Quiet Countries

Quiet Countries


-"His powerful, soaring voice distinguishes him as a 21st-century troubadour worth hearing." -"Mack-truck vocals over beats and loops expertly manipulated to create moments of high drama." -"Quiet Countries fills out the heart that is absent in much electronic music."


Quiet Countries is the one man band of ex-Laserhawk drummer Leb Borgerson. Using his voice, a baritone guitar, two looping pedals, an MPC 1000, a Casio CZ 101 keyboard, various effects pedals, and a variety of musical styles, Leb creates lushly orchestrated, uniquely written songs. In 2003 Quiet Countries released a limited edition EP on Lucky Madison Records, consisting of early versions of songs from his live set, sound experiments, and fleshed-out improvisations. In February 2006 Quiet Countries debut full-length, "No One Makes a Sound" will come out on Lucky Madison. Recorded over two years and containing most of the music in the live set since late 2002, the album continues the mood and atmosphere of the EP but is a more fully realized version of the Quiet Countries sound. Glitchy, pounding beats mix with swirling guitars, chiming glockenspiels, warm keyboards, and Leb's eerie voice. Reverent organ tones blend with Japanese zithers, pianos and strange samples to create moody, but beautiful music. Although Leb plays most of the instruments on the album, two of the best tracks are products of collaboration; "A Wicked Word" features the considerable talents of Lisa Molinaro (violin and viola) and Kevin O'Connor (drums) from Talk Demonic, and Victor Paul Nash (vibes) from Point Juncture WA. The ode to paranoia that is "If My Hands Shake" featured the beautiful voices of The Quiet Country Singers: Lauren Finbraaten, Alan Singley, Liam Kenna (The Snuggle Ups), Emilie Strange (Junior Private Detective) and Victor Paul Nash (Point Juncture WA).


"Last Leaf on a Dead Tree"

Written By: Quiet Countries

The last leaf on a dead tree falls to the ground. Falls to the ground.
Carried to the Earth on the rhythm of a panic sound.
Well I swear it's the voice of army and empire that asks for sons now.
We need your sons now.
To feed fear vampires and war machines.
Do you feel safe now?
Do you feel safe now?
We can't keep wraping ourselves in plastic though we try, we try.
Fear keeps wrapping us up in plastic.

"The Year of the Gun"

Written By: Quiet Countries

They sent you to figure out your own life. Left to your own devices and where did you go?
Time plays tricky with the number, ties you up in letters and hands you the rope.
The fields you used to run?
Now dry patches bleached by the sun.
The Year of the Gun?
The choices we can't run away from.

Tell me what you think you call it when everything around you is falling apart.

So move through future ruins but move in a much purer light.
The Year of the Gun or a long kiss goodnight?

Tell me what you think you call it when everything around you is falling apart.

I wanna swim in your ocean. I wanna live in your bed. A landslide to cover me. A landslide to cover me now.

"If My Hands Shake"

Written By: Quiet Countries

If my hands shake or if my head aches,
don't leave me alone tonight.
If my heart breaks or my knees quake,
don't leave me alone tonight.
If paranoia will destroy ya, don't leave me alone tonight.
Untill the world explodes,
untill the stars colapse,
untill the seasons end,
untill I'm on my back.


"Quiet Countries EP"- 2004 Lucky Madison (Limited Edition EP)

"No one Makes a Sound"- February. 14th, 2006 on Lucky Madison / Distributed by Nail Distribution
Debut Full-Length

"Koto EP" 7"- Summer 2006 Lucky Madison Featuring A.E.D. and The Headphone Party

Set List

Typical set is 45-60 minutes long. This is flexible in either direction. No covers, all original music.

Set List January 29th at The Ohm (Portland OR) with Invisible and The Snuggle Ups:
"Rich in Secret Glances"
"The World of 10,000 Things"
"The Year of the Gun"
"If My Hands Shake"
"Sacrifice for Warning"
"The Emmisary"
"Earthly Relm" with A.E.D.