question zero

question zero


we are question zero. we play what i would call alternitive punk. we found the sound we are looking for not like you or any one we thank you for that. not that i would diss any ones music all music is good for the sole thank you for your time


my name is stephen mchugh and i met jason brooks on a job site six years ago. come to fine out jason is a gutarist and i am a drummer we started jamming and how good it started we could not stop. after trying many people finaly we found sal the meat cutter bass player. he has added to us in a good way. over time jason and myself have writen about fourteen songs and are still going strong. my music back ground it grateful dead for many years than jerry died that is when i found alternitive rock. jason he grow up in the 90s and loves punk and alternitive rock. and sal he s a freak and fits in well . i guess that is our story


we only have stuff on youtube, face book, and myspace
youtube: questionzero boys shouldnt dress like girls
cold steel rail
the walk
ice ice yes we covered it