Quantum Turbo

Quantum Turbo


We play a very powerful, loud, yet ultimately groovy form of funk rock stripped down to just drums and bass. Our music is about getting people up and moving. People need to come out to ROCK, not be put to sleep or depressed. "A good time, all the time, EVERY time."


Quantum Turbo are a 2-piece drum and bass duo from Norman, Oklahoma. Started out of the frustration of incompetant, undedicated and egocentric guitarist and vocalists, Quantum Turbo decided to show just how much a rhythm section can achieve.
Taking it's influence form the hard rock underground and funked out stylings of yesteryear, they truly have a sound of their own. Simplicity in its complex beauty.


All Funked Up-LP

Set List

Sets usually lasts anywhere from 30-90 minutes. Depends on how long venue wants us to play. We have roughly 1hr 45 min worth of material. No covers.

A basic set would consist of:

What the Funk?
Counter Culture
Lounge (Aftermath)
Manic Schizo
Dark Hour