Queen Kwong

Queen Kwong

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Discovered by Trent Reznor, Carre Callaway, accompanies unique lyrics and songwriting with fuzzed out guitars and throbbing bass. Charismatic live show that draws people in. Often described as a mix of PJ Harvey, Queens of the Stone Age, and Mazzy Star.


Queen Kwong is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter Carré Callaway, who was discovered at age 17 by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails. In 2005, Carré was invited to support NIN on its sold-out "With Teeth" tour, where she performed as a solo act with only a microphone and a guitar. Four years later, Carré once again opened for Nine Inch Nails on Reznor's final tour, "Wave Goodbye." Since then, she has worked with artists ranging from Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins to singer/songwriter, Joseph Arthur.

What began as a curious 4-track analog cassette recorded in Carré’s living room soon grew to become Queen Kwong, a full rock band that can be heard at venues across Los Angeles.

Queen Kwong released her debut EP in January of 2010, which will be followed by her full length album later this year.

Queen Kwong is represented by Dave Navarro and Larissa Friend at The Spread Group.


Eddie the Kid

Written By: Carre Callaway

Tie the rope to the rafter
Cuz the jury is out
Better start talking faster, hey hey
good ol' boys are having their doubts
And I confess in the country
I took a family's son
Just a child when I met him
Now he's a man who knows the gun

Ain't it a shame when you're losing your head?
To such a pretty taste?

Move a little bit closer
I'll show you the moves
Only a killer knows the true scent
Eddie likes his girl with a bruise
They may have their suspicions
And the gut never lies
Eddie said that he can kiss hard
Well tell that kid that I only bite

If anyone knows the gun, It's gonnna be me
If anyone sets off that gun,
It's gonna be me

Country Mtn Etc.

Written By: Carre Callaway

Will I last 8 to 10?
Will this room soon be gone?
I gotta settle in this skin
Before the cats start singing songs

It's weighing out
The ups and the downs
Will you wait it out
Til I come back around?

Tell me where am I gonna fit
In your closet of bones
When every crime that you have is one I already own?

Black Heart

Written By: Carre Callaway

Heartache's for amateurs and I'm not new to the game
Been thrown out to the wolves and trust me, they didn't find a sweet taste
If you care to care well then you shouldn't have to try to pretend
It's the cross I bare you can't seem to face in the end

You got a black heart i know
Cuz i broke it
And if you're so full of love
I guess I'm full of shit
You got a black heart i know

I got a body of fatal fire
Now it's time to pay the cost
I let you take something from me
And I never bothered to mourn the loss
I've seen you hide your face and I've seen you hide your hands
When you say you're shameless
you should know you're a guilt ridden man


EP: "Love is a Bruise" (JAN 2010)
LP: Winter 2010

Set List

6+ song Set list:
1. Bitter Lips
2. Eddie the Kid
3. Pet
4. Black Heart
5. Out, Out, Out
6. Secret's Safe
7. Country Mtn Etc or The Thin Line