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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Funk Commandos"

Que & Malaika are keeping Dayton's musc tradition alive"

- Dayton Daily News Arts & Entertainment Sunday, September 12, 2004

"Dayton company gives troops 45,000 free CD's to troops"

Dayton - Soldiers in wartime often seek solace in music, and Dayton-based Ernie Green Entertainment is well aware of the healing power of music. This week the company announceed it will donate 45,000 copies of Dayton band Que and Malaika's HipRocSoul CD to the United States troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. - Dayton Daily News


Hiprocsoul (LP) 2004/EGE
P in the Funk (Maxi Single) 2004/EGE


Feeling a bit camera shy


Why did the chicken cross the road? Because there was a hit record waiting on the other side. And while so many artists have chosen to stay on the safe side of the street, and follow the trends set by their peers, Que&Malaika have taken it a step further. Not only have they crossed the road, but they just may have a paved a "new" road for us to follow.

HipRocSoul is an ingenious blend of music culture. A simple synonym, so embedded in its own meaning we nearly miss it by overlooking the obvious. The equation and the elements are one and the same Hip Hop, Rock & Roll and R&B. By masterfully combining these three sounds Que&Malaika have captured something that is familiar yet foreign, refreshing and reminiscent. HipRocSoul is a sound that bridges the gap between the musical quality and cleanliness that parents are dying to hear, and yet still filled with inspirations of fire and fantasy that kids live for. So, in this day when music has reached a mediocre cap, stuck in the spin cycle on permanent press, just waiting for some inspiration, Que&Malaika present HipRocSoul… a new sound ready to break thru and set the industry off its feet.

Que&Malaika, the inseparable pair, are not amateurs to the music business; Que has been playing guitar professionally since the age of twelve and Malaika began modeling and singing at age seven. What began in Mt. Vernon, NY as a budding teacher and apprentice relationship soon evolved into a fairy tale romance. This duo's affection and passion for each other is obvious on and off stage and reaches a climatic altitude in their music. Que's extraordinary musicianship and Malaika's clever writing, topped with driving vocals take this duo and their sound over the top and into the hit makers hall of fame.

Born and raised in Cleveland, OH, Que had the upturned life of a child prodigy that mainly consisted of lessons and gigs. Under the strong influence of a musical family with professional jazz roots, Que began to craft his gift into an undeniable excellence. While being "schooled" on an abundance of priceless musical history by his aunts and uncles, Que's youth gave him the benefit of finding new sounds and the curiosity to experiment with other instruments and other genres of music. As expectations piled high for the young guitar player, he met each challenge with a professionalism and skill beyond his years. He went on to receive a higher education in music studies at the Berkley School of Music and even higher lessons in life while touring professionally with several national artists.

Malaika is from New Rochelle, NY, where she grew up enthralled by an era of R&B and Hip Hop in its prime. Her natural talent and personality immediately set her apart from her peers. Writer, Model, Dancer, Graphic Artist, Web Designer, Music Engineer and more, this girl is no dummy, though she jokes about how she mainly got her gigs from her "good looks". Forever searching for opportunities Malaika began interning at VIBE magazine at the age of 16, a few years later she began to work under the management and tutelage of actor Mekhi Phefier. But it was in Mt. Vernon, NY in a neighborhood studio where she found Que and her niche as a singer and songwriter and later blossomed into a dynamic entertainer.

Electric or unplugged they've wowed thousands. Headliner or the opening act for George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, the facts remain the same, crowds go wild about Que&Malaika. The experience is unforgettable and the reaction is contagious. Maybe its Que's screaming guitar, so clean and precise you can hear every note and feel every infliction, or maybe it's Malaika's sultry vocals and the duo's commanding stage presence that has you spellbound. Afraid to look away, scared to miss even a heartbeat of this fantastic production. Or maybe it's the music, performed flawlessly by their six-piece band, something so familiar you want to sing along, but so different your curiosity is peeked. What ever it is, you're sold… and one thing is for sure, once you've experienced HipRocSoul you'll always want more.

Welcome to other side of the road… chicken.