BandHip HopR&B

Me & My squad is the future of Music (not just Hip-Hop)


Born & raised in the south Bronx, this 24yr old was brought up in tha game. Searching 4 a way out, wrote numerous poems & stories. Influenced only by what was real, he has become what knowone else is in the game 2day. With a stage performance that is unmatched, and the ability 2 do anything musically,they scream platinum, he is Diamond!!


96/14& Hotel California remix, From the album 96/14.
Tha Rule, You got served soundtract,
Love & Basketball, Noras Hair salon soundtract,(In stores now).
Currently have 3 songs playing 1-Mama Sita & the Remix version(on yahoo) 2- I found (on clear channel & Radio 1 stations).

Set List

My typical set is around 6minutes (depending on set time). I also have as much as a 40 minute set, with dancers & drama skits, tha whole 9ine. But I enjoy Medley sets, it gives the audience the chance 2 hear a few diffrent songs, & for me 2 keep it fresh, & get feelings on each song. Rarely do covers(No Need).