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Queen Drea, a consummate singer/song writer who’s style ranges from alternative rock to hip hop has blessed stages from the Twin Cities, to Austria. As an opening act, or as a member of the band, Queen Drea has rocked with the likes of Burning Spear, The Last Poets, George Clinton, El Debarge, Anthony Hamilton, Dwele and others. Because she is truly a lover, not a fighter, her songs are filled with the joy and the pain of loving oneself, loving love, and loving life. Her voice brings a pure honesty to every lyric she writes.


Black on Black Love

Written By: Andrea Reynolds (Drea Charles)

Black on Black Love©2004

Black on Black Love

Is very complicated
An often ill fated thing to endure
But nothing in this world can fade it
Not when its pure, see…

It’s a beautiful, wonderful, magical thing
and when its done right it makes you want to sing
sing the praises of it’s awesome power
Oh how I want to be showered in

Black on Black Love

Is often misunderstood doing everything it wants but not what it should
selfishly tending to it’s own needs forgetting to bond lovers so they can feel
how exceptional and magnificent it could be cuz when its done right I guarantee
you’ll be singing it’s praises from the highest of trees oh, how I want to be showered in

Black on Black Love

Its often discouraged, unable to manifest love according to some
but don’t listen to the haters no, because they will try to keep us from
experiencing, the sweetest of sweets, cuz when it’s done right, nothing can compete
It’s the subject of almost every song I sing
Black on Black Love Rain Down on Me

Rain on me Rain on me
Saturate the Earth so that I can Sow the seeds of
Black on Black on Black Love

Shine on me Shine on me
wiith a Brilliant light so the whole world can see there's

Black on Black on Black Love


Flux Delux - Conception: Alternative Soul 1998
Edu Poetic Enterbrainment - Patriotic Duty:Spoken Word/Hip Hop/Soul 2002

Set List

My set list consists of all original music from my forth comming debut. A number of the songs will be streaming live here.