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"Review of Mr. Spot's gig from April, 2007"

Saturday, April 07, 2007

MySpace Artist Review: Queen Jane
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It was truly a gorgeous day in Seattle yesterday. All the more to my benefit since I had taken the day off to (among other things) help my cat work through her abandonment and codependencyTM issues, in hope of preventing another attempt at leaving home.

As I was heading to my dinner appointment for the evening, I pondered my music choice. Hmm, driving through West Seattle - Pearl Jam's Ten. I believe I got to 2 before I reaced my destination in the south West Seattle. Along the way, I saw more than one person carrying their guitar into a car full of band mates, off for their Friday evening gig, no doubt. The music scene in Seattle is truly alive and well. If you're out for good live music, this is still a great place.

Dinner - wine and cheese with 4 beautiful women. As tantalizing as that was, I had agreed, for my own benefit, that I would not stay for dessert. It was getting brutal in there. Besides, earlier in the day, I had gotten email on one of my music related lists, "If you happen to be in Ballard, come check out Queen Jane at Mr. Spot's Chai House." From the drummer, who's last name is Coffey. I couldn't pass that up, even though I didn't have a date.

What better choice for a drive through downtown Seattle than Nirvana's Nevermind. I hit the West Seattle bridge as Smells Like Teen Spirit came to a close, and was driving past Safeco Field, home of the Mariners, lengtheners of my commute on game day. During In Bloom. I had the odd thought that the stadium wasn't even there while Cobain was alive, but mostly I just thought about how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful city. By the way, it only takes 4 songs to drive from West Seattle to Ballard.

With a name like Mr. Spot's Chai House, I didn't know what to expect, but it's not a bad venue. Yes, they do sell their namesake, and I suppose also coffee, but, as it was Friday night, I was pleased to see that they also serve my favorite beer, Mack And Jack's African Amber, brewed in Redmond. I've never seen it in bottles, and I doubt you can get it outside of Seattle, but if you can, I highly recommend it.

Oh yeah, the band. The place was standing room only, so my beer and I elbowed our way in, and found a place to stand and listen.

Tim had warned me that they are often compared to The Pretenders. I can see why, since the lead singer is a cute female, who strums a Telecaster. Personally, I think any comparison ends there. The sound is definitely more updated than The Pretenders, whom I also love. P.A. has a powerful voice, and leads the band well. Her rhythm work on the Tele is complemented wonderfully by Justin's lead work on the Les Paul. Tim Coffey keeps a rock steady beat on his Yamaha jazz kit, and L.A transplant Keith Ash holds down the bottom end with style and authority. Or as we musicians like to say, "the band was tight."

They played everything from classic rock, to alternative ballads, and even a rockabilly number, every song a crowd pleaser. I got there at 9, and the show was done promptly at 10, and I was disappointed there wasn't more. They were that good. Go see them at one of their upcoming shows - you will be glad you did. May 2nd at El Corazon, or July 14, at Skylark Cafe, right here in West Seattle. At the end of the lower bridge. It's a much larger venue than Mr. Spot's, but I expect it will still be standing room only. If the weather's nice, I might just stroll down the hill to catch that show.

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