Queen Elephantine

Queen Elephantine

 Providence, Rhode Island, USA

"A meditative space sound, like a solarized wind calmly blowing on an alien planet, or a brace of Tibetan monks on PCP, glued to their prayer mats and ommm-ing themselves to oblivion... There's plenty of galactic bliss... and plenty of underlying dread as well." Hellride Music


The group formed in 2006 in Hong Kong as the drone duo of Indrayudh Shome and Danny Quinn, and at the end of 2007 moved base to New York. With a fluid lineup and various experiments in approach over the course of their four albums, Queen Elephantine is a nebulous worship of mood and time. Modal psychedelic doom.

"A fuzzy muscle play of distorted dirge and Hindu atmospherics that easily embodies the slow majesty of bands like Earth but this is a rawer, far heavier brew, buckling the confines of the medium, so over-saturated that it almost struggles for definition. The instruments take on a scary dynamic, like a vibrating cloud of flies, distorted in the heat. It's hard to avoid the magnetic pull of that turbine shackled hertz, or that accompanying tinsel soak from the cymbals, even the words seem to be dragging you through the dusty soil on mystic hooks."

"Formed in Hong Kong in 2006 and relocated to the United States a few years later, Queen Elephantine has produced some of the finest doom albums and splits (with Sons of Otis, Elder, and Alunah) in recent years, driven by sheer originality and mystical force embodied in resplendent shrines of sound....

Deep, heavy sounds straight from the soul-realm woven through the geometries of the cosmos - A funerary procession danced by a mighty double-trio of two axes, two drumsets, and two insectoid drones...

A chariot of headless horses heaving a monolithic obsidian temple across the dense, lightless extremes of space."
Heart & Crossbone Records



Written By: Indrayudh Shome

Except me,
I am Autumn
in the Summer


Written By: Indrayudh Shome

In my life
In my dreams
It builds up

In my life
In my dreams
Your bring me


Written By: Indrayudh Shome

Every ocean
Heaven sent me here
I am over it
Nothing gets me down anymore
White sands
Breathe through me


**Full Length**
Scarab (CD, LP 2013)
Garland of Skulls (CD 2011)
Kailash (CD 2010, tape 2009)
Surya (CD 2007)

**EPs / Splits**
8XI08 Live in Brooklyn (CDR 2010)
Split with Alunah (7” 2009)
To Tartarus (Mp3 2008)
Yatra (Mp3 2008)
Split with Sons of Otis (CD 2007)
Split with Elder (CDR 2006)
Queen Elephantine (CDR 2006)