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• �Wow! Killer music. This is the kind of hard rock I enjoy listening to! Keep it coming�
-Ron Oliveira – KEYE News 42 (CBS Affiliate) - Austin, TX

• �Fierce rock that's also deep and passIonate.Quartershackle will not leave you a penny short. �
-Tyler Sieswerda KVUE News (ABC Affiliatee), Austin, TX

• �Keep an eye on this band, they have the potential to blast up and out of Austin!�
--Sharon Jones - Writer - - The Edge Magaazine (San Antonio)

• �Quartershackle is a technically proficient band, both musically and vocally. I look foward to hearing more.�
--Jennifer Carrots, Executive Producer, PPure Metal Sickness (ACTV)

• "A refreshing blast of straightforward hard rock, Texas four-piece Quartershackle have hurtled their way into the new year with an American takeover in their sights"
--The Dominant Allele, Pittsburgh PA (Onlline Music Magazine)


• �Filthy, nasty, grinding rock and roll music. Quartershackle punches you in the gut and makes you like it.�
-Andy Hicks, D.J. of Boston's WBCN104.1 RRock Station

• �Dense thick, melodic sounds and harmonies with intense, deadly serious Vocals.�
--The Fevered Brain of Radio Mike, -DJ- OOnline Radio -Live365.com

• "Quarteshackle is an excellent band I have had the chance to only see once, but they rock my ass! "
-Chuck Loesch - DJ- Austin’s KROX 101.5 RROCK


• “This band burst out of nowhere and easily holds their own in the scene. I suggest to any promoter that they Stop and take a listen because Quartershackle Is a rising star of our business.�
--Sean McCarthy - General Manager - The Backroom (Austin, TX)

• �The energy and sound of Quartershackle is a constAnt reminder of what great music is all about. These guys rocked the Velvet Spade!!�
--Wes Womack-Pickelsimer, Venue Owner/Opeerator -The Velvet Spade & The Dizzy Rooster (Austin,TX)

• �Quartershackle is a band with an edgy sound and dynamic stage presence. This is definitely a rock band worth checking out�
--fps Designs- Videography –(Austin, TX)
- Quotes:


Quartershackle is an up-and-comer in Austin's hard rock scene and has been rattling cages lately. If you haven't caught them live yet, you should. After tapping into the professional recording services of Rob Hinton of 222 Productions, the songs they have loaded on myspace.com sound absolutely radio ready. Keep an eye on this band, they have the potential to blast up and out of Austin. Quartershackle's merch is given away free at every show, including their 3-song EP. - Sharon Jones


Saturday, November 26, 2005
The Real Texas EDGE Vol. 3
CD Release Party #5
Saturday, November 19th, The Edge Magazine hosted their fifth and final CD Release party of 2005 at The White Rabbit. The Real Texas EDGE Vol. 3, released by the magazine, is a limited edition two-disc set that includes some of the best bands from the South and Central Texas areas--everything from indie rock to death metal. The CD itself will not be available in stores and was given away for free to anyone who attended any one of the five release parties. The shows themselves were a showcase for the bands who appeared on the disc. And in The White Rabbit's case, there were thirteen bands, two stages, and over four hours of music. So if you didn’t make it out to any of the release parties by last week‘s show, you not only missed out on a free compilation of incredible Texas bands, you also missed out on a chance to see the best of what Texas has to offer onstage.

Quartershackle was a welcome break from what had been a primarily metal and hardcore event. In fact, the band offered a sound that was not unlike what you would expect to hear on modern rock radio: big guitar and big choruses coupled with the soulful singing of vocalist Joseph. On a song like “Sinkhole” they proved that they are very capable of crafting the perfect modern rock single. However, I liked them best when they branched out into a heavier, more jam-oriented approach to rocking out a stage. - Online Review

"KISS FM, San Antonio,TX"

"One of my favorite bands who have lifted their skirts on my show"
--Quartershackle was a featured artist for the week of January 2nd 2006. - Randy Bonillas -DJ -


February 2006 Issue


Quartershackle burst onto the scene this year playing as if they were already rock stars...and it's working. Gotta love the power of positive thinking. Quartershackle placed in eight different categories, winning top honors as Group Most Deserving of a Record Deal, as well as No. 2 Best Rock Band, No. 4 Best Alternative Band, and No. 3 Best New Act. Their respective band members also placed in the top 5 in the categories of Best Guitarist, Best Bassist, and Best Drummer.

- Edge Magazine Readers Poll


This is an Austin band that has quite a bit going on for them. They dwell in the hard rock world and write the kind of big songs that sound decidedly Austin. They've also swept The Edge awards, gotten a lot of press and recognition, and even some spin on modern rock radio. I was also impressed about the quality of the package they sent us, as it seems apparent they know what it takes to get somewhere and take a shot at the next level. I was also rather happy to hear them at a strip club, which sounded great over their system. As for the music, I can't really come up with anything smart to say. You'd do well to see them live in a sea of their local supporters to get the full story. - Local Reviews

"KROX, Austin,TX"

"Quarteshackle is an excellent band I have had the chance to only see once, but they rock my ass!"
--Quartershackle played a live concert as part of 101X's (KROX)Homegrown Live Series on May 24th 2006. - Chuck Loesch - DJ-


Quartershackle 3 song EP
Tracks with radio play: "Sinkhole"
-KISS FM (San Antonio,TX) - featured Artist for week of January 2nd 2006.
-KIOL FM (Houston,TX)
-KROX FM (Austin,TX)
-KLBJ (Austin,TX)
-KOOP FM (Austin,TX)



Austin based hard-rock outfit QUARTERSHACKLE have established themselves as a band with a dynamic sound and relentless stage presense. Featuring innovative hard-hitting riffs and tempo changes with clever ability and approach, their music has established a powerful connection with their fast growing fan-base. The four-piece has forged together an entirely different range of influences and created a "sound reminicient of Faith No More, Alice In Chains, and The Cult". (Sean Claes, INSITE Magazine)

The band burst onto the Austin scene in 2005 with their critically praised 3 song EP "SINKHOLE", produced by Rob Hinton of 2222 Productions (Daves Not Here, Loss Rayne, Velvet Brick, Korn, Michael Jackson) at Austin's A-Valve Studios. Through grass roots marketing more than 5,000 are in current circulation throughout Texas and the rest of the United States. The group is currently in the studio working on their full-length debut album slated for release in 2007.

"SINKHOLE" has made great strides in a short time, attaining airplay and gaining significant radio exposure for QUARTERSHACKLE as a featured artist on San Antonio's KISS FM "Texas Trax" program. With additional support from KOIL (Houston) and KROX, KOOP, and KLBJ (Austin) as well as streaming and satellite radio, QUARTERSHACKLE has "burst on the scene as if they were rockstars". (Sharon Jones, EDGE Magazine)

In addition to making The Edge Magazine's double-disc "Real Texas Edge Vol. III" compilation in 2005, in February 2006, QUARTERSHACKLE received 8 prestigous awards at the Edge's Best of 2005 Readers Poll, including "BEST GROUP DESERVING OF A RECORD CONTRACT." In October 2006, the band was again selected to be a part of the year’s more selective volume, including only 18 bands and featuring QUARTERSHACKLE's newly recorded song "Craven."

A relentless and energetic live band, QUARTERSHACKLE has gained an immense amount of attention, including the interest of organizers of the 7th Annual Heart of Texas Rockfest and Roadstar Production's Shamrock Festival, both during the South By Southwest Music Festival. (March 2006). The band has also showcased their intensity at the United Music Alliance's Regional Rockfest Tour '06 throughout Texas, and at Austin's 101X Homegrown Live Series (May 2006).

Simply put, QUARTERSHACKLE combines "A Mix of old school brutality and melody that defies conventional pigeon holing. This is a band that doesn’t follow trends". (Gramie Dee, DJ –Autopsy Radio)

• Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Music Festival during SXSW 2008 (Headlined Merkaba Lounge Stage)
• Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Music Festival during SXSW 2008 (Spill Stage)
• 2008 Winter NAMM Showcase with Tregan Guitars
• 2008 Summer NAMM Showcase with Tregan Guitars
• Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Music Festival during SXSW 2007 (Headlined Treasure Island Stage)
• Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Music Festival during SXSW 2007 (Main Stage)
• Heart of Texas Quadruple Bypass Music Festival during SXSW 2006 (Headlined 2nd Stage)
• Roadstar Production’s Shamrock Festival during SXSW 2006
• Finalists in Verizon Wireless 2007 Battle of the Bands Contest during 2007 SXSW presented by KLBJ 93.7 FM (Austin,TX)
• Northgate Music Festival 2007(College Station,TX)
• Republic of Texas Biker Rally 2007(Austin,TX)
• KROX Homegrown Live Concert Series 2006(Austin,TX)
• Edge Magazine Showcase for “Real Texas Edge Vol 4 CD Compilation” 2006 (2,500 copies) [song: Craven included]
• Edge Magazine Showcase for “Real Texas Edge Vol 3 CD Compilation” 2005 (2,500 copies) [song: Sinkhole included]
• Shmusicmusic and Veracruz Music International CD Compilation "A Texas Sized CD" 2007 during SXSW (2,000 copies) [song: Sinkhole included]
• United Music Alliance’s Texas Rockfest Tour '06 (Regional Texas Tour)
• "The Backroom's Last Stand" - Austin’s premier rock venue “The Backroom”'s closing night. 2006
• Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo Band to Band Standoff (Austin Semi-Finals) 2005
• Sherlock’s Pub 6th Annual Battle of the Bands (San Antonio,TX) 2006