Quiet Corral

Quiet Corral

 Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Recent Press:

"Keep an eye on Quiet Corral- these guys could be huge." -INK Magazine

"Quiet Corral is quickly becoming one of those local bands that is grabbing their destiny by the horns and wrestling it to the ground." -iheartlocalmusic.com


Quiet Corral is a six-piece band from Lawrence, Kansas. The band incorporates folk and pop elements into their music to create a distinct sound. With four-part harmonies, electric guitars mixed with acoustic instruments and intricate rhythms, Quiet Corral creates something new and interesting for music listeners. Singer Braswell Roberts weaves melody with narrative adding depth to an already captivating sound.


Quiet Corral

Written By: Words by Jesse Roberts music by Quiet Corral

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"Quiet Corral" released December 11, 2010.

Set List

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