queen city outlaws

queen city outlaws

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Queen City Outlaws is an eclactic mix of Americana, folk and country.


The band first started in 2005, by singer and songwriter Catlin Shay-Winkler. The band was first known as Background Music. The original line up consisted of Catlin and friends, Tyler Lockard and Jeremy Retch. After a few years of playing local clubs in their home town of Cincinnati, Ohio, Jeremy left the band to raise a family. After a nine month break, the boys are back and better than ever. Now known as Queen City Outlaws they offer a classic mix of Americana, folk and country. Comprised of two of the original members: Catlin Shay-Winker and Tyler Lockard, they have recently added Cody French on banjo to complete their sound. All growing up on the Ohio/Kentucky border its clear to see that, "in a way we have this genre of music flowing through our blood." Catlin, contributes their original sound to honesty. With influences like Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Leonard Cohen their subject matter can go from light and playful, to dark and painful. Somehow they have managed to cover every facet of everyday living through their bitter sweet lyrics. "We are trying to get away from the bland Prozac filled music that has evolved into what is now known as country" They are currently looking to put out their second recording sometime this summer.


Hard Times

Written By: Catlin Shay - Winkler

Hard times honey real hard times

this country it can swallow you whole

close torn just trying to stay warm

but its hard when your blood has ran cold mean streak I'm tired and weakthis world can take the beat from you heartbut strong hands on an honest man

keeps the dream from falling apart

long week its been another long week

success well its hard to define

if it begins from the outside in

you'll always be falling behind

god damn is that the man that I am

well you know now your asking for pain

and don't be dumb happiness will come

sunshines over the rain I'm over the rain
and its the first time I saw myself

the last time I'll ask for anyones help

because this time honey

I'm all on my own

but its the good times that will never end

because I will make time let them sink in

because this time honey

I'm on my way home

Gods Claws

Written By: Catlin Shay - Winkler

Lye down in the river bed

make your home in the water shed

cleanse you spirit your body your soul

leave you body before it turns cold

take my hand don't you be afraid

we can die as long as jesus saves

our souls

as long as there's a light to move towards

you can run from your enemies

but nature she's an anarchy

your too slow

you're bound to go

a gold tooth stalker with a look in his eye

real smooth talker but you know its a lie

keeps on moving closer puts his hand on your thy

he is gonna take you too the other side

so don't resist he's got the eye of an eagle

and the aim that just don't miss

so be still yeah

cause if the claws are gonna get you just

except it yeah its just gods will


1 LP - Queen City Outlaws - Broken tracks

EP to be released Summer 2009

Set List

Get it on
Hard times
Nine kinds of hell
God Claws
Desert Nights
(Cover - kids) by MGMT
100 Proof