Quiet Elephant
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Quiet Elephant

St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Band Pop Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"St. John’s Latest Secret Weapon: The Juggernaut That is Quiet Elephant"

One of St. John’s latest secret weapons, the oxymoron that is Quiet Elephant will march, stomp, thump and then plow into you like the New Pornographers-ish high energy juggernaut they have clearly set themselves up to be. Last night at The Ship, though most everyone had left after a great show from Matthew Hornell and the Diamond Minds (listen to his solo performance on The New Spin here) I was glad I stayed to listen to the uber-fast 16th-note licks flying out of Paul Alexander’s guitar as he crooned to us in a Spencer (edit) Krug-like ( see Sunset Rubdown) fashion over their punk-induced 80’s alt-rock sound.

QE distinguishes themselves from other bands all the more once you add the unique interplay of Sharleen Simmons’s backing vocals, accordion, trumpet, and keys against the driving beats of her brother Stephen on the drums. Now just add the bass from Paul’s twin David and you have yourself a rollickin’ good show that’ll whiz by you like a shooting star that’ll be over before you know it, leaving you to wonder what the hell you just witnessed, where the hell did it come from, and yes sir, may I have some more? Sure, they could take a little more time with the songs, flesh them out to give us some more layers and depth, not to mention some pumping double-tracked four-on-the-floor bass kicks to accent the rhythmic aspect of their songs, but the high energy dynamics are too in-your-face to even care or give it a thought. They want to give you a jolt and they achieve that and then some. Go see ‘em if you haven’t. - Signal (Dashel Brown)


Still working on that hot first release.



Quiet Elephant is a band from St. John's Newfoundland.

Twin brothers David and Paul Alexander arrived on the east coast and decided to start a band.
"Lets get a keyboard player...someone that goes Thump Thump Thump".
"How about a girl? A female voice would make us sound Boom Boom Boom".
Paul said "I met a girl who works at a music store, why don't I ask her?" Sharleen Simmons was approached and said "I play a lot more instruments than just piano, how about I play them all?"
Trumpets and accordions and electric guitars? Why not!
Over the next few months the trio worked on songs in David's tiny downtown apartment. The living room could barely fit the three of them with their gear but notes were played and songs were sung.
"Now we need a drummer, one that can sound like Thunder."
After beaming through time as a series of ones and zeros Sharleen's brother, Stephen Simmons, materialized.
"Can you play Thunder?" they asked.
"I am Thunder" he replied.
After jamming in Stephen & Sharleen's basement a band was born...it weighed 554lbs and 6 ounces.
"Now we need a name...something cool but that is also fun...cause we are fun!'"
"How about Quiet Elephant?" Paul suggested.
Suggestion accepted.
"That'll do"
Boom! Band, Music...ready to touch down on the rock tarmac and broadcast the calamity.