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Queens English, Winners of the Peoples Music Awards 2010 Hip Hop Category - we make Hip Hop, rock your world and drink tea with your mum - It's just what we do...


If you've ever been kicked roundly in the guts by an Egyptian man in a trench coat, uttering French
obscenities from the 1930s, then you'll love this band; if you've ever had to plead with the ghost of
Yul Brynner to stop smoking crack in your doorway because the landlord's coming, then you'll love
this band; if you know that to want to be Book, is not Book, then you'll love this band...

Queens English, winners of 'The peoples Music Awards' 2010, are a 5-strong banana bunch of trouble, remaking the world of Hip Hop in their own image.
Banging at the gates of heavy entertainment, lean lyricists Sherlock and Leon Rhymes blend with the soulful tones of vocalist MC Source and the Bass Click-heavy
beatbox of Pikey Esq (UK Beatbox 2006, 2010 & 2011 Finalist), a package tied together by the stone-cold hands of disc-jockey-come-producer, Something Else.

With a style fused between the social conscious of groups like Non Phixion, IAM, Looptroop and the feel
good vibes inspired by Saian Supa Crew, J5 & De La Soul - ‘QE’ aim to shift the current trend of insular
UK production and become a credible link between the mainstream and the underground, showcasing to hungry audiences the best of what Hip Hop is capable of.

The South-East London crew originally met in 2003 while at Leeds University, performing at a night called Cowboy Tactics.
Since then, the group have undergone various metamorphoses, and turned up in South London, plying their musical trade to all who will hear

‘EQ’, the first album released by QE, was a major step for production duo ‘The Crate Twins’ and a debut for the soulful female voice
of MC Source, neither having appeared on QE’s short run EP ‘Mind The Rap’.

Sounds like - De La Soul trapped with the Beastie Boys and Jurassic 5, in a lift that's slowly being
filled with Nitrous Oxide, but it's okay because Nina Simone's gonna save em all in a Die Hard 3
kinda style and then everyone gets to have ice cream.

The last 6 years have seen QE progress to the international level, collaborating with Looptroop's Embee on the delightfully poppy 'Full Limit',
to performing across the UK and Europe, at events as diverse as Secret Garden Party, Wychwood Festival, Cloud9, Beach Break Live, the inaugural Outlook festival in Croatia and Kosovo’s Freedom Festival as well as many regional circuits and a tour of Sweden.

Touring and gig veterans, QE have proved time and again that compromise is not an option, breaking out with their unparalleled live shows that have fans and promoters, the country over clamouring for more.

Don't take our word for it, here's what 'The Man' has been saying about QE:

“Genre-straddling excellence” - Time Out.

“If the Streets are the streets, then Queens English are the Royal Mile” - 4Music.

“Wonderful, Epic Tracks” - Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6.

“Queens English have burst onto the scene like a breath of fresh air” - Knowledge Magazine.

Playing alongside fellow UK breakout artists such as Foreign Beggars, Gentlemans Dub Club, Magnetic Man, Chase and Status and The Correspondents, Queens English has found itself a niche in the educated new-wave of young people who refuse to be spoon-fed pre-packaged lifestyles and mediocre music. Their following grows exponentially with every live gig, and they are blessed with a dedicated core fan-base which lovingly stalks them across electoral boundaries.

Recently, Queens English launched their latest single, ‘New Balance’ to an over-capacity house at Shoreditch’s Favela Chic – the group filmed the promotional video in the sun-baked region of Spain’s Valencia, and various incarnations of its viral campaign have attracted hundreds of views in under a few short months.

For bookings and press please contact;

Naadia Kidy - naadia@whosgotgame.me
Vijay Tony Patel - vj@whosgotgame.me

More about Queens English can be found at
http://www.qe-hq.com (note - clicking the link 'Album' on the media player will activate a drop-down menu allowing you to peruse the bands older material)

You can also keep up to date with current events surrounding Queens English at -




Verse 1

You thought that by pushing me inside the darkness you could try to deprive my light?
Well, your mind's eye must be hard pressed
Distorted deformed and warped and far fetched
You talking nah sense
I can’t be harnessed
I can’t be disarmed so what gwarnin with the darkness for on my targets my heart’s set
I’m fighting hard for the harvest
Fighting on through the hardship
But it’s hard when half of ‘em seem as if they can’t be arsed with it
So I’m fending for myself,
Their flicking pennies in the trenches but I’m fed up of their help
I think it’s better for my health,
If I can get up be self and on my accord
So I can rise and open doors and eyes, like mine I’ll open yours, its only time,
I'm o so sure your lonely minds and vocal chords’ll open wide to blow your horn to own your rights and vote for loyalty
Grip the cord and scream for buoyancy
Fight for your soil
And rise; let us not all give in
Let’s force this,
Lets all begin
Cos we can be sure to win

Verse 2

Through murky waters, the servant daughters, from years before us, through word of mouth are serving out the orders/
And turfin out the mans, who paved their way to poverty/ and made em stay as naked slaves encaged in their own property/
Them days, although they're far behind us, appear from time to time in sudden waves of farce to act as stark reminders/
And I'm just one of many men who won't accept this, instead I lift this giant's fist, til each of em respect it/
It's next level terror/ these cunts won't know what's hit them/ I'm throwin down all of my cards, and soon they'll define the new plans of a kingdom/
The wisdom that we're servin out, they'll try to swerve around/ but soon they act all nervous, til the whole damn earth can work em out/
I've rewritten their words, and asserted a place in their history/ im on to the case with my rage/ and I maintain faith in what I wish to be/ I keep the peace, but never just wish to please

Yo, we never just packed in
No, we never jus gave up
We aint ever been captive
No-one ever enslaved us
We’ve never been tied down
But we never had rights
So how the fuck did we rise out
Of the trenches to fight back

Yo, we never just packed in
No, we never jus gave up
We aint ever been captive
No-one ever enslaved us
We’ve never been tied down
But we never had rights
So how the fuck do we
Cipher any sense in this mic now

Verse 3

If I clutch the mic tight enough I can recite another line or two /
But I struggle to find the love inside I must be tired of you /
Stuck in this life under the knife that cut the vinyl /
Some of the wires are fucked now I’m becoming the light and thunder /
Top of the list is this homogeny and rigmarole /
Coffee driven policies and pockets filled with molecules /
Often it’s the middle finger thats positive /
Given as what we have its not forbidden /
Let this be the plot script and block the scene accordingly /
Hit record spit the lot to please the populous /
The heat is moderate streets are bleak and poverties peaked /
We’ve forgotten what it means to even bother /
If you want the dream to blossom /
Then you’ll not believe the bollocks these horrible geezers offer ya /
Keep shottin weed and hollerin /
Rocking the beat with monologues /
Promise to bleed and vomit then we’ll stop the weak from following /
The preacher man as he speaks to god in peace and honours him /



Verse 1

Let me see these damages on land be sent transatlantic
Trim demands; give a chance to acting slapstick
Cos I’ve had it with it, I’ll be damned if I stand that
This world is a test man I feel like a lab rat
So raise your hand for the defenceless
Get up on road and give it a go
Give up the smokes, get rid of them roaches
Pick up your clothes, and quit kicking the sofa
Live for the moment
Show your inner emotions
Listen the notion is to kick it from pillar to post n live in the zone
Dig up your bones and sling ‘em, dispose of those inner ghosts get building your hopes up

Oh just float up, don’t rock the boat you, won’t want your rope stuck on rocks in oceans
I’ll stop to show you not to mock your folks who got you going so don’t stop the motion…


Now since I see the stars are falling
I’m gonna get on up, I’m gonna keep on walking

Verse 2

I never gave in to the strain it kept me craving /
Never let the pain enslave us less we labour /
Set me straight maintain my senses /
Isn’t it this rap games fake and played relentless /
See the symmetry fool and keep ya head /
The horn sounds the beat of the drum we pound the pavement /
Now the gravestones down we count the days /
Its outrageous this damn nation /
Now we about to rampage through Camp David /
All guns a blazing all for the taste of revenge /
The sweet smell of success the burning embers /
The third amendment the curse of death for first offenders /
The words imbedded in slate I hate the sentiment /
I hate the way you shepherds still take me for a failure /
I’m making moves and its plain I’m aiming for you /
This paper and stationary train chasing a tune /

Verse 3

The holy ghost who left his post with no emotion/ is back from out tha canopy with plans to rock da boat/ and stop the flow of bleedin handsa mans destruction/ a candlelit inferno in the lands abandoned once/ the hands’ll turn so your best to keep a hold of em/ and never stop/ but weather he storm and breathe the air/ but be aware/ because these days is getting crazy/ in a maze in which escape is just a game in which we play/ the curse will fall as the coroners purge/ all souls burnt to ash in a bottomless urn/ and the first earth murderers are top of concern/ got the herdsman workin round the clock for an earn/ AND THE PURPOSE/ every man will yearn to meet the maker/ but tension on the surface makes it hurt to keep the faith/ we’ll beat the state/ but then in turn will reap the havoc/ as the certain bleeds to panic and the peace in streets decay

New Balance

Written By: Leon Rhymes & Hassan Rauf


I stepped up

One ahead of the beat

As if I'm charged with electric n treble the speed of light

It’s better feel alive than being dead on your feet

Though inevitably it’ll be just like this

But I'm blessed with a right stiff neck

And the might in my head to deny this stress

Lie for this test

Die to make ends meet

Set up a fight n rise to this test

Get up and go up against it

You won’t even know when to go or to end this

Soon the sinners road of pretence’ll hit its end and then this living hell will be dead in the cesspit

The septic tank in the red ditch

With your left tit standing erected

You look a right tit stand to attention

I’m sick of this anxiety; I'm tired of the tension

I'm likely to bite at the bait

And I’ll bite off the lot so your lines’ll abate

And you’ll find you’ll be scared shitless when you fly in the lake where the big fish swim

The fire and the flames within my midriff blaze

Raging to sit amidst this

Still these days I'm a little particular

Living to my list ‘til I tick you off


Gotta get through this / One step at a time we go forth / Into the raging fire / Out in the lightening storm / We are the rising force / We are eyes and ears / We are the chosen few / We gotta fight this here / We gotta turn that handle / Gotta keep burning the candle bright / Gotta be first when there ain't no hope to react in spite / Gotta be heard but the crowd is defining / And the sound of 17 thousand enemy mouths is intelligible / It ain't deep like / All my people / Gather round the man on the mic and make peace signs / Now raise ya fists / Don't you wanna say that you made a difference / Don't you wanna say that you played your part / Don't you wanna claim that you hate the system / Don't you wanna take what they say you can't / I don't wanna wait for the day to start / I don't wanna stake in the faint of heart and be named a martyr / It ain't cathartic / So save ya karma for a break in the clouds when its raining hardest


The Quince Inglés EP - RELEASED DEC 2010


‘FOCUS’, ‘SALLY’S HOUSE’ & ‘JUST’ played by Tom Robinson on
BBC 6Music
‘FOCUS’ also played by Dynamite MC on BBC 1Xtra and Dave @
‘KEEP ON’ recommended by Annie Mac (RADIO 1) to represent
Also Featured by Disorda on ‘Suspect Radio’
‘JUST’ played by Lucy Pink @ www.hyperadio.co.uk
‘RUDE INDIGO’ played by Ross @ www.hubradio.co.uk
‘KEEP ON’ & ‘FOCUS’ also featured @ www.hiphopgame.co.uk
FULL LIMIT - NinjaRadio @ Ninjavideo.net

Set List

QE's set can adapt to any space, any time - it is a highly visual, highly participatory, high phlegmatic performance.
Usual performance time ~ 30/60 Mins
We play a mix of our album, with nods to Dre, Xzibit, Saian Supa Crew, The Spice Girls, The Klaxons and Armand van Helden - we ARE the zeitgiest...