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"Quief Quota"

Chattin' with Quief Quota (Self-released)
By Christian Schaeffer
Published on October 31, 2007

While you can't always judge an album (or book) by its cover, sometimes the liner notes give you a pretty clear impression of the music inside. Quief Quota's portrait features the band members in tighty whities being fed grapes, bananas and spaghetti by toga-clad ladies. It is a perfect complement to the songs on the disc — a sound that is classic in form but skewered with perversity and puerile humor. While the band is an offshoot of the beloved abrasive noise collective Skarekrau Radio, Quief Quota sticks to straight-ahead pop-song structures and a lo-fi aesthetic that is paired with dum-dum lyrics and charmingly off-key vocals.

Quief Quota
The album, recorded (but definitely not produced) by Jason Hutto, never lingers too long — there are nineteen songs in 38 minutes, and each one drawing from a different rock & roll touchstone. "Stretchin' Out Your Pants" comes off like one of Tom Waits' clang-boom-steam dirges, and the next track, "Saturday Afternoon," channels both the Dead Milkmen and the B-52s with zippy enthusiasm. The winner of the bunch is the dub/jam band amalgamation "Pop's Rocks," which exhorts the listener to not pass out at the famed Sauget, Illinois, venue. It's sound advice from a troupe of unhinged dilettantes.

— Christian Schaeffer

9 p.m. Monday, November 5. CBGB, 3163 South Grand Boulevard. Free. No phone. - St. Louis Riverfront Times

"Live on KDHX"

February 26, 2008
The Space Parlour

A little bit punk, a little bit funk, and a whole lot of fun, Quief Quota twitched their way into The Space Parlour. As part of a late-night series of in-studio sets from Saint Louis rockers and folksters, the performance will be featured on Volume 2 of Nick Aquisto's Space Parlour CD compilation.

A spin-off of noise-rockers Skarekrau Radio, the band released Chattin' with Quief Quota in late 2007, matching sweet guitar riffs to chaotic keys and horns for a perverse, sometimes perverted take on indie rock. - KDHX.org


Chattin' with Quief Quota is our debut full-length cd. It gets airplay on 88.1 KDHX St. Louis Community Radio.



What happens when a clean shaven sextet of small-town noise stoners loses their L.A. cult leader to a short maternity leave? Where other boy bands might crumble and just get the vasectomy, the remaining five corndogs and horndogs of Skarekrau Radio got frank with the skanks and stuck to butt-pokin' and two hours of internet porn a night.

Fort Swansea, Illinois –a no-man's land of vegetable gardens with a couple of nervous milk goats. In a kitchen over run with dildos, soft porn heirlooms and stick-figure cocks, Quief Quota fueled their brothership with competitive cook-off feasts and then shook the walls with screamed jokes about poopie and boobs. A bottomless bout of bong-ripping and lo, the music slid right out and keeps sliding.

The industry doesn't grow bands like this. These wasted aging teen wolves ferment their songs, mutating in the bubbling sewer gas of their basement practice space. Tragic secrets find earnest and true tunes – catching VD at the Grand Ol' Opry from mobile home whores – farting in the swimming hole during ,water ballet – sending a Good Ol' Boy to the emergency room – well, these small town faggots learned to fight for their no-wave. They're not confused about what side of the Mississippi they're on.

Quief Quota is the soundtrack of today's honky tonk manhood. Their every song touches a hard sentiment like a boner felt for the first time. It is East St. Louis' genuine sound of natural men not trying. Their unpretentious, pristine sludge steamrolls along, trailed by a wake of superfans. I've seen girls dry their tears on the wiggling ditties and swinging rhythms and sing-alongs. They swap instruments between every song of their non-stop, ball-busting break down of humble guitar heroics, slurred seductions and off the cuff stuff.

These whistling perverts are revved up to unload their GMC covered-wagon's worth of gear and charm the pants off audiences in America near you.