Queen Lady Mae

Queen Lady Mae

 Collinsville, Illinois, USA

Queen Lady Mae - buy her music on Itunes, Amazon, MSN.com, an exclusive Singer/songwriter/keyboard player. Her music and songs get attention and keep people coming for more..Her songs are enchanting creations ..Queen Lady Mae is an unsigned artist Book her: QueenLadyMae@yahoo.com business(s) only


Search for "Queen Lady Mae" on the web, Behold a musical genius who is like a flower being discovered by the world around her. She is a master of music creations, beats, lyrics vocals and more. She is being compaired to Whitney, Madonna, Patty. Look out for her newest creations on Amazon.com, Itunes and emusic, you will find that she's everywhere on thousands of webs and counting for music mp3 downloads. Also watch her music video of Madison Square Garden and all of her performances and see pictures of her road performances. She Debut on UPN Television 46 Nov 6 at 9am 2004 on the Show The Enterate' her full music video was shown. She has appeared on various television shows one out of Chicago Illinois called "Expoze'" with rave reviews and have been back several times..She is traveling various places and performing and her performances are seen all over the globe on (www) , the United Kingdom is falling in love with her, as an indie artist she feels confident that she will be picked up by a major label. She is From St. Louis Missouri - styles of music varies from R and B, world beats, classical mixed with new wave sounds and funk - "her work is not limited to one genre she says" "it is what ever song comes to me ,she began to write it and then compose it on the keyboard (by layering it).She know you will enjoy the richness of this music and its diversity in sound and styles." Her influences are: Patty Labelle, Prince, Blondie, Areatha, Barbar Streisand, Judy Garland and Whitney Houston... email her personally at: QueenLadyMae@yahoo.com only for gigs or business ventures


I Still Care About You

Written By: Johnnie McCoy

I still care about you

Aaaaaah aaaah aaaaaaaaaaah ahhhhhhhh ahhhh

I can’t make you love me…ummm
I can’t make you hold me…. naw .. naw
I can’t make you care about me… no .. no
I can’t make you want to hold me….naw
Mmm no you see but…
I still care about you oh oh oh mmmm

Can’t make you love me
Can make you wanna hold me
Can’t make you care about me
Can’t make you want me, but
I still want to hold you…
Oh yea


Hello… this Maria
You busy….
Fixin to go out ha…
Yea right….
Talk to you later…..

Still want to hold you…oh oh oohh

Can’t make you love me
Can make you wanna hold me
Can’t make you care about me
Can’t make you want me, but
I still want to hold you…

Oh oh oh ( High)

He love me
He loves me Not
He cares
He cares not

I still care about you ..

Oh oho oh


Can’t make you love me
Can make you wanna hold me
Can’t make you care about me
Can’t make you want me, but
I still want to hold you…

Verse :

I wan to hold you closer
I want ot rock the way we use to do..
I want to go out with you …
Cause I still care about you…..

You Lied

Written By: Johnnie McCoy

You Lied


You said you loved me
You said you needed me..
You ‘d be there for me.. You said you’d care for me…

You Lied, You Lied,

Did It all For her…

I saw you with her,
I saw you kissing her,
You went away with her,
You spent the day with her

You lied, You Lied,
Did It all For her

"Don't need you
Don't want you

Sorry I missed you (written by: Johnnie McCoy (c) 2003)

Written By: Johnnie M. McCoy - Alias Lady Mae

Sorry I missed you

Today I heard the news

That you had gone away, but you see there’s so many things I meant to say.

Sorry I missed you, heaven help me make it through.

My hearts on over load, this pain, it just seems to grow ad grow.

Can’t believe time has separate us, no no.

I can’t believe time would be unfair.

I can’t believe I’ve missed your stormy weather.

I can’t believe you would not be there.

Sorry I missed you,

With regret I stand accused,

This pondering, all in vain,

But there are things in life, I found out you can’t change,

Sorry , I missed you,

You see, I did all I could do,

To ease your darkest fear,

But some how, the months turned in to years,

Time has closed the doors,

You’ve gone on through before me,

Time has lock the doors,

You’ve walked right through before me

Sorry, auh,

I’m sorry, Oh I wasn’t there,

I’m sorry, I missed your last hour,

I’m so sorry, you know I care,

Sorry I missed you,
Sorry I missed you,

I missed you,


New cd s Le Gossiper, Yes, I'm a Servivor,and Lord, We need Change released 2010, are being played all over the web. "So Insecure" & I Still Care About You " Air play in st. lous on "The Wave" 98.5 FM along with "Sorry I Missed You" And "You Lied", Also being played on www radio stations and some out of country stations..

Set List

Mailing address: Johnnie McCoy
74 Idlebrook
Idlewood Estates, Collinsville, IL 62234
Sets have been mostly television/radio Programs and the world wide web audiance some call her the Queen of Syberspace.