We are a hard rock band with more hooks then Bill Dance.Our catchy melodies will leave you wanting more.Our live performances are in you face nonstop action.We pride ourselves on being crowd pleasers and making sure that everyone there feels like they are a part of Quart-A-Shine.


As i sit hear and think about what to tell you guys about us or what might be the most appealing things to tell about us. I think the truth is the only way to go.We are 5 redneck boys who like to drink beer,smoke pork on the homemade 55 gallon drum we converted into a bbq making machine and most of all play our music.Our roots are nestled in southern rock ,bluegrass and old country music.Not that new stuff you know that old kind.That tear in my beer and my dogs buried in the back yard next to my grandma right next to my John Deere kinda shit.We love to just get together and laugh at Kevin.His favorite saying is "hey yaw i been thinking"and we all know something crazy is coming after that.We really enjoy each others company.In starting this band we wanted to go back to our roots and convey through our music who we really are and where we come from and how life has treated us.Thats where the name came from.What better way to tell people we are just a bunch of good ol southern boys then Quart-A-Shine.Don't let our southern roots fool you though.Our combination of harmonies and melodic hooks will quickly be countered by heavy in your face riffs that can develop into full on head banging moments.In closing we wanna let everyone know that we want to spread our music across the world in whatever capacity our talents allow us.When you come and see us rest assure your gonna get 100% every time we step on the stage.Can I get a HELL YEAH !!!!!


EP #1 Recorded @Liquid Studios with Jamie Hoover 2006
1.Disco Baby
2.Don't Go
3.Question Me
EP #2 Recorded T Old House Recording Studios with Chris Garges 2007
1.Something Betta
We expect a debut album out by early summer 08

Set List

1.That Thang
2.Disco Baby
3.Don't Go
4.On a Sunday
5.Big City
7.Something Betta
9.Blog This
10.Back In The Day