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"Amazing stew of sound"

"One of the most intriguing trios to emerge in a long while must be Israel’s Quetev Meriri…In just 44 minutes Quetev Meriri create an amazing and alienating travelogue soundtrack…Quetev Meriri’s massed accordions, post-punk guitars, slapped banjos, percussion devices and triple voices conspire to create an amazing stew of sound the like of which I’ve never before encountered." - Julian Cope, Head Heritage, UK

"Brilliant and complex"

"Quetev Meriri work is really brilliant and complex, the dimension of sound creation they worked in is deeply rich, analog and performed with great attention and passion"
- Mariano Equizzi, Chain D.L.K, Italy


"Tagging Quetev Meriri's music would be like trying to touch the clouds; Deep, heavy grayness, which floats and bloats in sluggish slowness yet with alarming determination. There's no use trying, you just have to sit back and enjoy the sight of the storm approaching from the horizon... three multi-talented musicians and one groundbreaking album".
- Ofer Vayner, alternative-zine, Israel

"Challenging Experiments"

"Quetev Meriri are conducting challenging experiments with voices and noises…they move without stopping between storm and momentary tranquility, not leaving the ears unattended for even a moment….one cannot to underestimate the band's achievement in this album and in the amazing performances that accompanied it...Quetev Meriri excellently combine additional influences, from noise "Excepter" style and the "Fuck Buttons", and up to the frost rule of Mum and Sigur Ros wrapped in an oriental sound of oud" - Einav Schiff, Walla, Israel

"wonderfully atonal, clanging, driven (and driving) tumult of sound"

"This trio creates a wonderfully atonal, clanging, driven (and driving) tumult of sound… instruments being used and abused in all manner of interesting and fun ways."
- Wonderful wooden reasons, UK

"Special form of a style"

"Quetev Meriri has a rather unusual musical approach for an Israeli band, and has a special form of a style of their own"
- progressive.homestead.com, Belgium

"Challenging and pleasing"

"The ambient experience of "Quetev Meriri" sounds as an ideal combination between challenging and pleasing"

- Omri Grinberg, Nana portal, Israel

"Extraordinary musical experience"

“Extraordinary musical experience. A non-conventional and rewarding album”
- Eyal Ohana, City mouse, Israel


“Quetev Meriri’s avant-garde is not brutal. All seven tracks flow into each other, derive from one another and join together to one continuous piece. The result is, mostly, fascinating”.
- Erez Schweitzer, Haaretz, Israel

"From tranquil to chaotic"

"A collection of free-folk pieces that remind me of United Bible Studies in the way the sound move from tranquil to chaotic. On the fifteen minute “Seed” , the band pull out their best moves to sound like an outtake from “666”, weird and ethnic, the sounds crawling from the speakers in psychedelic clothing. The kind of band that would sit happily on the Hand/Eye compilation"

- Simon Lewis and Stephen Palmer, Terrascope Online, UK


The debut album by Quetev Meriri was recorded in one night of multi-instrumental experimental fever, the trio of QUETEV MERIRI deliver a genuine and a critical mass of traditional-oriental gloom and hazy acid-folk, while paying a homage to radical Jewish philosophers such as Walter Benjamin, Emanuel Levins, Rosa Luxemborg, Jacob Frank and Franz Rozenzweig.
Although the album was released in Israel only, listeners, musicians and bloggers have found it and it gets critical praise from around the world.



Whether they are named after a poison arrow, first mentioned in the Old Testament, or after a demon from the Jewish Mythology, that kills anyone who see him on the spot, it's most definitely that the music of Israel's Quetev Merir will have the same effect of mind-blowing experience upon its' listeners.

After releasing (2008) the critically acclaimed debut album, the live shows of Quetev Meriri deliver a unique, fascinating and challenging musical experience with a genuine and a critical mass of traditional-oriental gloom and hazy acid-folk.

The Name
The meaning of Quetev Meriri in ancient Aramaic is: Poisoned Arrow. It appears in the Hebrew bible (Deuteronomy Chapter 32, 24).
In the Jewish mythology it's also a name of a demon, who dominant the noon hours. Between the fast of the Seventeenth of Tammuz - and end on the ninth day of the Jewish month of Av - the fast of Tish-ah B'Av.

The Musicians
Haim Rachmani: a composer of poet's poems; sings and makes noises using many instruments, on the verge of a solo album.

Yehu Yaron: composer, writer and one of the most wanted bass players in Israel. A band leader on the one hand while playing with other musicians on the other hand.

Shai Lowenstein: a musical producer and guitar player with a unique and harsh sound.

Keren Panpimon Zehavi: an exceptional drummer and percussion player. Plays with the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra and the Israeli camerata side by side with playing with avant-garde and experimental groups.