Queen Nef

Queen Nef

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Lyricallly Poetic tunes derived from a Struggle of Freedom, Equality,and Strong Roots. This HipHop Hopeful Paints you a Picture you'll be Sure to Not Forget.


Born in Eritrea, Africa Nef's family moved to the states to escape an on going war in her native country. Growing up in a culture unfamiliar to her own she had to experience life on a first hand basis. Juggling between cultures she developed a love for Hip Hop, that would in turn be her escape from the world and also the way she expressed her thoughts.

Influenced by Lauryn Hill Nef grew up having a strong perception of her womanhood. Positivity and motivation guide her to embrace her femininity but also set a good example for young woman. Mainstream music is lacking a strong Female to captivate listeners without using a raunchy, suggestive, or aggressive undertone. Nef has grown out of her quiet shell and is ready to tell the World what she has been observing.

Through her HipHop Artivism Queen Nef has dedicated her Life to Empowering Society through Music. As a Spiritual, Mental, and Artisticl Warrior this HipHoppa is Ready to Take the Universe by Storm.


Diamond In The Rough Mixtape available for download @ http://www.datpiff.com/Nefertiti_Diamond_In_The_Ruff.m53155.html.

Album "Verse-Utility" available 05.01.10

Set List

Typical set list is 15-20minutes. Song choice is dependent on Venue & Event.