Melodic's music is best discribed as astract, unorthodox, melenkali melody's fused with reggae, hip hop & organic soul.


Born Samuel Elijah Mosby on Febuary 20, 1980 in Columbia, SC. Melodic grew up in the church and eventually joined the choir where he learned to sing. His older sister influenced him to sing R&B and he was introduced to rock n roll from a neighbor. Some of his earliest influences are Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley & James Brown. Melodic was introduced to Hip Hop at the age of 9 and by age 11 he was writing and reciting rhymes. Some of his earliest MC influences are Big Daddy Kane, Cool Moe D, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Rakim and so on. His favorite rap group of all times is Wu-Tang Clan. In the 6th grade, Melodic started chanting & singing reggae after he heard the artist Super Cat. He also learned to play the violin, chello & upright bass. By the time he entered into high school, he became fascinated with the Hip Hop culture and began performing & winning several talent shows in S.C. Maturing into a young adult, his intrest expanded from MCing, singing & chanting to exploring multiple instruments such as playing the guitar, bass & piano. He is currently working on his debut album while interning at Quantum Beats Recording Studio. He is also currently enrolled in the Midlands Aduio Institute audio engineering program.


Debute Album - Melodic Melenkali Mood
Debute Single/Video - Ride with me
Produced by - Melodic (Militant Muzic Group)
Recorded at - Quantum Beats Recording Studio, Columbia, SC

Set List

1. Introductry Song
2. Debute single "Ride with me"
3. Follow up single "Beautiful Day"
4. Special selection
5. Closing remarks.
Average set time is 20 min.