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Hey I'm Quarta Key, a hip hop/rap artist and ghostwriter. What makes me so unique is my ability to have multiple styles that range from new and fresh to old school and voice overs. I'm versatile artist that can pretty much catch a vibe to anything and just flow. That's music and I am music.


Well, I'm a 21 year old black male from Illinois. I been rapping since 5th grade so now it just comes natural. I don't just rap about my life, I rap about day to day struggles and situations that we all get into in our daily life. At 17, I was sentenced to 8 years in a state prison for a drug case. Since then I've got a GED and am in college for a major in engineering. So do I think anything is possible? I'm proof. What sets me apart is that I can be universal and adapt to any style set before me. And I have a deadly freestyle. Right now I'm just out to do better and display my talent to the world.


Recited over Alchemist's Back Again

Written By: Quarta Key

i dont even rap// i release words dat spiritually reincarnate tha greatest one that ever did it//
all da jokin u can quit it// cuz jus a little of spit from da mic'll knock da threads out yo
fitted// not speakin in third person// the he say she say version aint even
worth da exscursion// jus a clever diviersion// to get u hatas mind off my surface//
get it i start beef on purpose// da fiend's delightment// i'll enlighten any mutha fucka actin like i aint da tyson of writin// hit em wit lightning// as an advertisement of wat could be yo futre if u keep on tryin//
fuckin wit iam// bullets'll spit n rip thru yo linin// supa sizing whoeva wheneva im likin// keep on fightin
n u gon c a tomahawk cruise missle thru yo neighborhood dawg cuz i dont play around wit pistols//
surgen general warning and im warning u// dat a dome shot couldnt compare 2 wat im gonna do//
an i would be easy// but whoever said anything was free// was sellin me a story then//
so i stuck 2 da same// wishin dat i had da code 4 more ammo like da 007 game//

R&B Rap Lyrics

Written By: Quarta Key

im attracted 2 yo every demension// n baby all im tryna do is get yo attention// yo lips n yo hips n thighs i sholud mention// make a negga jus stop stare so listenin// all u gotta do is say so// n baby we can ride til da wheels fall off or we can both jus lay low// a place out da states so// we dont spend dollas we probably on a island somewhere spendin pesos// jus wanna let u kno//infactuated wit everything u possess babygurl u glo// n i'll walk 100 mile alone 2 lay it down n show you that im da king when it come to da throne// n u can be my queen but u aint gotta be on da side// u can be da one pushin da ride// so baby gurl do tha math// shorty is a dime n a half// 36-24-38 n da ass// plus shorty good wit da cash// n she dont even trip bout da work in da stash// wat im sayin miss im feelin yo swag// jump n da jag// stop fukin wit fags// miss im checkin dem bags

Lyrics over Jay-Z's Somehow

Written By: Quarta Key

wassup ma,
ikno we had a rough time in deez pest couple of years an now it seems tough,
dont even trip cuz i got us both, even tho it seems like we on the back of the boat,
hatas wantin me dead im mean these mutha fuckas throwin me ropes,an its only by the graces of GOD if i dont sink,
so i concentrate an try to think, stedily applying pressure to release da ink,
every dawg has its day dats wat my granny say before she past away, n now i kno she good,
hopin heaven got a spot for hood, n all da real niggas dat buss steel but kill 4 gud reasons,

Cam'ron style Lyrics over his Down and Out song

Written By: Quarta Key

look my hoes run da strip
i clear tha freeway on my free day jus 2 sit n watch my hoes tip,
i try 2 stay cool
but 2 be honest
rather break my own promise
a reason to use da tool
da reason i act a fool
u actin like a pure punk
daisy duke trunks
baby blu prada pumps
im n a prowler
smokin baby blu skunk
put yo mouth on it baby
but i aint talkin blunt
i'll read yo mind
u can read between da lines
watchu want paper or plastic
or u can wait n line
my chicks asain fine
like kimora lee
yamaguchi on a suzuki
is u gon fuck 4 free
n da rock i was bussin every slut down
not bust downs
str8 touchdowns
mak me wanna put my shoes on n rush down
shorty u on da clock
u gotta rush now
on i 39 wit n a hype whip
wit da white shit stuffed n a white bitch
im like take this here
hide it amongst your self
play hide go seek
u dont need no help

Southern Style Lyrics

Written By: Quarta Key

im from east atlanta
fuck wit me i'll slam ya
got bitches makin runs all da way 2 alabama
ice cube phantom
bitch up on da hood wita gold dress on n da bitch look good,
tell me boi wats good
not solja boi tellem but i tellem take a hike an he dont even start yellin,
17 years old dey labeled me a felon
didnt bust a melon
i was cookin i was sellin
glock 40 homey 17 wit da chamba
fool wit da banger bangin like a power ranger

Lil Wayne Style lyrics over "Holla At Me Baby" song

Written By: Quarta Key

i had to hit em up
da choppa pick em up
hit a nigga make a nigga feel like a million bucks
so wat u ballin wat
my niggas got humma trucks
runnin up
stool shit a nigga like da bubble guts
here another lyrical misdemeanor
ill lean ya n hit ya pockets like parkin meter
an my parkin lot somethin like a loadin dock
when its hot i jus hit da otha spot
n im on like da radio
talkin u can save it ho
unless yo pussy is a paper flow
then im on it like yo panties be
i got major d
hustle for tha ball like da major leagues
an a bitch gon be a bitch
aint no changin dat
but put my n da ring n ill beat it like a boxin match
i wash my money at da laundry mat
i dont money launder
i got people dat'll handle that
eagle aimin at yo back
can u handle dat
put da eagle down an getem wit da handle of tha bat
im on my gangsta shit
i got a lanky bitch
down to cut a nigga an'll shank a bitch
now thats a true ho
i got a few of them
fuckem good an give em to da block when im thru wit em

Lyrics over Plies "Plenty Money"

Written By: Quarta Key

known as da hitman
keep a couple clips man
hit a nigga make a nigga slip n da quick sand
big hands but i give respect to da big man
ash a nigga out like a cig man
ridin n a rig man
a semi
keep a couple semi's
jus n case a nigga try 2 get mine
u get my drift i
dont move when i squeeze da russian ruger
shoot a couple thru ya
seduce u n power move ya
da lyrical arnold schwartzenager
hit u wit cannons n blow in u like them cartridges from sega
or yet a vega
hostla vista
sienara seniorita
unload dat carbon heater
hook u to a breathin meter
i got that fire man
u should call a fireman
to put out these fire that i be flamin
im on fire man
i kno u tired man don cuz u had 2 walk it out
u said we beefin
aint nothin else 2 talk about
u da tyoe to cum aroud wit lewis farrakhan
talkin bout united we standin as americons
first of all this is personal beef
an personally
i rather keep my dirt in da streets



Just a quick 16 bars over Jay-Z's Takeover Instrumental

Set List

Typically when ghostwriting, I try to stick somewhere between 16-32 bars a verse, 8 bar hook and a bridge maybe.