Quiet Hours

Quiet Hours


Its modern rock with a piano, with influences from Muse to Weezer. It's catchy lyrics amidst beautiful interludes & outros, and the tone of the words always closely mirrors the music. Every song grows from start to finish, giving each its own epic aura.


We started as a cover band at CU in Boulder. Our songs are definitely catchy, but we're not as uppity as lots of modern rock bands are. The songs are well written & grow as they progress, and the feeling of the music matches the lyrics perfectly in each song. There is lots of pain & uncertainty in our music, but we are not anything like an Emo band, and we try to avoid screaming & screeching. The band isn't driven by a single instrument, and we're all very modest. We are probably influenced most by Muse, Keane, and Weezer..... The thing that sets us apart from other bands is the range of our material. We can go from the experimental rock sound of our song "If Tomorrow Ever Comes" to an uplifting, almost Snow Patrol-ish tune like "Friends Don't Fall".


"Daydream" EP Released 2008

Set List

Our typical set list would be:
If Tomorrow Ever Comes
Friends Don't Fall
Everybody Dance
Ghosts & Memories
A Lonely Place