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“Queen Caveat is not to be dismissed as another rock band with a chick lead singer, they are a balls-to-the-wall rock band all the way. As they continue to develop their craft, the sky is the limit for these individuals.” - EMURG.com

"NBC's Jimmy Lloyd"

"These guys will rock the snot out of your nose and leave you bleeding and you will thank them for it.”

- NBC's Jimmy Lloyd

"LA Examiner"

"Queen Caveat is one of LA’s – and America’s – very best upcoming rock bands.” - LA Examiner



Emptor (2011)
Slap on the Wrist (2012)



Queen Caveat is a two-year-old band that has made the legendary and infamous clubs on The Sunset Strip their playground. Musically, Queen Caveat combines the grit of classic rock bands like Led Zeppelin with the distorted guitars of notable grunge bands like Nirvana and Sound Garden. Integrate angst-filled lyrics and a female delivery who is capable of singing like a song bird one moment and screaming the next and prepare to have your mind blown.
Their notably interactive and mesmerizing live show combined with their unique modern rock sound easily catches the attention of anyone within earshot. Visually and vocally, lead singer, Lauren Little is like combining one part Taylor Momsen (The Pretty Reckless) with two parts Debbie Harry (Blondie) circa 1975. Add the intensity of a young Joan Jett and you've got one hell of a rock n' roll cocktail. Guitarist Ben Epand provides the band with some searing licks and solos, and Will Weissman (bass) and Jesse Magnuson (drums) round out Queen Caveat's sound with an incendiary rhythm section.

The wild success of the band’s debut EP, Emptor (2011), ultimately led Queen Caveat to a much-hyped string of packed showcases at Austin’s SXSW Festival 2011, followed shortly by a headlining slot at The Roxy Theatre for The Sunset Strip Music Festival 2011.

In 2012, Queen Caveat released their sophomore EP, Slap on the Wrist, which was recorded at the illustrious Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood. The band was again invited to the SXSW festival where they played seven blowout shows at packed venues around Austin. Upon returning home, the band received further accolades from nationally syndicated 98.7 KYSR-FM, who put the band’s single, “Resilient Me,” into permanent rotation. After receiving an unprecedented amount of positive fan-feedback, the station invited Queen Caveat to perform an invite-only acoustic set at the legendary 98.7 Penthouse at the top of the Hollywood Tower. Joining the ranks of notable bands such as Incubus, Bush, Foster the People, and 30 Seconds to Mars, Queen Caveat remains the only unsigned band in history to play this exclusive event.

As the band continues to rack up hundreds of touring miles, amassing a dedicated following of die-hard fans, Queen Caveat has also managed to snag the attention of ABC Productions. On April 21, 2012, the band was featured in the two hour 20/20 documentary, “Sunset Boulevard”. The special shines a light on "making it" in today's entertainment industry, and specifically illuminates all four band members as they struggle with the demands and realities of becoming a successful rock group in 2012. The band’s latest music video (and the first single from their sophomore EP) “Resilient Me”, debuted the same week on ABCNews.com, and has garnered the attention of nationwide radio and media outlets, including 98.7FM, Showtime Networks, NBC, and ABC.

As Queen Caveat continues to define the new sound of LA rock with their commanding power of earth-shaking, no-frills rock n’ roll, they are an experience not to be missed.