Quarterslot make dirty sex rock for the hopelessly romantic. They deliver an energetic live show that is both erotic and hilarious, bound to make even the coolest kids shake their hips and lick their lips.


A girl with long hair and longer legs walks into a cheap hotel and catches the house band letting loose with raunchy covers of The Doors, The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. Completely blown away, she buys the boys a round of drinks and invites them back to her room for a good time. They rollick around on a vibrating bed for many hours until they're dripping with sweat and all out of quarters. The girl takes a shower and that’s when the boys hear her sing. They burst into the bathroom and beg her to join their band. She agrees, but only if they'll move back to NYC with her. So they rent an apartment/rehearsal space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and start writing songs in the sweltering summer heat. They make their debute one month later at CBGBs and immediately get solicited by every other downtown hot-spot you can name. The boys decide to call their girl Quarterslot, in honor of their first fun-filled night together, and she calls them her Good Vibrations. Their sound is sexy, spastic and soulful; drenched with a desperation that evokes the tawdriness of Motel 6's across the nation. One year later, they're still living together in sin: proof that love and happiness can be found on a bed called Magic Fingers.

Set List

Our sets are usually 45 minutes long.

Afro Decoy
Get Gone
Lonely Times
Accidentally in Love
Good Vibrations
Everybody Uses Everyone
Took My Heart
I Told My Baby