Columbus, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopR&B

“It’s time to open your mind and your soul to true music from the heart of a southern artist with mass appeal. Stay loving hip hop as if it was your first born. Refuse defeat of any obstacle and remain focused because only the strong can survive.”


QUEST is a solo hip hop artist from Georgia. He started his rhyming back in 1994 and has developed it to a level of expert. Although he has had challenges in his life, he never lost hope or a focus on what he wants in his future. He’s influenced and inspired by other artists that have made it to a level of stardom, such as nas, big, jay-z and others.

His talent shines through in his new single, “Your All”, which is off of his new CD, “Traveling”. “It just defines true love for my girl or any man’s girl who has opened his heart of expression towards his woman. It shows the voyage of traveling as man in subject of coming across true love.” It has a very soulful mellow rhythm to it, cool with plenty of sensuality sprinkled in. The lyrics, rhythm, beat, melodic chorus and the over all swagger is pure perfection. This is just an example of his quality of music that he writes, records and performs. Every song has it’s own story line, its own energy, whether it’s hard core hip hop or smooth R & B. Quest knows how to capture and hold on to his audience because he plays to their emotions, to their lives and their hearts.


Im Shining

Written By: Quest Money