Quantum Placet

Quantum Placet


Quantum Placet's live perfomance shows their love for a variety of differnt styles of rock. Known for their jammy modern rock, this band styles classic rock roots and a driving modern tone. This ensures Quantum Placet is sure to please a diverse crowd.


Quantum Placet is a four man, eight hand Indy Rock group consisting of a combination of a hard hitting drummer named Chris, whose influences include but are not limited to Soundgarden and Tool, and the rhythm and vocals from an acoustic/electric dual personality called Erik. Accompanying them are the heavy but smooth chops from Mike a.k.a. Lucky the bassist, and the melting of screaming metal and dampening, driving blues in a lead guitar personality known as Scott.


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Set List

The Stone Pony Asbury Park NJ
1. Spent
2. Ultra Violent-Lullaby
3. Anonymous Note
4. Scientists Vs. The Space Cadets

Arlene's Grocery NYC
1. Spent
2. Ultra-Voilent Lullaby
3. Scientist Vs. The Space Cadets
4. Before I Land

Court Tavern New Brunswick NJ
1. The Right Lane>
2. Sleeping Driver>
3. The Left Lane
4. Spent
5. Scientists Vs. The Space Cadets