Quiet Hostility

Quiet Hostility

 Brisbane, Queensland, AUS

Honest, raw ,groovin rock. Strong vocals and catchy melodies, coupled with solid grooves. This combination gives Quiet Hostility the modern rock sound they are known for. The debut album has just been recorded in Canada, which will soon be released and promoted with many gigs,tours and parties.


From the first few jams on the acoustic guitar, Jonka and Leif knew that the music they were playing had to be shared. Quiet Hostility was formed and within a few months, the duo were playing in pubs around Brisbane , and were frequent guests at the Indie Temple.Their sound, with Leif's vocals and Jonka on acoustic guitar was raw and energetic. When on stage, Quiet Hostility always had an impact.

After this period , Leif and Jonka rode the wave of life. This period saw Leif perform with multiple bands of different genres, all for fun , meanwhile gaining exposure with airplay on Triple J and winning awards such as best vocalist and best band in Battle of the Bands competitions.

Jonka spent this time allowing his own personal bass style to evolve and along with his studies of audio engineering has developed a genuine passion for music.

All of this experience has brought Quiet Hostility to a new sound and a fresh, original approach to writing, recording and playing music.Whether its stripped back acoustic or heavy grooves on the electric guitars, the bands unique sound is clearly identified.



Written By: Leif Morris

"shot a man, playin a poker game....killed a man didn't know his name..."

One Chance

Written By: L. Morris

"life's to short for just one glass, the night is young, won't you stay?..."

Hidden Clause

Written By: L.Morris

"..I would give ,my life for yours, you have found ,the hidden clause...love.."

Follow The Sun

Written By: L.Morris

"...amidst the chaos, tranquility shines. cold alone, but doin'..alright.."


Watch this space!!!! Album coming real soon.