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EP - self-titled Quasilulu album 2003


Feeling a bit camera shy


Quasilulu is a female-fronted rock band that makes sounds, statements and grooves that often defy traditional labes; a live band that balances and finesses intricate rhythms with simple, deep pocket patterns, rangy power vocals with subtle whisperings, and as bonus, an electric violinist that plays her fiddle like a Fender Strat. This is a band that can rock hard and fast, as well as deliver the sweet and simple pop tune.

Inspired by girl friend, Julie Danao, who wrote songs as easy as she breathed, Rona Figueroa decided to buy herself a guitar and try her own hand at songwriting. At Sam Ash she found an acoustic guitar, and with the help of her young salesman, signed up for a few guitar lessons. The salesman, sensing an opportunity, told her that he, a guitarist, and his drummer friend were looking for a lyricist-singer-in-one...would whe be interested in jamming? Yes. With a background in writing and singing, this was quite a serendipitous opportunity to fuse her two favorite hobbies.

After a few sessions with the two guys, melodies and lyrics of her own started to erupt in her head. Instead of just bringing in lyrics to match already created guitar hooks, Rona started to bring in full songs. Soon a couple of her other musician friends, drummer, Damien Bassman and bass player, Mat Fieldes, with whom she'd performed on multiple gigs in other people's projects, heard about her new songwriting habit and bugged her to use them. It was about a month of jamming when Rona started to sense that the vibe of the original salesman/guitar player and drummer duo was not quite in sync with her new original tunes. Awakening to the idea that perhaps she could lead her own band and decide on style and sound herself, Rona regrouped with her friends Damien and Mat and brought along the salesman, Matt Grossman, as her guitar player.
As it so happened, a friend from the West Coast just moved into town. Coleen Gonzales was co-front girl in their old Top 40's cover band in San Francisco where they spent college weekends singing in hotel ballrooms and fancy halls. Now that she was in New York City, would she be interested in singing back-ups in this newly forming project? Yes. Also within that slim time frame, Rona met Lyris Hung in a dance club who introduced herself as knowing almost all the musician friends in Rona's life (as they had all attended Juilliard together). She said she played the violin. without ever hearing a note, Rona asked if she'd like to be part of her band. Yes, she said. Enter Quasilulu. In the Spring of '03 Ernie Fortunato replaced Matt Grossman as lead electric guitarist.