BandHip HopBlues

Im the coolest guy on the planet, next to miles davis. i say what i means,an i means what i say. My music is a portal passage way to release more of my eternal energy, its a balance between the great, the worst,an the confused, "na-meen sayin". the humble, the fearless, the noble, yet untamed.


upon personal verbal request only: my story, what sets me apart, an influences are irrelevent to what is real, feel me first an then we'll talk, "a box can't contain my truth".


real good

Written By: qubonna

suckas wanna willy so much pay for me casa,learn to claim ya own name, the game slay imposter


1.Trouble-"this the shit".
2.Skill complete-"mastermind".
3.Juswana- "YO" chill out!

only underground college radio/"couldn't afford to pay the moochers an haters"-YET!

Set List

Dont know, about 3-4 songs, depends what my need or want is, im invited to perform at alot of other artist shows by request,an then shut it down with my blessed anthems, whatever the spirit calls for.