Melodic Indie Rock with Alt-Country Overtones.


On a good day, Quarterstance might call themselves an indie-pop band with alt-country overtones. With its first recording, Ready for Bed, this St. Paul, MN based band at times tosses out pop gems, at other times takes creative risks with form and dynamic contrast.

Quarterstance is the new project of Ryan Stokes, guitarist, lead singer, and principal songwriter. Stokes's heartfelt songs incorporate a wide range of rock styles, with Pavement, Wilco, and Death Cab for Cutie as his primary influences. Cody Johnson, bassist, singer, harmonica-player, and songwriter, contributes his particularly inventive, McCartney-esque basslines. Dave Kemp, drummer, possesses an unerring stylistic sense adding a rhythmic and textural subtlety not found in most rock bands. Sumanth Gopinath, guitarist, keyboardist, and singer, helps to fill out the sound of the band with minimal, elegant instrument parts and backing vocal arrangements.

Critics have already been overheard saying, "this is two of my favorite records!"


'Ready For Bed' - Full lenght album released August, 2006.
"Kitty", "Put On", "Sturdy Chairs" receiving radio and streaming airplay in several major markets.

Set List

Set Time: 30 minute short sets up to 2 hour long sets.
Typical Set Includes:
Red Shoes Beware
Put On
Omni Detour
Play Your Part
Western Writing
Duct Tape
It's Allright
Large Eraser
Aaron Ave
Poor Aarfy
Action Bills
Nameless Flowers
Sturdy Chairs
Ready For Bed

License and Registration - Death Cab for Cutie
Grounded- Pavement
Hound Dog- Various Artists
Dynamite Walls- Hayden
You Will- Bright Eyes