Queen City Boyz

Queen City Boyz

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Queen City Boyz is Eastside crunkk that is liked all over the world. Our music will have you jumpin' around like you just lost your mind. Plus the girls love our 4 man rap group.


Queen City Boyz

Career: Rappers
Instrument: Instrumentals/Beats/Samples
Contact: (704) 537-2564
Email: queencitysfinest@betarecords.com
Website: http://queencityboyz.tripod.com/
Location: United States of America - NC - 28215

Queen City Boyz are 4 friends that grew up in the same local neighborhood of Milton Road, Charlotte, North Carolina. We have been rapping for about 11 and a half years. We mostly been rapping since we were 7. We started to get serious about rapping when people told us we were good. Queen City Boyz ( the name ) came about because Charlotte is also known as the Queen City and we think were the best in Charlotte. So we are Queen City's Finest. Strait Hood City Boi Tray Pat Are all the members in the goup known as Tha Queen City Boyz. ages ranges from 18 yrs to 16 yrs Website: queencityBoyz.tripod.com e-mail: melinda16@carolina.rr.com phone: 704-537-2564 05 704-605-9423 Text: 704-222-1654



Written By: Queen City Boyz


-City Boi-
Imma certified Eastside nigga
and i done survived were the best died nigga
aint in the game but respected by the vets
and aint notin changed and still a put 11 in ya chest.
and dont think i aint gotta 7 digit check.
that ya can pop or flex and not consider Trap a threat.
So i guess
Im betta than the rest
u can catch me alone wit 2 pistols and a tec-

Norfside niggaz get that ass wooped and thats without a doubt
And if you dont get me mane then let me spell it out.
Eastside bitch wat cha no about dat NC

-Strait Hood-
We in dat EASTSIDE and all we do is stomp a hater
we beat yo ass now or we'll see your ass later
I be on tha streetz smokin' green and bussin dem tecs
so if a nigga disrepect he gon feel 30 threw his fuckin' neck.

(HOOK)- Young Jeezy EASTSIDE

Eastside is all you hear as I step on the fuckin' scene.
candy paint drippin off my car you know im ridin clean
Buckin' gatz up out da window as i roll past ya
you might move fast but my tipz move fasta
movin' threw the city rimz choppin' like a machete
backseat pistol grip pumpz loaded and ready
i know you seen some niggaz in yo city dat done died
cuz dey got shot up by the mutha fuckin Eastside.

-Strait Hood-
yeahhhh I getz hella respect when I step in da booth
so if u dont give propz den bitch you losin ya tooth
We in the M-Townnn rules u betta abide
Our headz hangin out da window and we screamin EASTSIDE
Army fatigue flagz so u already know wat we reppin
and loadin up da mossberg gon only take 1 second
we put our ski masks on, and stay in all black
if u see us in the night time you bitches gettin jacked

(HOOK)- Young Jeezy EASTSIDE til end


"Tha Queen City Recking Crew" (Promos)

1.) M-Town
2.) Suckaz On Tha Block
3.) M-Town (Instrumental)
4.) Lyrical Damage
5.) Suckaz On Tha Block (Instrumental)

Set List


1. M-Town
3. B*I*T*C*H
4. Strapped Up
5. O G's
6. Give Me What I Want
7. Suck a d*** b****
8. That Reffa Thang
9. Get Ya Mind Right
10. Don't Snitch
11. Pass Me Da Gun
12. Late Night Coastin'
13. Strait Hood (solo) mixtape
14. Back Up Off Me

On our cover there is a Target inside a scope.
And on our promo album there was a wrecking ball dropping on the world. That had the song titles on the wrecking ball.