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"You hear people say its an honour to be nominated. It really is," said Leanne Lozinsky, lead singer for QuickShift. The Saskatchewan Country Music Association has nominated her band for three awards including Album of the Year, Group of the Year and Song of the Year for the title track "Devil Won't Go."
"To be nominated for three awards, I'm really excited by that" said Lozinsky. "It's good for us as a band." The nominations cap a busy year for QuickShift. The band played at the awards gala last year and completed their debut album with producer Bart McKay of Bart McKay Productions (2007 CCMA Recording Studio of the Year).
"We're doing it for the music. Anything else is a bonus." Lozinsky lives and works in Lloydminster but she grew up in Aberdeen. As a child, piano lessons gave her a start and she began performing in high school musicals and singing in charity fundraisers.
QuickShift guitarist Justin "Big J" Sopotyk of the Prud'homme area had seen her on stage and invited her to join the band. Lozinsky did not hesitate. "It's every little girl's dream to grow up and be a singer."
A few personnel changes along the way, Lozinsky said the band became more than just a hobby. "We decided to take it to the next level."
...Lozinsky describes their work as urban country. "It's a little edgier. Some of it is inspired by classic rock and classic country." She said some of the new members have roots in rock and roll and their bass player, Sopotyk is a big fan of BTO. Lozinsky grew up listening to country stars such as Patsy Cline, the Judds and Martina McBride. "Why country? I feel a link to the music. It's what I relate to the most."
"The awards are voted on by our peers. That's huge." "I love getting out there and performing" Lozinsky said the band is energized on stage, feeding off the positive energy from the audience. She loves to see people dancing. It proves they're enjoying the music. "You can tell when their toes are tapping. It's always a cool feeling. You like to see people moving."
She said songwriting is a collaborative affair. "We're open to everybody's ideas." For the most part, she said the melody comes before the lyrics, but not always. Somtimes, someone will come in with a catchy line. Sometimes thats all it takes." She continues to be amazed at the songwriting process. Sometimes it comes naturally and other times we work for hours on just one part."
"Unfortunately, music doesn't pay all the bills" Lozinsky said jobs have scattered them but they find time to practice for the next gig. She said they will be busier when the summer festivals start.
- Country Press (Alan Bell Chambers)


Local band QuickShift receives provincial recognition from the Sask Country Music Association with three nominations from their industry peers, namely: Group of the Year, Album of the Year and Single of the Year for the title track off their debut album "Devil Won't Go." The album was a collaborative songwriting effort of the QuickShift band and was produced by 2007 CCMA (Canadian Country Music Assoc.) Record Producer of the the Year - Bart McKay of Bart McKay Productions in Saskatoon.
Although some of the crew are currently living elsewhere in the province, lead singer Leanne Lozinsky is originally from Aberdeen, Marlin Korczak (drummer) originally from Prince Albert, Jordan Wiebe (lead guitar) originally from Sonningdale and Big "J" (Justin) Sopotyk continues to live in the Prud'homme area.
According to Dave Baker from CJVR in Melfort (2007 CCMA Music Director of the Year - Secondary Market).."QuickShift is a group that is on the verge of many big things...their progress, over th last year is evident with the growing fan base and awesome tunes they've put together, on their debut CD. A dynamic stage show, which really has developed, is definitely one of their strong points."
Want a little bit of "urban in your country"...be sure to check out this group at www.quickshiftmusic.com
2007 Leave the Light On (#64 CMN)
2007 Devil Won't Go (#56 CMN)
2006 I'm Right Here (#77 CMN)
Feb 21, 2008)
- Wakaw Recorder (Dwayne Biccum)

"QUICKSHIFT - Devil Won't Go"

The debut from this "urban country" quartet pulls out all the stops with the best of their original music and full production. "Poised on the edge of a real good thing, the crew is anxious to share their music with Canadian country music fans." The ten self-penned tunes include a number of edgier, up-tempo tunes designed to keep listeners tuned in. On the softer side you won't want to miss "Leave the Light On." Produced and mixed by: Bart McKay at Bart McKay Productions, Saskatoon. ProTools editing by: Matthew Weibe. Songwriters: QuickShift
Oct 1, 2007 - Sask Music


QuickShift is a Saskatchewan-based foursome, featuring the lead vocals of Leanne Lozinsky. This debut album contains all original material written by group members (past and present), and writer's connected with the band; thereby ensuring a noticeably fresh sound. Two singles have already been pulled from the package; the lead-off release, "I'm Right Here", and the current follow-up, title track tune, "Devil Won't Go", which is generating some solid national airplay. Potential hit offereings come in the country/rockers...."I Ain't Listening" and the fiery "That's How She Is", and a couple of mid-tempo items in "Guitar Girl" and "Runaway Girl". The album was produced by Bart McKay at his studios in Saskatoon; and features inhouse music by members of QuickShift, supported by some gifted guest session pickers.
(Aug 1, 2007)
- Country Music News (Larry Delaney)


QuickShift Rocks The Country

We roll into BoDiddly's at about 8:10pm for the 8:15pm gig. We're greeted at the door and directed to the media VIP section and instantly Leanne is at our side, greeting us warmly and thanking us for coming. She apologizes in advance for any technical malfunctions that might occur during the set, as they had some electricity issues during the sound check. She lingered a few moments, chatting, until rushing off to deal with some other incident.
Saturday, July 7. The hot rising country-rock combo QuickShift is in town to release their first-ever Cd, Devil Won't Go. This 10-track album of original work is available now, either at one of their gigs or on-line.
QuickShift is comprised of four very talented Saskatchewaninians, Leanne Lozinsky, lead vocals (Lloydminster); Jordan Wiebe, lead guitar (Saskatoon); Marlin Korczak, drummer (Saskatoon) and Justin Sopotyk, electric/bass/acoustic (Prud'homme).
They recently made a huge splash at the 2007 Junos in Saskatoon with their extreme energy set that had the crowd rocking and rolling. They brought that act into Bo Diddly's and simply lit up the crowd that was literally dancing on the tables by the second set. There is no denying that QuickShift is one rockin' country band.
We snozzle our first round and settle back as QuickShift starts tuning for the "warm up" set, just for the VIPS in attendance.
Leanne is warming the crowd up a bit, introducing them and explaining again the tech problems that plagued their sound check earlier. Justin is quietly vibrating at centre stage, just waiting to launch and Leanne looks at him with a laugh as she announces that they'll warm up with some slow songs.
As an introduction, QuickShift did a couple of slow numbers from their album, then finished off the preliminary set with a very rocking Joy To the World that had the audience thrumming in anticipation of the first full set. First impression was that this is one heck of a band, despite the technical glitches that popped up a couple of times. Justin rolls off the stage, finally able to get into the swing after Joy to the World, and introduces himself. He's definitely got the skills. And we ship outside for a quick butt before the real action starts. Two more band members introduce themselves and we find some kindred Ukrainian spirit infuses the band. The firs set goes off without a hitch, and the crowd has begun to pack the place.
The energy is high and the vibe is great, and QuickShift does not disappoint as they work through both original and cover material. By the end of the set, the bar is totally rocking out and the waitresses are moving at warp speed to cover the drink orders. The band has everybody vibrating with good, positive energy, and the feeling suffuses the entire room.
Without a doubt, QuickShift is one of the finest local bands I've heard in a good long while. Powerful vocals from Leanne, strong, strong lead guitar from Jordan, and a seriously positive energy vibe from Justin, all tuned into one thread by drummer Marlin. You don't want to miss their next gig when they roll by, and I strongly urge you to scoop up their debut CD - it will make a great addition to any library.
(Jul 12, 2007)
- The Lloydminster Source (Mike Dugos)

"2007 JUNO'S"

SP Services: “...Meanwhile, the Longbranch was packed – standing room only – and the crowd was jacked up. Saskatchewan band QuickShift mixed plenty of covers in with original material. Whatever they played, the two-stepping continued, sometimes reaching dangerous levels…”
(Apr 2, 2007)
- The Saskatoon Star Phoenix


Interview of the QuickShift crew at the Longbranch, including full-length post-performance interview with the QuickShift crew. Inclusion of performance clip & interview aired during the “Best of the Juno’s”
Apr 1, 2007) - Shaw TV (Jackie Kripki/Curtis Anderson)


2007 Where the Devil Won’t Go


2008 I Moved On (released April 2008)
2007 *Leave the Light On For (#63 CMN chart)
2007 *Devil Won’t Go (#56 CMN chart)
2006 *I’m Right Here (#77 CMN chart)



New talent -New songs - About the only thing that hasn't changed for this country rock group is their solid fan base. Fans have stuck by Quickshift through a number of band changes over the last few years and continue to come out to each performance." Quickshift has become a favorite with local promoters keeping the dance floor packed and bar sales up.

Each band member brings a set of different influences to our music ranging from AC/DC & Guns & Roses to Cher to Wynonna & Sugarland.

We've chosen to stop the bus for a bit and focus on our songwriting & stage show performance. Our goal is to get ready to "bust out at the seams" with new music and a brand new show.