Que Flavor

Que Flavor


Recipe for ritmo: Toss together a bunch of musicians from Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and the U.S. Midwest. Sizzle and cook! Ay, MAMA, ¡Que Flavor! A saborear la Salsa Cubana!


Since 2002, Que Flavor has been heating up the frigid Upper Midwest with its
unique mix of traditional Cuban dance grooves and other Latin musical
styles. Its distinctive combination of tropical classics and modern
influences, featuring infectious rhythmic interplay, irresistable vocal
harmonies, and sizzling horn licks, can spice up any venue or event. Based
in Madison, Wisconsin, QF is now spreading the Flavor across a wider
geographic range, including your town.

Que Flavor's sound is thoroughly grounded in traditional Afro-Cuban roots,
including Salsa, Timba, Merengue, Classic Cha-Cha-Cha, Mambo, Bolero and
Son. These roots are then fertilized with elements from other popular
Latin-Caribbean genres, such as Cumbia and Reggae. QF fuses these
ingredients together into its own captivating brand of dance music, through
which audiences, whether at clubs, festivals or private affairs, find it
impossible to sit still.

Members of Que Flavor come from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic,
Mexico, and the United States. Collectively, they bring rich and varied
musical backgrounds to the mix. These backgrounds blend to create something
both familiar and new--and, above all, delicious. You can hear this special
quality in the melodies. You can feel it in the Tropiqbeat. And you can
taste it in the festive air at any Que Flavor performance.


"De Nuevo En La Escena" Release date 2003.

Set List

Our typical show may range from 60 to 90 minutes for festivals and 2-75 minute sets for club, lounge setting.

We cover the classic Cuban songs of yester-year and today. From the legendary masters of the Buena Vista Social Club, as well as the newer Salsa-Timba sounds of Los Van Van.

Overall, our music, described as "earthy/organic salsa,” will satisfy the insatiable crave and appetite of every Salsa-freak. And please the curiosity and groove of the Cubaholic as well.

El Cuarto de Tula
Pare Cochero
Lagrimas Negras
Corazon Espinado
Ese es mi Problema (Los Van Van)
Juana la Cubana
Se Acabo el Querer
Temba, Tumba, Timba
El Cayman
Me Voy Pa’l Pueblo
El Nuevo en la Escena (orig.)
De Camino a la Vereda
Sabor a Mi
La Mentira
A la Manera (ORIG.)
Che Che Cole
El Manicero
La Murga de Panama
Canto A Mexico
Nena (orig.)
Por Encima Del Nivel
La Mentira
El Bodeguero
Mi Bombolaye
El Carretero
La Guajir