Queue Up

Queue Up


Distinctive audio demeanor defined by emotionally disturbed imagery, slinky horror-struck guitar gnawings, bizarre and incongruous samplings, shared boy/girl lead vocals, and the lively theatrics of Ali Garrigan...MOO


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In the mid-90's Queue Up was a musical force to be reckoned with. With its dark lyrics, distinctive audio demeanor, emotionally disturbed imagery, slinky horror-struck guitars, diamond-cutting-glass vocals and over-the-top stage theatrics it was one of the strongest draws around. Its success included a widely distributed CD—Possession, frequent touring, and a slot at Lollapalooza. When the band dissolved, it was on good terms with itself and its public. Over the years, many fans have remained true to them, even in the band's physical absence. Now, years later, Queue Up is back. Guitarist/Writer Dennis Yurich and Vocalist/Writer Ali Garrigan (who was Hernan in the band's original inception) have rejoined to bring on a newer, leaner, more visceral incarnation of the darkly enigmatic, vivid Gothic/Industrial band that was...


On the Edge - EP
I Hate You Mr. Einstein - 7"
Possession - CD

Set List

We play original material with occasional covers.

Typical set is 50 to 60 minutes long.