Queen Deelah

Queen Deelah

BandHip Hop

powerful, energetic, Hip Hop, Dope, music to your ears, hype, rhyme, lyricist, breath of fresh air, real, Queen!


My music is energy for the people. I have the ability to get people moving, up out of their seats. My lyrics and delivery make you think of the old early '90 female emcees. MC Lyte, Monie Love, and Yo-Yo. Beats are eclectic because I get them from all over the map. Bay Area, Texas, and Maryland. Once you hear me, you'll never forget how I made you feel.


1. Rollin; 2. Mind Yours; 3. Tired; 4. Push

1. Rize 4 Da Queen
2. Longevity

I currently have two songs being put through the rotation at KAZI-Austin. Those songs are, Rollin and Mind Yours

Set List

A typical set for me isd to crtank out atleast six high energy, heartfelt, and banging tracks. Those tracks in no particular order would be, 1. She's Yo Queen; 2. Mind Yours; 3. Anybody; 4. Not; 5. Tired; 6. Push. My sets can last whenever they need to. I enjoy performing if only for one song. I try to take advanatge of every opportunity that I can. When I get to do my whole set, they generally last 30 minutes.