Quarter Draw Band

Quarter Draw Band

 Wood River, Illinois, USA

The Quarter Draw Band plays a rockin' blend of American Roots music, ranging from twangy rock to barroom country to greasy blues to full-tilt Southern boogie. QDB boasts four strong writers (and vocalists), and shows feature strong original material and a wide range of covers. It's twangolicious!


Rock 'n roll. Barroom country. Full-tilt southern boogie. Greasy blues. Honky-tonk. Twang. Americana. Roots music. If the Quarter Draw Band was a dog, it would definitely be a tail-wagging, beer-lapping, two-stepping mutt.

Based in Wood River, Illinois, Quarter Draw Band consists of five Southern Illinois musicians who have been around the block a few times. OK, maybe a lot of times. Between them, they've been in dozens of bands, dating back to 60s - country bands, blues bands, lounge bands, hard rock bands, horn bands, psychedelic bands. Bass player Jody Jones, for example, played in a country band in England, and in a heavy-rock band cover band in the Persian Gulf in the '70s.

On its debut album, “For Sale by Owner,” QDB's material veers from curb to curb like a 2 a.m. drunk leaving the corner tavern. It ranges from the bluesy groove of “Put it Back on Me” to Southern-fried rockers like "Gatlinburg" and “Jefferson County,” from cinematic boogie tunes like "B-Movie Love Affair" to suds-soaked odes to booze and jukeboxes like "Beer Dreamin'."

The disc is available on CD Baby (http://cdbaby.com/cd/quarterdraw) and iTunes, and songs have been featured on podcasts in the U.S., Germany, England, Wales -- wherever podcasts are tasty. Reviews from as far away as Belgium (Francois Braeken, “Roots Time”) call the release an “excellent album with something for everyone,” and cite influences ranging from Chuck Berry and Dire Straits to Little Walter and Tony Joe White.

A CD Baby reviewer says QDB’s music “makes me want to drive out into the countryside of southern Illinois, have a kegger at someone’s parents’ farm, put this on the boombox and get sloppy drunk and try to make out with a chick, and drive my car into a ditch.” And to be honest, playing these songs kinda makes QDB feel the same way. As the reviewer says, “listen to this and expect to get your fingernails dirty.”

QDB is currently at work on its second album, and is honing new material in shows at clubs, bars and festivals across the St. Louis and Metro East areas.

The band was selected to contribute a version of “Death of a Clown” to a Dave Davies (of The Kinks) tribute CD, produced by The Kinks Preservation Society.

Along with its original material, on any given night the band might cover songs by artists ranging from JJ Cale and The Band to Robert Johnson and Bobby “Blue” Bland, the Rolling Stones and the Allman Brothers to Tennessee Ernie Ford and Merle Haggard, the Grateful Dead and the Ozark Mountain Daredevils to George Jones and Elvis Presley.

Victor Kreuiter, who plays keys, sax and blues harp, calls QDB’s music “rhythm and Midwestern,” and Jones thinks of it as “a big ole musical jambalaya.” Guitarists Claude Crisler and Marty Richter and drummer Hank Burge round out the group; all the members write and sing.

“When someone brings in a new song, we’ve pretty much given up trying to decide if it’s a rock song, or a country song, or a blues song,” Richter said. “If we like it, we go with it, especially if it’s something that makes you want to hit the dance floor, or drop a dollar in the jukebox.”


"For Sale By Owner" -- 12 song CD, independently produced and released. All original material. Has received airplay on KDHX-FM in St. Louis and on various roots- and blues-focused podcasts.

QDB was selected to contribute a cover of "Death of a Clown" that was included on a Dave Davies tribute CD produced by the Kinks Preservation Society.

QDB is hard at work on its second full-length CD, which should be out later in 2008.

Set List

QDB has done shows ranging from 40 minutes to four hours. We have a wide variety of material -- including more than 30 original songs and an extremely eclectic range of covers -- and can definitely build a set to match the venue and crowd. Covers range from rootsy rock (Stones, Allman Brothers, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, the Band, ZZ Top) -- to blues (Bobby Blue Bland, Elmore James, Etta James) -- to barroom country (George Jones, Merle Haggard, Tennessee Ernie Ford -- that's right, we do a mean "16 Tons.").