BandSpoken WordWorld

Queen's work is fierce, bad and dangerous. Every track is complimented by lyrics that are sure to touch ones emotions and inspire them to tell their story.


Rosing through the termoil of homelessness after serving in the armed forces, running in and out of rec centers, shelters and leaving indentations on friend's couches, it was time to dig deep. A headset and the music of: Lauren Hill, Betty Wright, India Ari and Common inspired the gut wrenching, inspiring and motivational works of who we know as just-Queen. Queen brings poetry back to the people. One person can experience 14 different emotions just by listening. An audience leaves feeling dynamic!


Album I - X Chromosome
Album II - Fierce.Bad.Dangerous.
Currently recording the third!

Set List

A typical Spoken Word set can be anywhere from 20-60 minutes of performance poetry. It can include up to 10 poems, dialouge, bridges, short stories and engaging activities for the audience