Queen Of Dreams

Queen Of Dreams


Soul, POP, Rock, amazing vocals, unique melodies, stunning live performance. Queen Of Dreams sounds like nothing else on the Danish stage right now. Debut album to be released in the fall 2010.


Queen Of Dreams is the artist name of Veronica D'Souza, a beautiful and talented young woman from Copenhagen, Denmark. She grew up with rythm and blues, jazz, swing, and soul. After having performed as the lead singer and played through Europe in a Rock N Roll band (The AIM), she started her own project called Queen Of Dreams. She has travelled most of the world, and her life experience is mirrored in her magical lyrics and well-composed songs. She has partnered up with producer and drummer Johan Lei Gellett, and are currently working on the final songs on her debut album.
What sets Queen Of Dreans aside is quality, edge, musicality, beauty, and the spell she puts on the audience when she performs.
Queen Of Dreams has the songs you will not grow tired of listening to.


Currently working on the debut record. To be released in the fall 2010

Set List

Set list:
appr. 40 minutes - 1 hour. No covers. A blazing show.