Laurent gets over the lyrics without a dollop of self-indulgence and often conjures up white knuckle passion sure to win over even the most cynical of listeners.

“Runaway” is much less focused on soul and funk in favor of a nearly outright blues arrangement. Laurent proves her mettle with the different texture; there’s little question that, in an earlier era, she could have experienced terrific success practicing her craft in that style. The second track has a much more deliberate touch than the title song, but it never overextends itself. The inevitable and pleasing musical turns build the right amount of tension and transition at the right points. Read delivers some passionate guitar work on this song, but he throws in some playing with real crunch and bite nicely rounded off by bassist Ivan Hardy and drummer Anthony Anderson. The devout following this four piece has amassed so early in their development is a testament to how deeply their message and music resonate with their target audience. This is music about being alive and engaged in 2017, but also speaks to the eternal value of never allowing your freedom to be compromised. - Music of The World

"Quantum Split - America (2017)"

Written by Jay Snyder, posted by blog admin

It’s fitting that Quantum Split hails from New York City. The endless music clubs, the rich scene of performance and entertainment, the allure of the nightlife and the fact that tons of artists from the city go on to conquer nationally… it’s the perfect breeding ground for the dark, smoky soul-rock of this soul/rock quartet.

This band has been making a name for themselves through frequent, visceral live performances and America is the band’s debut recording; a 2-track EP brimming with powerful melodies and rugged guitar rock that really stirs a fire in the soul. The title track kicks things off and showcases the band’s strengths in a concise, succinct 4 minute rocker. Opening with subdued guitar melancholy and pulsating drum/bass swing, the band sounds as if they would positively own any club they play, especially in a midnight spot. Their music is uplifting but is charged with a slinking darkness that never lets up. As the dynamo vocals work their way into your head, the music suddenly shifts into a slamming, dirty riff that is of a deadlier persuasion. It’s not common for a soul band to graft Led Zeppelin and Cream styled metallic thunder onto their sexy sounds but Quantum Split have no qualms with doing so. There’s even some squealing, edgy Jimmy Page-esque solos to feast your ears upon. Vocalist/guitarist/band mastermind Soleil Laurent has a booming, heart-pounding range to her voice and she runs roughshod on this track with infectious melodies, intense solo leaned showcases and powerhouse crooning that is unrelenting in its amazing grace. “Runaway” is an equally captivating piece that also teeter the balance; somber, soft and soulful one moment with echoing guitar figures, deep bass melodies and killer pocket drumming and the next it drops an atom bomb of fuzzy riffs, punchy beats and walking bass licks. It’s this refusal to settle into one exact identity that makes Quantum Split such a pleasure to listen to.

America’s only failing is that there simply isn’t more of it. Quantum Split is going to be an awesome “album” band. You can tell that fact just from the two songs on here. Maybe soul and heavy rock were never supposed to marry, but try to convince Quantum Split of that. This band shows no weaknesses when tackling any style of material that they desire. America is just a taste of what’s to come and let’s hope this band has a long, rewarding career ahead of them. I think that they do. - Signatures in Time

"Quantum Split – America (2017)"

People have forgotten how vital rock and roll can be as a conveyor of moments in history and personal commitment. Quantum Split, a four piece formed from meeting as students in Boston’s famed Berklee College of Music, attack rock music with a fresh, head-down vibe few contemporary bands of their age can muster or sustain. Their two song EP release America highlights how they are engaged with modern life, but never rendered inert by it. These songs don’t promote political dogmas or find themselves mired in issues rather than the personal; instead, the music engages listeners on a visceral level and with razor sharp intelligence that makes these tracks much more than well orchestrated guitar workouts. Distinguished by the presence of lead vocalist, musician, and songwriter Soleil Laurent, no one working today sounds like Quantum Split and they are certain to leave their mark on the scene deeper and deeper with each passing year.

They throw a lot of their imaginative effort behind the title song “America” and the work pays off handsomely. Quantum Split achieves a seemingly effortless blend of rock atmospherics and neo-funk that gives vocalist Laurent ample space to work her magic. Few vocalists can boast her sort of white-hot charisma. She has all the needed gravitas to get the subject matter over and shows just enough finesse on both of the EP’s songs to convince keen-eared listeners that she has passion and chops in equal measure. The four piece does an exceptional job of manipulating the dynamics of an arrangement – “America” seamlessly transitions from quieter passages into full-throated and boisterous rock cooking hot enough to peel paint off the walls. The band’s playing is impeccably tight and they are blessed with a chemistry allowing them to sound like they’ve been playing for a decade or more instead of the relatively brief time they’ve been together. The rhythm section, in particular, deserves mention for their ability to maintain a solid low end that shows great imagination and never settles for a staid, straight-forward attack.

The second song “Runaway” opens as a slow, meditative blues and it draws out every grain of grit and gravel in Laurent’s voice to make it work. When Quantum Spilt opt for dialing up the musical intensity, their capacity for invention never abandons them entirely and their riffing has an inspired air. Quantum Split certainly has a wide array of influences, but tracks like “Runaway” and its ilk show off a band clearly embracing rock’s possibilities and added new textures to twist them to their own ends. Guitarist Adrian Read soars thanks to the guitar work he supplies the song that’s perfectly in tune with its emotional tenor. Quantum Split have debuted with a resounding impact and there’s nothing over the course of this EP that hints at them growing tired or creatively exhausting themselves. It is safe to assume we will be more from this band in coming years and, provided they can fan and sustain the spark that makes them so memorable, Quantum Split will be around for decades to come. - Music Emissions

"Exposed Vocals just sat down with ‘Quantum Split’ for an Exclusive Interview!"

They chose to tour and perform their music around the world without having any music released on the internet besides snippets of a video called “America”

The biggest thing is that they have been invited by the US Embassy In Kigali to headline at the Rwandan Music Festival In Africa. They leave Wednesday to Amsterdam first.
Exclusive Interview

AR: Adrian Read

SL: Soleil Laurent

IH: Ivan Hardy
Exposed Vocals: So tell us your story. What made you guys decide to start a band?

AR- I didn’t start the band. I just joined it for three reasons: First, I was working retail and getting real tired of folding clothes all day. Second, ex guitarist of the band quit and they were holding auditions. Third, when I saw that Soleil could not only sing her lungs out but ALSO looked good wearing a skirt and combat boots; it was a done deal for me.

SL- When I first started doing rock music, I didn’t want to do it alone. I became obsessed with the idea of people coming together and rocking out on the stage. The band was created for people who want to inspire and empower others.

IH- I wanted to be an all around musician and I have always loved bands like Metallica and Pantera. Seeing bands like that is what inspired me.

Exposed Vocals: What’s some advice that each of you can give to someone who admires where you are in life now.

AR- Don’t let anyone or anything keep you from going after your dream. Not your mommy, daddy, girlfriend, boyfriend, doggy, pony etc. NO ONE!

SL- My advice would be to stay strong and always keep moving forward when it comes to your purpose. Every breakdown can be transformed into a breakthrough. NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

IH- Love what you do and do what you love.

Exposed Vocals: We’ve seen videos of you guys jumping around and your agent has said you guys have great coordination and synergy, but have you guys ever made any big mistakes during performing?

AR- Hold up! Let me get my list. I fell off the stage in New York once. In Brooklyn, at the Afropunk festival, Ivan smacked Soleil silly with his bass while spinning. Then in Los Angeles Soleil’s wire broke inside her guitar. Shall I continue?

SL- YES! One time on stage at AFROPUNK Ivan’s bass head hit me straight in the nose! IT HURT SOOOOO BADLY. I was singing my song and then WHACK right across my face. It’s okay though. You have to be a warrior when these things happen.

IH- Many but you would never know! My fellow band members have given you a glimpse of just few.

Exposed Vocals: So you just came off tour and are now headed to perform at the Rwandan Music Festival Right? So far, has anything interesting happened on tour that you are able to tell us about?

AR- I can’t speak for the rest of the band. However while in Arizona I went to this strip club; for a business meeting of course. I realized I left my ID and my money back at the hotel. So I drove back, as fast as I could, to get them and when I got back. I get inside…. and that’s about as much as I can say for now.

SL-Touring is always interesting, whether it’s starving on the road or sleeping way too much on the tour bus! However, I would have to say visiting Kurt Cobain’s memorial was amazing! It was such an unbelievable experience.

IH- Lots of sightseeing and stereotype breaking. We had a gig in Louisville, Kentucky and expected some form of racism or hatred. But to my surprise, everyone was friendly and caring. Oklahoma on the other hand…

Exposed Vocals: So this trip to Rwanda isn’t the first and probably not the last. This time with the US Embassy Kigali backing you, how does it feel? Why do you think you are you so loved out there?

AR- How do I feel? I feel like Jamie Foxx walking in there now. I know the reason I’m loved because my fellow Rwandans told me straight up. They said it’s because I look like Tarzan.

SL- Personally, the reason I believe Kigali loves Quantum split is due to what we stands for. The support comes from the message our music spreads: being the boss of your own life, standing up for yourself as well as spreading love, getting love, and giving love.

IH- I’m not sure to be honest. I didn’t think they would relate to me.

Exposed Vocals: So you guys chose a very unique route to release your music, by basically not releasing music and touring. Its obviously had much success! When is the point where we can get more original Quantum Split Music?

AR- If we keep following the same trend. It will happen when we come to your state, town, village, or country. So trust me we’ll get there!

SL- Our goal is to increase our fan base so big that when we drop our EP, album or single it will hit the masses. Also, I would like to say we are doing it old school; where you need to prove that you are badass on stage before you gain followers.

IH- Whenever the album is ready.

Exposed Vocals: What are some of the “Quantum Split” goals right now?

AR- Quantum Split is focusing on reaching major television exposure.

SL-Quantum Split is taking over the world. Our goal is to travel and empower people to be badass or what I like to say a warrior in their life!

IH- Our goals are to make more amazing music for our fans and get noticed globally.

Exposed Vocals: After Africa what can we expect?

AR- Popping open a big bottle of champagne while we discuss our next move.

SL- Who truly knows? Quantum Split might just go right back on tour.

IH- That is to be determined. Probably more shows.

Exposed Vocals: Side question, If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?

AR- I would be a high end stripper. I would gain about thirty pounds of muscle. Then I wouldn’t let anything except fifty dollar bills touch my skin.

SL- If I wasn’t making music I probably would’ve been an art therapist. I have a true passion for connecting with people. I’m developing a love for painting.

IH- I would probably be acting, tattooing, running a business or video gaming professionally.

Exposed Vocals: What should fans look forward to in the next year or so?

AR- Our fans should look forward to seeing us on television, listening to us on the radio, and seeing us in the cover of magazines.

SL-Our fans should look forward to SOME CRAZYYYYYYY SHOWS!

IH- More shows and content.

Exposed Vocals: Any Shout-outs?

AR- I’d like to shout out my……damn. It’s gotten cold on this side. I still have a lot of love though. I would like to shout out my entire team for holding together. Shout out to my mom and my sisters for teaching me how to do my hair correctly. Last but not least, shout out to all the fans and the people that believe in what we do. Without you I would need a different career.

SL- Shout out to my awesome mama! Lol you always have to shout out your mommy.

IH- Shout out to Spector basses, Ampeg amps, Intune guitar picks, EMG pickups, Dean Markley Strings, Darkglass Electronics, MXR pedals, SKB cases, and Mono cases. - Exposed Vocals


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Quantum Split is a rock and soul band. They perform original songs and music, written by Berklee College of Music student, Lead Singer, and Guitarist Soleil Laurent with her fellow band mates Adrian Read (Lead Guitarist), Richard Chen (Drummer), and Ivan Hardy (Bass Guitarist). They just got back from performing at the 6th Annual KigaliUp Music Festival in Rwanda, Africa this past July as well as headlining notable locations in NYC such as Irving Plaza and the Gramercy Theatre. Through creating a lane of their own, this fresh and groundbreaking band showcases musical influence that all music lovers from any genre would appreciate. Quantum Split offers listeners music that sheds light on a variety of topics that they can relate to. Gain your independence! Create your own imprint! Let no one give you YOUR identity! Quantum Split brings you an exhilarating and meaningful experience.  


Band Member Bios:

Soleil Laurent:

A lifelong New Yorker and a lifetime lover of all things beautiful, Soleil Laurent, 21, has a mission of creating goodness through love and light. Soleil grew up in an exceptionally musical family. From a very early age she excelled in all the creative activities that she took part in. Soleil began playing the guitar at the age of 17. It has always been evident from the smile on her face that Soleil is very passionate about music.

She is a student at Berklee College of Music in Boston and has performed for notable musical institutions including: Brooklyn Academy of Music, Blue Notes, Iguana Club, DROM, Knitting Factory, SOBs “Sounds of Brazil”, Le Poisson Rouge, Afro Punk “Battle of the Bands” amongst others.

Traveling to places such as Miami, Los Angeles, Canada, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Jamaica, Soleil is blessed to have been able to travel the world through her musical career.

Her biggest moment was performing over a crowd of thousands in Rwanda, Africa for Kigali Up 2015. Soleil believes strongly in the art of engagement and giving back to the community.

She is also actively involved with the Life for the World School and Orphanage in Haiti, home to 220 children. With her focus to instill conscious messages within her music, Soleil believes that the art of self-love and belief, can and will create a peaceful existence through the world. In its current state of such hardship through violence, challenges through self-acceptance, and being unapologetically you, songs such as “I can’t Breathe,” “America,” “Boss,” and “Free” are just a few of the moving interludes that Soleil has written. 

Adrian Read:

Adrian Read is 24 years old and has lived the majority of his life in New York City. Adrian became musically inclined during high school when his mother got him his first guitar. After his first live performance, he was undeniably emerged body and soul into the world of music. Having been part of different bands, he began forging his own style of rhythmic progressions inspired by Rock, R&B, Latin and Classical music.


Ivan Hardy:

Ivan Hardy was born on November 24, 1990. At the age of 14, Ivan moved back to the Bronx and began playing bass guitar after being inspired by the Bamboozle 2009 Festival. After that concert, Ivan began his journey by asking his dad for money to purchase his first bass guitar, a Yamaha RBX170. Ivan began learning with a friend and quickly caught on. From the first moment he played the bass guitar, he knew that this is something that he was destined to do.

Richard Chen:

Richard Chen was born in Taipei, Taiwan where he worked as an animation sound designer. He received his undergraduate degree in Drum Performance and Electronic Production/Design from Berklee College of Music.
Ever since he heard the theme song of “Men In Black” from the very first CD his parents bought him, he fell in love with music. The very first instrument he played was the trumpet in middle school ensemble class, and then he switched to trombone, and then to tuba. He never enjoyed playing any of those instruments. It wasn’t until he switched over to percussion in freshmen year of high school that he got addicted to the drums. Since college, he has played in numerous bands, from rock, metal, funk, jazz, hip-hop to fusion. Some of Richard’s biggest influences are: Steve Gadd, Joey from SlipKnot, Dennis Chamber, Dave Weckl, Carter Beauford from Dave Mathews Band, Jo Jo Mayer, Tony Royster JR, and Thomas Pridgen. Richard's native language is Mandarin.

Band Members