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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Spoken Word Hip Hop


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Female R&B singers are a dime a dozen these days, so it's becoming increasingly difficult for truly original artists to stand out from the overly saturated crowd. Starting with her name, this songstress is well on her way to setting herself apart from her pop-dependent peers. With a distinct vocal style that alternates easily from hip-hop to soul and lead to background, this quickly becomes a musical journey, a narrative road trip of R&B style from a woman with a penchant for storytelling. Embracing her feminism, it's clear that she is strong but not dangerous, soft but not submissive. If you love the purest parts of Lauryn Hill but secretly wish she would make a record with Andre 3000, it won't be hard for you to embrace this record for both its straight forward soul aspects and the abstract hip hop angles that it delves into flawlessly. - CDBABY.COM

""Pregnant with Our Future""

Multi-talented Queen GodIs, showing an as-yet-untitled work-in-progress at Dance Theater Workshop, taps deep into myth, metaphor and the soul-expressive powers of movement. In her duet with actor Erwin E. A. Thomas, GodIs, known for her hip hop poetry and music, returns to an old love--dance--and passionately weaves movement into her storytelling.

This choreo-poem, directed and choreographed by Nicco Annan and developed through DTW's Studio Series residency, was presented last evening in the David White Studio (and runs again this evening at 7:30). During an informal post-performance Q&A, the small audience explored the work's themes and inquired about various aspects of the creative process.

The piece raises issues of the often-fraught and troubled relationship between Black men and women and calls men to account for sacrificing their true sensitivity for a false sense of power. Beyond those specifics, though, I feel that it holds us all accountable for the right use of our own creative powers, and I am reminded of the well-known quote from the Gnostic Gospels, said to have been spoken by Jesus: "If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring will save you. If you do not being forth what is within you, what you do not will destroy you."

The point is that not bringing forth the sensitivity and love that is within us also destroys the planet. It is in turning our backs on our own creative, relational roles in the world--whatever those roles may be--that we withdraw and wither, and the result for our partnerships, for our communities and for the well-being of all nations has been dire.

In that respect, GodIs's performance piece is generative and inspirational; how appropriate that her central metaphor is one of pregnancy! GodIs envisions a society in which we are all pregnant with something, and she appears to ask each of us, what are you pregnant with? What are you bringing forth?

- http://infinitebody.blogspot.com/

"Queen GodIs and Les Nubians ("The Goddess Effect")"

These woman are a few of the most talented woman in the art world. Queen Godis super dope singer/emecee/poet. Les Nubians vocalist with a beautiful healing sound. I love the pic of them all together,as you can see they also have some serious Goddess style.

The Poem by Queen Godis should blow your mind. Her wordplay metaphors are incredible!
"God was sad with his happiness so he called me mo(u)rning... because he wanted me to raise his son/sun"!

Les Nubians the french duo with a hypnotic melody that makes everything feel at peace.
Les Nubian website: http://www.lesnubians.com/

more... - http://thegoddesseffect.blogspot.com/2009/10/queen-godis-and-lesnubians.html

"Spoken Word by Queen GodIs - HBO's Brave New Voices"

Through the musical group, Les Nubians, I was introduced to the poetry of Queen Godis. Her voice, her confidence and her delivery of her poems makes me want to continue to learn and absorb history especially the history of those of who are of African descent. I first heard her poetry through Les Nubians third CD - Les Nubians presents Echos Chapter One.

Amazon.com: Les Nubians Presents Echos, Chapter One: Les Nubians: Music

Now, Queen Godis is on HBO's show, Brave New Voices, where she serves as the mentor of the New York Team of teenage poets competing for national recognition as Youth Poetry Slam Competition.

HBO: Brave New Voices: Cast and Crew: Team New York City

At 11pm on HBO EST please tune into Brave New Voices and let me know what you think about the show. - http://mog.com/SerenityLife/blog/1303257

""QG Spits The Realness at DTW""

Queen GodIs (QG) presents a provocative choreo-poem, spitting rhymes, dancing, and singing this past weekend at DTW. Now, many dancers like to differentiate between dancers and “movers.” If QG is not a self-professed dancer but rather a “mover,” then there are a whole lot of dancers out there that should really MOVE better! Her movements are captivating. She leaves many in the audience wanting to spend a day just walking around in her skin. As she spits rhymes and ticks her hips around in a circle, one man in the audience even shouts, “ON BEAT!”

QG truly impacts the audience with her performance. She surely could have rocked a mike, but the work goes deeper than mere, commercialized rhymes. Stating, “a mother is a brother,” QG pushes the boundaries of womanhood/motherhood in directions I have never seen before. She performs as a mother to us all: women, men, sisters, youth, fathers... She links the plight of teenage girls with mythical womanhood and assumes the role of God in the creation of a perfect man—her son.

The staging includes a large red pole in the center and ninja-inspired costumes of the patchwork artist, Micah L. Lee. These costumes represent the mythical land where all women are beasts and all sons are taught that their words become actions. She wears a large black womb that is marsupial. Like the kangaroo pouch, this womb is functional. Lee’s patchwork belly protrudes out from QG’s body and holds a cell phone so that she could get a call from the future father of her unborn child. It rings several times during the performance, but she could not hear him —only static. This magical pouch also has headphones so that she could “plug-in” to her belly —into herself.

With various strings and chords strewn about the area, the overall staging and direction is cohesive and propels QG’s poetry forward with dynamic pacing. There is nothing raw or pedestrian in Nicco Annan’s brilliantly crafted choreography, suiting QG’s body and complimenting her words.

The storyline of QG and Annan’s “work-in-progress” frames the notion that we are all works-in-progress. QG represents the teenage mother. She portrays herself as once the studious girl who didn’t have time for boys and also the girl with full belly/empty head. She represents the best and the worst of this world.

As the performance moves on, the poem states that a woman’s body represents “the truth.” Upstage her unborn and possibly not yet conceived “son/sun” reads:

Bodies tell the truth, if we listen, and we babies live inside the truth close enough to hear it and play it back.

QG photography by Ife Abdus-SalamDuring the work, QG is continuously listening with headphones that plug into her belly, “the belly of creation.” Played by the very talented, Erwin E. A. Thomas, her unborn “son/sun” provides an internal monologue upstage. His acting is on point as he hits a range of emotions. His character explains layers of their journey through this mythical place described in the choreo-poem. Their stories intertwine as the “son/sun” is a repository of her pain, yet he has his own path and feelings about what life would be like. He is impacted by all the negativity that QG experienced in life. He is a “record” of all that happened to QG and would play this back at birth. When he emerges from her contractions “he would already have a record contract” where he is to make music from those experiences he has shared with his mother.

Their emotions blend hard against soft. QG is strong in her words and/or singing, “This old world tried to take my smile away.” Behind her Thomas speaks of the fear of being born and having to become a man. In a phone call to his father-to-be, Thomas pulls himself up to the red pole to insert a telephone extension into the top. Here he pauses before trying to dial his father. This father, who he has never met, whom QG has yet to meet, who is not ready to be his father, is the only one who might help him learn manhood. To his father, Thomas speaks of the fear that perhaps:

I will be the next man to hurt my mother…. Where I am from mothers are instruments that we are taught not to play with.

QG bares her soul on stage, and she is a Bitch! Aptly named, QG creates “Bitch” as a scene that conflates this offensive female stereotype with the archetypal mother of Rome, Faustulus, a she-wolf. During this pivotal scene, Son blurts out with the innocence of a child, “My mother is a Bitch!” Then covering his mouth, he giggles. QG moves around the scarlet pole dancing and delighting in her belly, her sexualized youth and the power of creation. Also delighting in the power of misinterpretation as others look at her with disgust, she knows the truth. Thomas reads:

My mother is a beast… My mother is a bitch… My mother is an MC, master creator she chews men up and spits them out.

Chew on QG. I would love to see this work continue, and I look forward to the next installment.

After the performance, Asere Bello holds a talk back where he explains QG and his work on Gender & State Violence in the community. In his work, he focuses on explaining to young men how “sensitivity is a strength.” He goes on to say, “What is man and what is women? These concepts create prisons in themselves. A man has to be a breadwinner and a woman has to juggle between a Madonna and a whore. What do people do, who don’t fit these particular images, to get ‘there’, when economic conditions are denied them?” Interestingly enough, this talk back is as deep as the work and lasts longer than the whole performance put together. The audience freely giving their opinions of what they have experienced, no one wanted the night to be over.

In the end, Queen GodIS provides a Rochart inkblot of the urban woman with everyone—man/woman/child—getting the opportunity to peek inside her soul to see contemporary society. At times, QG is in tears during her movement with the birth of this creation . . . so real, so genuine.

It moves me, it moves the audience and as Nicco Annan likes to say, “It came from a very real place.” - http://www.idanz.net/blog/view/id_178

"10 Hip-Hop Artists to Watch"

http://www.venuszine.com/articles/music/features/3494/10_hip_hop_artists_to_watch - Venus Zine

"Poet of the Week"


This is a TWO part post. One part "Poet of the Week." and one part something a bit new: POETRY CRUSH.

Poetry Crush: A crush one poet has another poet due to their words and stage presents.

I, Rose, have a lot of poetry crushes. But my number one has to be hands down: Queen God is. Some of you may already know her. She has been the couch for the NYC Urban Word team for a few years now and some of you might of caught her on the Brave New Voices HBO show.

Any who, no words/poetry/actions can fully describe this women! She has a very strong, beautiful, breathe taking presents. I remember at BNV when she would walk by I would just be so star stuck. Her smell would literally linger even when she was gone.

Now you can image how I felt when she came up to me after preforming a very raw and vulnerable piece to tell me how touched and blessed she was to witness that. I am pretty sure that when she asked me a question it took me at least ten seconds to pick my drooling jaw off the ground. - YouthSpeaks Seattle

"What do female MC's offer hip hop?"

http://mycypher.com/shecanflow/2008/10/what-do-female-mcs-offer-hip-hop.php - MC Cypher/ She Can Flow

"Hip Hop Da Bomb at Nichols College"

Queen GodIs and Rokafella from the Hip Hop Theater based in Brooklyn, New York brought their hip hop flava 360 degrees to the Nichols campus on November 10th. One could not help but be impressed by their dynamic, multi-faceted work: “She Speaks Louder Than Her Words.”(See Youtube)

Queen GodIs gave a hip hop theatrical performance based on themes from her album Power U! A male voiceover represented an unborn son in a fake womb strapped to Queen’s waist. A cell phone with a poor connection to the father-to-be rang throughout the piece, a metaphor for Queen’s relationship with hip hop, which is disconnected at times but still, profoundly loved. Queen portrayed the mother as the MC (master creator), who believes that rhyming words represents synchronicity with the universe and God’s oneness. There’s conflict because the child doesn’t want to be born until he can hear his father’s voice.

Rokafella preempted her performance with a snippet from her documentary film All the Ladies Say, which features b-girls from Miami, Atlanta, San Jose, New York and Chicago. “Instead of complaining that women are not being represented, I wanted to take the matter into my own hands and do something about it,” she said.

Rokafella talked about her Latin roots as Ana Garcia from the Bronx. “In my house, the radio was always on, even when we were not home at (to scare away the burglars), and we always listened to Latin music. But when I was outside with my Walkman, I listened to hip hop. You grow up confused about which culture you representative."

The Hip Hop Theater’s presence on Nichols campus was initiated by English Professor Pam Hollander, who is teaching a fall seminar entitled: The Culture and Language of Hip Hop. “For twelve years I have wanted to connect hip hop to my teaching of composition and research,” says Hollander, recalling how she watched two young men on television freestyle to a beat using statements such as: “This is my composition” and “Here is my thesis.”

Hollander completed an internet search on “hip hop college classes” and discovered a bounty of courses at colleges around the country. She met with Vassar College Professor Kiese Layman to talk about the challenges of academically critiquing hip hop in the classroom.

Hollander’s curriculum requires students to analyze positive and negative impacts of hip hop on culture and to imagine its future. The reading coursepack looks at hip hop through three units of study: “Is Hip Hop Dead?”; “We Love Hip Hop, But Does Hip Hop Love Us*”; and “Who Are the Hip Hop and Post-Hip Hop Generations?” In addition, students are asked to read THE HIP HOP WARS by social and cultural critic Tricia Rose (Basic Books, 2008).

Before the performance, Queen GodIs and Rokafella met with Nichols students and UMOJA members for a reception in the Eaton Foyer of the Auditorium at 4:00 p.m. They also met with individual classes to discuss their artistry.

Founded in 2000, the Hip Hop Theater Festival (HHTF) nurtures the creation of innovative work within the hip-hop aesthetic and serves young, urban communities that celebrate contemporary language and culture. In each of its Festival cities, New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago and San Francisco, HHTF presents live events created by artists who stretch, invent and combine a variety of theatrical forms, including theater, dance, spoken word and live music sampling. - http://nicholscollege.blogspot.com/2009/11/hip-hop-da-bomb-at-nichols.html

"The Pace Report"

As an MC, singer, actor, dancer and choreographer, performance artist Queen Godis is a force to be reckoned with. I’m Brian Pace, coming up on the next Pace Report, the Queen introduces herself and talks about her current disc “Power U,” and how she’s changing and reversing some of the negative stereotypes in the music. Also, how she’s about to use dance in her latest project.

I’ve been wanting to produce a segment on a sister that I believe will be the next major music figure to set a new wave of art that’s needed in the era of bling and American Idol. I saw a performance of artist Queen Godis last year when she opened up for Les Nubians. Godis, a Brooklyn native, said her mouth would make her a lot of money and help others. Her debut disc, “Power U,” is a collective of uplifting and powerful music and ... - www.thepacereport.com (Brian Pace)


Her celebrated debut album, "POWER U!" also highlights GodIs as a budding producer, engineer and musical visionary with a knack for story-telling and creating beyond borders.

POWER U! (2006) - Queen GodIs debut EP

LES NUBIANS Presents: Echos: Chapter One (book/cd) Nubian Voyager (2006)




Say Ah... EP (2010)

NATURALOVE (Paris, FR John Banzaii) EP (2010)

Tracks Featured on Music Choice:
1. Fire
2. Freedom (live)



Queen GodIs ...

"A Voice with WINGS!" Queen GodIs' Power-House blend of inspirational Hip Hop, Spoken Word, Theater & Soul is easily an instant classic on your Favorite Stage and Playlist. Her Stunning Performances are CROWNED with a HALO of FIERCE lyrics and SACRED melody; QG lives & soars inside genius!"

"Heart, Body & Mind deserve equal time...This is the place from which I create."

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Queen GodIs is an intricate yet uniquely accessible blend of Classic Hip Hop, Raw Spoken Word Poetry, Gut-wrenching Soul Music and Theater. From Historic Clubs and Cafes to Concert and Lecture Halls, Queen tours internationally sharing the best of her creative work and processes.

ABOUT THE NAME: (pron: kween-god-iz)

("Queen, God IS...")

More than a performance name it is a statement that was declared by the artist's family during a traditional re-naming/ rite of passage ceremony...inspired by her African & Cherokee roots.

"It speaks to and honors the omni-presence of a GREAT FORCE that supports and connects us all no matter who or what. My art is a reflection of this."


The Nokia Theater, The Royal Shakespeare Company (UK), Trans Atlantic Music Festival (France), BAM Opera House (NY), The Nuyorican Poets Cafe, The Waldorf Astoria, Kennedy Center (D.C.), New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC), artist residency (India), Merle Reskin Theater (Chicago), The Triad (NYC), The Blue Note (NYC)...

Les Nubians Echos Tour (France, USA)

Over 100 Colleges and Universities including: (Harvard, Yale, Wesleyan, Vassar College, West Point Academy, University of Madison Wisconsin, Oberlin, Smith College and more...)


"Brave New Voices" (HBO mini-series)
MTV France, HBO Presents: Russell Simmon's "Def Poetry Jam", Robert Townsend Presents: "Spoken" (Black Family Channel), NY Knick's Poetry Slam (MSG Network)

BBC (UK), MTV (radio), National Public Radio (NPR), WBAI (NY), Music Choice, more...

Spotlight Radio Play:

Chuck D's: Air America - NYC
KXOL-FM – Los Angeles, CA
WSKQ-FM – New York, NY
WQHT-FM - New York, NY
WCAA-FM - New York, NY
WXXI-AM 1370 - Rochester, NY
KLOL-FM – Houston, TX
KBMB-FM – Sacramento, CA
KGNU-FM – Denver, CO
WLZL-FM – Washington, DC
Hundred's of blog radio programming & more...


Inspired by her first album, Queen debuted her musical theater piece "BIRTH of POWER U!" (part I of a choreo-poem series) co-developed with & directed by Tamilla Woodard off-Broadway (NYC);

"Untitled # 69" (part II) directed by Una Osato with the Hip Hop Theater Festival on Tour;

"Project Power U" (part III), choreographed and directed by Nicco Annan
(Studio Series Fellowship/ The Dance Theater Workshop);

"Big Voices" (The Royal Shakespeare Company UK);

"Big Voices 2" (The Apollo Theater Soundstage);

"Hue" (The Phil Bosokowski Theater NYC)

"Mirrorcles & Mamalogues" (Black Spectrum Theater)

and more...

QG is highly acclaimed for sharing her training and creative processes both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. To date, she has been sought to co-develop and direct dozens of works by both emerging and established actors/artists in NYC and abroad:

"No Child" by Nilaja Sun (Geva Theater/ Rochester, NY)

"Spoken Like a True" (Contact Theater, Manchester, UK);

"Journal to Journey: Walk, The Runner, Loops and Riding Wolf" (Dance Theater Workshop NYC);

"Project Power U": part 4 & "Untitled #69" (Hip Hop Theater Festival on Tour);

(*excerpts) For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is Enuf by Ntozake Shange (Black Spectrum Theater);

"I AM...Because I said So" (Vassar College Shiva Theater);

more ...


Performance Art Therapy, Education/ Creative consultant, Guest Lecturer and youth mentor. She coached the 2008 and 2007 Urban Word NYC Teen Poetry Slam Teams which went on to rank top 2 and 3 in the nation respectively. The process is featured in a special documentary series called "Brave New Voices" produced by YouthSpeaks.org, HBO films and Simmons/ Lathan Media Group.

Queen GodIs is currently touring her new work, facilitating performance workshops with aspiring and professional artists and working on her second album.