Quantum Cowboys
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Quantum Cowboys

Budapest, Budapest, Hungary | INDIE

Budapest, Budapest, Hungary | INDIE
Band EDM Pop




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2007. EP titled 3.containing:"Just Right", "Girlfriend of the Bday boy", "Bits of paper".
2009. Album titled "Ruler", containing 12 tracks
2010. Tilos Radio, "Maraton 2010" Compillation,Track 7: "Just right" from the album Ruler
2010/2011 Entry playlists: Neo fm, Tilos Radio, Civil Radio.
2011. EP containing 5 tracks to be released this summer by DDK Productions, titled "Ich liebe Budapest"



Late 2005, two singer/songwriter girls, Jakaba the Punk, BradyO the Pop (the core), met at a party and were introduced to each other by Audiogenius aka Dmodul, an SAE graduate sound engineer from the London school with a weak spot for Depeche Mode. The three started experimenting with translating Guitar Ballads to Electronic Pop. An underground celeb bass player of the late New Wave era, started to hang out at the Budapest flat and coincidentally put his bass line of spoiled Country romance straight to track. A Death Metal guitarist / Dj. moved in, transformed the flat into a studio and gave the last boost to the birth of the Quantum Cowboys name and music. In 2007, an EP titled 3 was presented to the public. This got the band into a recording frenzy which lasted 3 years. The experience accumulated in the album Ruler, containing 9 more tracks and resulted in loosing 3 key instrumental players to stress.The core learned to play the guitar and recruited new Quantum Cowboys to save the works from extinction. Great artists helped finish the album and played along when the band was short an instrument or two. It was an honor and also a commitment. End of 2009, Ruler was good and ready, thanks to hooking up with Arkay, bass/arrangement replacement and later with Dj. Kraak, an Industrial/Goa guru on the groove box. It is a powerful team. 2010 was all about playing live and writing even cooler songs. A local celeb rock drummer heard us rehearse and wanted in. Some thought that it would be great to incorporate live beats into our performance, some didn't. End 2010 was a harsh period of musical soul searching: What is the Quantum Cowboys sound exactly? Everyone had a different opinion, with two main schizophrenic camps, Rock versus Electronic. At the same time Artisjus funding materialized for a second album in the Pop category. Stress revisited the band, yet they managed to record 6 tracks before the guitarist and the drummer left. By that time the Q.C. were doing radio interviews, getting exposure and professional acknowledgment. People liked the music. T. runs the complex the band rehearses at. This young and mean Metal guitarist listened to their strange music and wild arguments for many months and still choose to enter their space. He stayed on. Smoothly Rock reinserted itself into its rightful place.The members have agreed not to tackle problematic issues and to be playful, until someone can tell them what exactly their sound is, and what set of rules go by it. Traditionally they spend restless urban nights piecing themselves together.